I can’t escape the pubic pain during pregnancy, back pain … all kinds of pain!Pregnant mothers can do this and easily alleviate!

What exciting thing about pregnancy!However, with the increase of the month, expectant mothers began to find that pregnancy is indeed not a relaxed thing: the expectant mother either hurts here, it hurts there, and I don’t know how to reduce or eliminate these pains…. Let’s take a look!

Some expectant mothers may have headache in the early pregnancy, which is a common early pregnancy reaction.Applying hot towels on your head can effectively relieve headaches.Or lie down and relax and rest.

As the uterus gradually becomes larger, the gastrointestinal stomach of expectant mothers has increased great pressure, and hormones make the muscles of the isolation cava and stomach relaxing, which makes the gastric acid rolling upwards and causing the chest to be burning.In order to alleviate stomach pain, doctors usually recommend that expectant mothers eat less daily and eat less hot and sour foods. Do not lie down half an hour after meals (try to sit straight during meals so that gastric acid will not go up).If you often have stomach pain at night, you can ask your doctor to open some anti -acid agents for you and take it before going to bed.

Since the breasts have increased since the early pregnancy, and the congestion is obvious, expectant mothers will feel tingling in breast swelling.However, this pain is normal. As the gestational week increases, the appropriate underwear is used, which is good for your breasts, but also reduces the feeling of pain.

Parents reminder

Early aura abortions and off -uterine pregnancy cause abdominal pain, and threatening abortion will also be accompanied by vaginal bleeding.Once expectant mothers have unknown and unable to relieve abdominal pain, or even vaginal bleeding, they must go to the hospital immediately.

After the middle of pregnancy, as the uterus increases rapidly monthly, the ligaments around the uterus change from the original relaxation state to a tense state, especially a pair of round ligaments located on the front side of the uterus. Due to excessive pulling, it may cause traction pain.But the pain will not be too severe, it is just a slight pain.This situation does not require special treatment, just pay attention to rest.And most expectant mothers will not have this problem after a while.

Entering the middle of the pregnancy, pain may occur behind the calf and thighs of the expectant mothers, similar to the pain of the sciatica. If the expectant mother also suffers from the venous veins of the lower limbs, the pain will be even more severe.

From 5 months of pregnancy, spasm and cramps may occur with legs, especially at night, often awakening the expectant mothers who entered the dreamland.Under the guidance of a doctor, supplementing calcium tablets or vitamin B in appropriate amount can reduce symptoms.It will feel more comfortable to make a hot compress on the leg before going to bed.

Parents reminder

If the abdominal pain that has an unknown reason and cannot be relieved, and even the vaginal bleeding, maybe it may be caused by the late omen abortion, and the expectant mother must go to the hospital immediately.

Specific mothers are prone to hemorrhoids, especially after entering the third trimester, the degree of constipation and hemorrhoids may increase.In order to prevent constipation, it is recommended that expectant mothers drink plenty of water and eat more fiber -rich foods (such as fruits, vegetables and whole wheat bread).In addition, doing exercise often can help you stimulate the digestive system.

If hemorrhoids have burning pain and itching, expectant mothers can ask doctors to prescribe some medical massage milk to wipe the painful parts.

Entering the middle and late pregnancy, some expectant mothers will feel the noise of the pubic bone, and there is a feeling of pulling. When going up the stairs, the pain is even more obvious.The spare mother’s pubic gaps are widening than when they are not pregnant, which is an increasing physiological need for fetal fetuses.After the delivery of pregnant women, the widening gap between the pubic bone gradually resumes the original position.The pain caused by the combination of pubic bones of pregnant women, most people can bear it.If the pubic bone is wrong, the ligaments are strained and edema when the separation is severe, and it is difficult to walk, and the expectant mother must rest in bed.

In order to prevent or reduce the pain in the pubic bone, expectant mothers need:

Attention to examinations during pregnancy, and regularly understand the specific situation of the separation of pubic bone. When the pubic bone separation is largely separated, activities should be appropriately reduced.

⊙ Strengthen physical exercise, often perform suitable stretching thigh exercise, and enhance the tension and tolerance of muscle and ligaments.

。 Pay attention to the appropriate rest.

Some expectant mothers will feel the swelling of the vulva in the middle and late pregnancy, and at the same time, the local skin is red, and the vulva occurs severe pain when walking.This phenomenon is called "vulvar veins".Prevention of vulvar vein is mainly: to avoid standing for a long time in the later pregnancy; avoid crossing tight pants and shoes and socks; do not approach the heat source or use overheated water bath.If the vulva varicose veins have occurred, expectant mothers can perform local cold compresses, or sit in cold water to shrink the vulva vein vascular vascular.Applying zinc oxide ointment locally, and sprinkle some refreshing powder, which also helps to contrast varicose vein blood vessels.

With the continuous development of the fetus, the weight of the fetus will increase pressure to the back of the mother, and squeeze the sciatic nerves, so that the expectant mothers will have strong tingling in the position of the waist to the leg.

The main methods of improving sciatica are:

选择 Pay attention to your own comfortable position and sleep posture in daily life can reduce this pain.

⊙ Lie the left side while sleeping, and place a pillow between the knees of your legs to increase the blood flowing to the uterus.

⊙ Do not stand or sit for more than half an hour during the same posture during the day.

⊙ Try not to weight the top of the head.

⊙ Swimming can help reduce the pressure on sciatic nerves.

In the third trimester, as the uterus gradually increased, the physical center of gravity of the expectant mother gradually moved forward. When standing or walking, in order to maintain the center of gravity, the expectant mothers must lean back and form a kind of pregnant woman unique to a pregnant woman unique to a pregnant woman.Strong chest.This attitude is easy to cause excessive forward convexness of the waist spine, which causes spinal pain.This kind of low back pain is a normal physiological phenomenon and is not dangerous. Just pay attention to rest properly to avoid standing or walking for a long time.However, there is a kind of low back pain that must be paid attention to. It is mainly manifested in the right lower abdomen with pain and radiation to the right thigh, accompanied by symptoms such as frequent urination and urgency.This is actually a pregnancy complications called "ovarian vein syndrome".Once this complication occurs, you should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

With the increase of the gestational week, due to a large amount of estrogen, the gums of expectant mothers become hypertrophy, which is susceptible to gingivitis, and bleeding and pain.Therefore, expectant mothers need to pay attention to the cleaning of the mouth, and choose a soft toothbrush when brushing her teeth.

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