I have weighing more than 30 pounds during pregnancy, how did I return to the weight before pregnancy?

I was 166cm tall. I maintained at 105-110 catties before pregnancy. I rose to almost 140 pounds for two pregnancy weight. After giving birth to a child, I returned to the weight before pregnancy after giving birth.It can be said that there is really no shortcut after giving birth, that is, rely on your mouth, open your legs, and eat three points for seven points.

I never believe what shortcats in weight loss, what are the fast weight loss methods, and the truly healthy and effective weight loss is achieved with my strong self -discipline.

After giving birth, we must not be in a hurry. We need to be beautiful, but we need healthy.Within two months after giving birth, it is best not to exercise first. The diet is mainly light, less oil and less salt, and if you are afraid of the lack of milk, drink plenty of water. Do not eat too greasy. You do n’t need to make up for special supplements.If you really need to drink a carp soup and chicken soup, it is recommended to fish the above layer of floating oil before drinking.In the past two months, I will move around more. Do n’t always lie down. You can stand by the wall for 20 minutes after eating. However, it is the most important thing to restore your body in the past two months.so many.

From two to six months after giving birth, I started to exercise appropriately, but it was limited to fast and slow walking, that is, walking more after meals, and holding the baby outside to stroll outside, holding the baby to squat and stood up.It feels neither delaying children nor fitness.Drink plenty of water in your diet, eat less high -calorie high -fat food, and do not drink milk tea and drinks.

Six months after giving birth, what should I do like before pregnancy.It doesn’t matter if you run, run, jump.It is enough to eat 7 minutes for dinner, so I do n’t eat after dinner.

And I have been breastfeeding after giving birth. One year after giving birth, I basically returned to the weight before pregnancy.Even the pants are smaller.It is estimated that I do n’t like exercise before pregnancy. After giving birth to a child, I took the baby, hugged the baby, and gave it, the meat became solid.After all, wherever you go, you have to go forward. Before the age of one year, the children will not walk, they are hung on the body, so the muscles have been trained.

After returning to weight, for so many years, I have been insisting not to eat supper. I basically do n’t drink drink milk tea. I stick to the wall after meals. I do n’t eat high -calorie food.Not very thin, but I think this weight is healthy.Weight loss is not to pursue how thin, but health.


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