I have just given birth to the baby for less than four months, and the menstruation has not come late.

Yesterday, a mother left a message in the background: Well, I’m worried, the baby is now 110 days, and the menstrual menstruation last time was a little bit. This month was gone. I think the chance of pregnancy is getting greater and greater, let alone me.It ’s less than 4 months after giving birth to the baby. If you have it, do n’t you want it?

The first baby was not yet available because her husband was not enough to account, and spent some money to make the baby born safely.My mother -in -law said that having a child must try to give birth, and they must not harm their children. After all, it is a life.But I really ca n’t want it now, but I ca n’t bear to hurt a life that is not born. What should I do?

Seeing the message of this pregnant mother, a little worried about her.Because I have just given birth to a baby, my mother’s uterus has not fully recovered. If she is pregnant at this time, it will hurt the uterus of women.But how long does menstruation come after giving birth?The recovery time is early and late, and the menstruation can come after the full moon, and it will not be recovered until the baby is 1 year old.

When will menstruation come after delivery?

Usually, mothers without breastfeeding will soon recover menstruation after giving birth, and the latest will be recovered within half a year. The maternal who insisted on breastfeeding has a long time to recover menstruation.The longer the time, the time of menstruation will be relatively extended.

I heard that menstruation will ovulate without coming. Is this true?

Some mothers think that if they do not have menstruation, they represent no ovulation, and they can not have to contraception because they can.However, the postpartum menstruation does not recover, but ovulation is not affected. Generally, ovulation will be ovulated in the second month after giving birth.Therefore, there are often such unexpected pregnancy mothers, which is really depressed.

When is the same room after delivery?

The doctor said that it is best not to have the same room within three months after giving birth.The postpartum lochia will not be clean in about 40 days, and the postpartum women’s uterus and wounds have not recovered, especially mothers who have a cesarean section.If you should pay attention to contraceptive measures in the same room, we can’t afford the risk of accidental pregnancy!

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