I have a baby now, but what should I do if my boyfriend does not marry me?#marriage

Emotional paragraph: I have a baby now, but do you do not get married with me?

I’m pregnant now, but my boyfriend, he doesn’t marry me.How long have you been talking to your boyfriend, and you are not talking about it. Anyway, you just like him and want to marry him.

I ask you, how long have you been talking to your boyfriend, can you say that your vocal sound hurts your stomach?How long have you met with your own boyfriend?Don’t you know yourself?Knowing what it looks like in eight or nine years.What does that mean?There is a treasure at a time, so do you want to hold this treasure and entangle people?It’s not a surprise, or you are going to give him a treasure.Does he know?How long have you been talking together?The two of us did not talk about feelings.What are you talking about?Talking about cotton but I have feelings for him.I love him, and he is unwilling to be with me now.You also said that the two of you did not talk about feelings, what treasure do you give in life without talking about feelings?He is my sister’s husband.Do your sister know?My sister knew it was initially proposed by my sister.The relationship between our two sisters is good.Because of special circumstances, my sister has never had a baby for 7 years. Has their sister?

In fact, the beginning of this incident was that he put forward that the purpose of our purpose was to help him. I didn’t think much about the others.What channels do you have? The babies you have, that is, the two people are together. At the beginning, I did n’t agree with it. It ’s not because my sister had difficulties. Please me, I think I should help her.

To be honest, she has really been a bad life in these years, and her brother -in -law is really happy.I disagreed at the beginning, isn’t that I can’t hold him so much?You have never thought about what you do if you do this?Are you married yet?I didn’t find my husband.What do you think of your elders?Because of this at the time, we did not intend to let the elders know, because after thinking that it was to wait for it, I told the elders.Before that, I also talked about two boyfriends, and I did not become these two men.I have also been pregnant with one of them. Isn’t it possible or not? If you get this, you have to know anything about you sooner or later.It is known now. No one knows at home before. Do you say that your face at home can be wiped away?

I told you from the neighboring folks that my nose bone is poked for you.He is making a big deal now. It is unavailable to conceal. You might as well tell your parents about your parents.I made a boyfriend some time ago and then broke up.After breaking up, I do n’t know how to do it. If you have a treasure, you can see it. My sister and my brother -in -law have been together for seven or eight years. They have no baby, otherwise I will give them this baby.Yes or no?If so, it should be solved by this, but I don’t want to do this now, because this time after getting along, I will have some feelings to him, because we are two together, after the two of us are together,I only have these changes.I didn’t have these ideas before. What do you mean to come to me today? I thought that my sister was unhappy at his house anyway, and there was no baby.Is it not good for them to have a relationship?I have been with him. In this case, it is also a kind of liberation for them. It is the love of the mind and the brain. Can I do my mind without doing things?I feel that the two people have it. After that layer of relationship, it is easy to feel that the other party is your other half.Then do I propose to him now?I know all the troubles now, I just want to live with him.He meant that he was unwilling to ask me, but he was unwilling to ask my sister and brother.Is he a contractor?Do you know those models?As for the wages of the workers under him, coupled with his often spending money outside, he has more than 60 foreign debt anyway anyway.What he meant was that he wanted to make my sister out of the house and had to take away the more than 60 foreign debts, and didn’t want to be with me.He just found that little red outside, he didn’t want me, you might as well be that little red, right?Why don’t he want me?Is it because I didn’t talk about two before?Is there a pregnancy?He thinks I don’t seem to be a good woman?To tell you the truth with you, there have been several things in this house.Two times.Is it three times this time?Isn’t there no result in the first two times?His brother -in -law who had happened twice, did I put my heart on him?That family doesn’t want you anymore.When he first mentioned this incident, he acquiesced. He was acquiescence.Let’s first crush the bud rice, who is unwilling and does not need to bear any responsibility.

Now do you know how ugly he said?I will give it to me after this kind of willingness to stay. Don’t care about it. I will give you a nutritional fee or something.If you do n’t, you love it, and you’re stingy!Do you think you have fertility?Didn’t I have it with him now?With what he can, he can have it or any woman.Because my parents also lost this matter, you just want to live, you know, you will not die if you die.What do you do with your family?Whoops my god, shattered my three views!I heard it for the first time, then you said that I can’t wait anymore now, how about it?He doesn’t want me now, don’t you want you, don’t you know how to rectify it yourself?You come and ask me, do you have no father when you want your baby?I didn’t think those I just thought about it, I didn’t want to live with you.People would rather have a little red and little green without you.Isn’t it enough to say this?Isn’t it worried enough?Do you give me an idea and let him accept me?After 70 years, continue the front edge.That is to say, I ca n’t do it with him in my life. People do n’t want you.

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