I am still at work at 5 months of pregnancy, and the most sentence I listened to is that the money is endless.

My husband and I are an ordinary rural couple. My husband leaned on the construction site to make money. I do customer service in a company in our city.When we first got married, we were full of hope for life and looked forward to the arrival of our baby.But after 3 years we got married, I haven’t been pregnant with my baby.I have also been to many hospitals to see, take a lot of medicines, take a lot of needles, and even find a lot of prescriptions, but I just have not worked.

As I get older, my husband especially likes children. When we get married for 4 years, we decided to do test tubes.At that time, I often ran the hospital for test tube preliminary examination.When I finished all the examinations, I was going to the Tongji Hospital. At that time, our hometown had no hospitals that could be a test tube.But in my mother’s cough, we had to suspend our plan.

In 2018, my mother had been coughing well, so I took her to our state hospital for examination.However, the results of the inspection hit my head like a thunderbolt, and my mother was initially diagnosed with lung cancer.At that time, we did not believe that my husband took my mother to the big city for inspection, but the results were still the same, and it was diagnosed as later.I didn’t know how I came here at that time. All the hospitalization and treatment matters were dealt with by my husband, so I washed my face with tears every day.When my mother knew that her condition was also very negative, we all knew that this was not good for my mother. For my mother to accompany us, I must be strong.After more than half a month of adjustment, I transferred my mentality to the most active side. I accompanied my mother every day and told her a lot of positive deeds. The slow -moving mentality also changed.After treatment of mother’s condition, it began to stabilize.During this period, we also spent all our savings.

When the mother’s condition is stable, we will put the test tube on the agenda again.I know that what my mother wants to see most is that I gave birth to a child, which was the least rest assured.We want to give birth to a baby in the stable period of her condition.So we started the test tube, this time it was the money we borrowed.

After a dozen trips to my hometown and Wuhan, I have been transplanted on December 27, 2019. I transplanted a fresh embryo.It was also very lucky to move to the baby.At that time, although our mother was not in good health, in early 2020, we were named at home due to the epidemic, but because of the arrival of a baby and during this period, my sister’s second baby was also pregnant for 6.7 months. Our family was full ofLaughing and laughing.After the unblocking, my husband worked harder to work, and every day I could see my husband’s face that couldn’t hold his mouth. I also returned to the job. 6 hours a day, the work of the two breaks made me both fulfilling and the work.Not tired.When we thought everything was developing in a good aspect, God seemed to be joking for us.

In May 14, 2020, I performed a large row of abnormal examinations according to the hospital’s appointment time. I was happy, but I got an unacceptable result. The baby checked the congenital heart disease.On the day we learned the results, we rushed directly to Wuhan.However, the results of the test after the consultation after the consultation were the same. Under the helplessness, we had to give up the baby.

Because we need to perform surgery, we returned to our city.I don’t know how I came here during that time. I only know that I have not stopped on the street, the hospital, and my tears. I dare not shed tears at home. I am afraid that my mother can’t stand this blow.Although my husband was also very sad, he always comforted me, but he couldn’t hold it when he got the induction certificate.In the hospital’s big courtyard, a seven -foot man cried loudly regardless of the eyes of others.That was the first time I was so sad that a man was crying.

I lived in the hospital for 6 days, and we were discharged home.After returning home, I dare not cry and fear that my mother saw it. I couldn’t help but pretend to sleep, and quietly hid in the room and cried.After I went home, my sister was also out of confinement. My sister was afraid that I was too sad and took my big niece and my little nephew to my house.Because they accompany them, I won’t stay alone every day, so I won’t think about it. Almost a month, I slowly walked out of the pain of losing my baby, but occasionally I still remembered and I still cried.I know that this time it is not just very painful for me, but also for my mother.Since then, my mother’s body has deteriorated every time in the lunar calendar in 2020. The first day after the heavy snow after a week, and the night when there was a particularly big sun during the day, my mother left forever.We have no mother since then.

After my mother left, I was even more urgent to want a baby. I would like to tell my mother earlier that her eldest daughter has a child.

A frozen blastocyst.After each series of inspections, I successfully transplanted a blastocyst on May 6 this year.I did not resign after the transplantation, and I continued to work. This is also what I had discussed with my husband.Because we must maintain a good mentality after transplantation, it is important to be too entangled whether it can be successful.If I do n’t go to work, I can only be at home every day, because my husband work at the construction site in a foreign country this year, and I am basically a person at home.In this way, I can only look at the empty room every day, and I will definitely think about it very badly for me.So I still decide to go to work normally, which is also advocated by the doctor.

Now that I am 5 months pregnant, my stomach is also pregnant, and the whole state is also very good.But at this time, many acquaintances asked me why I was still at work when I saw it. Why not resign?Money is earned endless.In fact, when I heard this, I was very uncomfortable. If they felt that I would be tired to work like this and persuaded me to resign, I would feel very happy because I think they are concerned about me, but they areBut it is said that the money is not finished. The money was ca n’t make it. Bill Gates would make money and did n’t make money. Besides, I was only 2/3,000 yuan a month.I just think I don’t need to resign now. My state can continue to work, and I can work better to me at work. I can use work time to walk to increase my exercise.It will not make me from being disconnected from the society nor let me think wildly at home.There are 2/3000 wages every month, which can also reduce the economic burden of my husband. I think I am so good for me now!But why do they say that, really don’t understand!

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