I am pregnant, what can you be lazy?This netizen is too lazy to the extreme

Many mothers say that the whole person suddenly has no spirit after pregnancy, and inexplicable exhaustion, lack of sleepy, insignificant, emmm … yes, it’s very lazy, now from the family of the family before pregnancy, it has now become a "clothes to reach out," clothes to reach out.The big baby of the meal "…

I also planned to travel, go abroad, shop, and take pictures, and plan to fitness …

Now shopping on mobile phone, "seeing the pattern travel", "conscious flow of fitness"

So what is the laziness after pregnancy?Moms have exchanged their "lazy experiences".

● I am particularly lazy now. I do n’t want to say a word at work. I feel that I have been cold recently recently. In fact, I just feel so tired. I ’m so tired. I can breathe my strength. I fall asleep when I go home.

● If you can lie down, you will never sit and do it. If you can do it, you will never stand up. Emma, are you tired of standing up?Lying down to eat apples, and after eating the consequences, he was too lazy to throw it in his hand. Later, it was really impossible. Alas, forget it, throw it on the ground.

● Yes, everything can be dragged, playing with mobile phones, and my husband scares me, but it ’s boring at home, and the hot outside is too lazy to get out.It’s uncomfortable, I don’t want to do this either, uncomfortable …

● My lazy fruit nuclear bag bags directly throw the bedside, and when I want to move, I went to scan the ground.Just said to wash clothes, her husband said he washed.I want to drop the residue lazily like this, and I do n’t want to turn it on the bedside. I always make excuses to say that I work after 3 months.Lying on the bed every day is playing with mobile phones, watching TV, my eyes are painful and playing with mobile phones, I find that I have not saved …

● My husband is crazy!I dare not sleep better than me at night!I am always hungry!Kick him for me!He did ugly!Eat while scolding!Drag me out for a walk!Two steps will be powerless!The weight increased day by day, and my husband said with a smile and said that I was still a lazy worm some time ago, and now it is the "horizontal cargo" flying.

● Before pregnancy, I had a mild cleanliness, but after pregnancy, my hair did not wash for three or four days. Hey, forget it, tomorrow, wash the clothes and wash it tomorrow, hey, I will wash it by myself tomorrow.Let’s let my husband come back and wash it; after eating the bowl, the first time I feel that the bowl is tired, forget it, just put it.Tears are full of face, and you have cured your own cleanliness!

● I am also lazy. I am still willing to walk over the past few days. Otherwise, I haven’t gone out for half a month. Those relatives come to see me and always say that I am boring at home.What is it?I really feel like staying at home. Sleeping the Internet is pretty good, what’s fun to run outside every day.Really, I don’t want to listen to it.

In fact, laziness after pregnancy is a normal phenomenon, and pregnant mothers need to worry.Because this period is the formation of the fetus, the adaptive changes in endocrine and organ function will have some fatigue, drowsiness, and poor energy, and the mood will not be good. Generally, it will gradually improve until the middle of pregnancy will disappear.

We must face this period of time correctly and positive, listen to music, relax, do deep breathing, exercise, balance diet and nutrition, and do not stay up late to ensure sufficient sleep time.

Everyone or expectant mothers, how did you spend this time?

Come and share the "lazy experience" ~

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