I am pregnant, my mother -in -law gives me leftovers every day. After I sent a text message to my mother, my mother -in -law cried and forgive me.

Soon after marriage, I found that I was pregnant.This should have been a happy news, but I can’t be happy at all.Because my mother’s relationship with her mother -in -law is very poor, I am afraid that telling them this news will cause unnecessary contradictions.For this reason, I told the news from the two people first, and asked him to help me find a way.The husband knows that the family is in trouble.He said that since everyone has formed a family, the child’s arrival should make our relationship more harmonious.He decided to inform his mother first, and I had to face her mother -in -law’s response with my husband.After knowing the news of my pregnancy, my mother -in -law did not show much surprise.She just barely said congratulations to me, and turned away.My mother -in -law’s indifferent response caused me to be embarrassed and injured. Isn’t the arrival of a grandson worthy of joy in the eyes of her mother -in -law?

During pregnancy, my mother -in -law rarely cares about my diet.She never bought some nutritional products to add it, but often let me eat some leftover dishes.Sometimes I really ca n’t eat such greasy food, and my mother -in -law said that I was pretending to abandon her.I know that my mother -in -law is doing this in revenge, because in her eyes I am a woman who "snatched" her son.Although I used to know that my mother -in -law had a bad attitude towards me, she realized her careful eyes and bias after she was pregnant.She treats her own grandson’s mother like this, and I really can’t imagine how she will love this child in the future.I started to feel that raising children in such an environment really made people worry and fear.One day, I really couldn’t eat the leftovers given by my mother -in -law, so I secretly sent a text message to tell my mother the truth.After the mother knew the mother -in -law’s phone, she said a few words.My mother -in -law had to cry and found me, saying that she was wrong, and promised to take care of my diet and living, so let me stop hiding her.I think my mother -in -law looks sincerely, so she nodded and agreed.The change of mother -in -law made me understand that sometimes the role of frank communication is huge.I shouldn’t hide her pregnancy from the beginning, so that my mother -in -law would only feel that we don’t believe her, and the relationship becomes even more bitter.When I face the problem, I choose to tell each other frankly, give the other party a chance to understand and change the attitude.Although my mother -in -law really hurt me at the beginning, she chose to compromise in the end, which also made me see her inner reluctance and love.I believe that as long as we continue to communicate in our lives, the relationship will definitely become more harmonious.This is an opportunity for me to send a text message to my mother.I want to cherish this gap and strive to strengthen the relationship with my mother -in -law, so as not to cause misunderstandings in the future.

After my mother -in -law promised to take care of my diet, our relationship did improve.My mother -in -law will prepare a nutritious meal every day, and cares about my living, making me feel her intention.Sometimes my mother -in -law will buy some supplements to add it. She said that there are two people in your stomach now, and you can eat more.I heard my mother -in -law say this, and also felt that she began to accept the existence of this child, which made me feel a lot of peace of mind.As my stomach gets up day long, my mother also starts preparing to have things about having children.She will run to visit me regularly, and she will buy a lot of baby supplies for me.This has changed her mother -in -law’s attitude again: she will sneer at the child’s things, saying "Isn’t it a child, as to make it so cumbersome?" I heard my mother -in -law say this, and she felt that she didn’t have much feelings for this child.Essence

Although the husband did not tell his mother -in -law directly, he also knew it.One day, my husband and mother -in -law said seriously that you are the grandmother’s grandmother. You cannot say these words in front of me and me, which will make us misunderstand.That’s your own grandson, you need your love.After the mother -in -law was talked about, she had to bear it, and she no longer said these mean words in front of me.On the day of delivery, my mother -in -law and mother accompanied me in the hospital.Although the two are still not very harmonious, at this critical moment, they also guarded me.After giving birth to a child, her mother -in -law cried holding her grandson.She said that the child was so cute, and at this moment really felt the joy of becoming a grandmother.I see my mother -in -law’s appearance, and she was moved hugely. She finally accepted and fell in love with the child.The change of my mother -in -law made me understand that sometimes the most difficult for women to live under the same roof is actually the relationship between them.But as long as you are willing to invest in feelings in life, communicate and understand more, this relationship can also become harmonious and happy.I want to learn to tolerate the thinness and prejudice of my mother -in -law, and use my attitude and words to let him slowly digest out those unnecessary prejudices.I also have to give my mother -in -law a chance to get close to this child and let him truly feel the joy of being a grandmother.Only in this way can we build true trust and attachment.This is the cry of my mother -in -law after giving birth to a child. I understand that the relationship needs time. I have to be patient to let my feelings slowly ferment in my life. This is the secret of me and my mother -in -law.I will cherish the feelings of my mother -in -law to the child, so that it will become the cornerstone of our reconciliation.

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