I have been married for 6 years without a child, my mother -in -law asked me to divorce his son for one year, and I gave birth to a child again

My ex -husband and I were introduced by people. He was three years older than me. The family conditions and wages and cultural levels of the two of us were similar. It belongs to the real door.

One year later, I feel that both people are suitable for both three views and personality.

The wedding room was bought in advance by the parents of my ex -husband, and my parents married a car.

In the two years of marriage, the relationship between the two of us was still very good. The ex -husband was more diligent. After getting out of work, I bought food and cook with me. After meals, I washed the dishes.Go out and take a walk.We are not going to my mother -in -law’s house on weekends, or I go back to my mother’s house for dinner.

At that time, I felt that both of them were young, so I didn’t plan to ask for children so early. Although my mother -in -law occasionally mentioned one or two sentences in my ears, it did not urge us.

In the third year after marriage, I was also 26 years old. The ex -husband was 29 years old. My mother -in -law started to worry. I kept mentioning the child’s affairs in front of us. I discussed with my ex -husband and felt that it was time to have a child.

But after a year of trying, I did n’t have any movement at all. My ex -husband accompanied me to the hospital for examination. A series of examinations were done. I did n’t find any major problems.Very serious, the doctor prescribed medicine and gave me back to take it, and told me to relax, saying that too tension would also affect conception.

After more than half a year, there was still no movement. We went to another hospital. The results of the examination were almost the same as the doctor said before.

The doctor suggested that the ex -husband also had a check in that area, but the ex -husband said that he was absolutely fine, and he couldn’t persuade him.

In order to conceive the child as soon as possible, I went to the hospital to see Western medicine first. The doctor prescribed me for ovulation, and asked me to go to the hospital to do follicle monitoring every two or three days. It was very hard during that time.Run, each time you have to line up for a long time, because there are too many infertility patients.

Do you remember this day? Four months or five months?There is no effect at all, and western medicine has side effects on the body, and my follicles grow less and less.

At the advice of my friend, I went to women and children to see traditional Chinese medicine. The treatment method was enema, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture to promote ovulation.It ’s okay to take Chinese medicine. No matter how bitter medicine, I can drink it in one breath, but the acupuncture of acupuncture makes me miserable. I insisted on it for half a year and still did n’t conceive.

My mother -in -law started to have a good look at me, and said bad things about me in the community all day, saying that I was a hen who did not lay eggs. He had my ex -husband’s only seedlings.The incense of their family made my ex -husband divorce me as soon as possible.

My ex -husband’s attitude towards me is getting colder. I am a little careful after I get home every night after getting home from get off work. The ex -husband often goes back to my mother -in -law’s house alone and does not call me.

During that time, I was really painful. I dreamed at night. I often dreamed that I was finally pregnant. After waking up, I found that it was just a dream.

In the sixth year of marriage, my mother -in -law finally couldn’t bear to let me divorce my ex -husband. Looking at the default attitude of my ex -husband, although I was very reluctant, I also knew that I could not delay the incense of others.

After the divorce, the original neighbor was also a friend who had a better relationship with me. Tell me that I only moved out for more than ten days.I was angry and humiliated, and there were sorrows, but I chose to let these let go of nothing.

Originally, I had planned to get old in my life, but my mother told me that I am still so young. How can I never get married?Besides, it is not necessarily my reason without a child. It is not enough to find a man with a second marriage with a child.

In the third year of divorce, I introduced me to the current husband. He was a police officer. The ex -wife died of amniotic fluid embolism when he gave birth to a daughter. The poor little girl has never seen her mother from birth to now.Her husband and daughter told her mother to work far and far away, and it would not be long before they returned.In recent years, it is not easy to be a father and mother.

On the day of the blind date, we all introduced our situation in detail.Husband said to me, he didn’t mind whether I can still be born, as long as I don’t mind that he has a daughter.

I also said that if two people are together, I will definitely treat his daughter as my own treatment, and I must let the poor little girl have a mother who loves her.

After knowing it in this way for less than three months, we got married. Although there is no solid emotional foundation, we get along very well. My husband is a gentle and considerate man. He spoils me and respects me.My daughter liked me very much since I entered the house. I also like her very much. I took her wherever I went.Send her dressed up to the kindergarten every day.She introduced me to the kindergarten teacher and said that this was my mother. She was working far away, and now she is back.

What surprised me even more was that I was pregnant in less than three months of getting married. I couldn’t believe it, and my husband was happy like a child.We kept asking the doctor not to make a mistake?The doctors were impatiently asked, saying that it was true. This is a check of blood drawing, and it is absolutely impossible to make mistakes.

In the evening, my daughter returned from the kindergarten. I held her and kissed her and told her that she would have a younger brother or sister in a few months.The five -year -old daughter also smiled happily, touched my belly gently, and said that my mother would help you drag the floor in the future. You must protect your brother and sister.

Nine months later, I successfully gave birth to a healthy male baby, weighing seven pounds and four pounds, and it looks very cute.

My former neighbor, the friend who had been embarrassed for me came to the hospital to visit me the next day when I gave birth to my son, and told me that there were no children after remarriage, and it seemed to be divorced.

I just smiled after listening, because it was nothing to do.

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