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For some women, the pregnancy is silent and sudden. Often, she does not know that she is pregnant for several months, and do whatever they should do.This is very dangerous, and if you don’t pay attention, it will cause miscarriage.

So, how can you find pregnancy as soon as possible, what are the early symptoms of pregnancy?

There are some early symptoms in pregnancy

First, menstruation stops.

Menopuction is the most obvious manifestation of pregnancy.Once the menstrual law finds that the "old friend" who has been visiting on time often has not come, the first reaction should be whether he is pregnant.For women who have always been not very regular during menstruation, accidents come by accident may not be a sign of pregnancy.

The second is drowsiness and loss of appetite.

After pregnancy, female body secretes luteum hormone.Magnomone is a natural progesterone that has a role in suppressing excitement.Women who have early pregnancy are easy to get tired, weak, drowsiness, loss of appetite, no appetite, and related to luteum secretion in the body.

Women who are pregnant early are really tired, lethargy, and lose appetite

The third is breast pain.

After pregnancy, the estrogen and progesterone secreted by the body will make the breast hyperplasia, congestion, deepen the areola, protruding the nipples. Pregnant women will feel swelling and uncomfortable breasts. They will have pain when they touch, and often itching is accompanied by itching.

Fourth, frequent urination.

After pregnancy, the fertilized eggs are in bed in the uterus. The embryo is constantly developing, and the uterus continues to become larger.

Fifth, nausea and vomiting.

When a month to three months of pregnancy, the pill membrane in women’s velvetic gonadotropin increases, and pregnant women will be particularly sensitive to the smell. When they smell certain odors, they will be nauseous and vomit.

Nausea and vomiting are prone to appear

Most of the pregnant women will have pregnancy vomiting, but there are also not obvious response of women.

The above phenomenon only speculates whether you are pregnant from some symptoms, and whether you are pregnant or not. The reliable approach is to test it with early pregnancy test strips.Early pregnancy test strip is a long strip test paper that can be bought in ordinary pharmacies and clinics.It is welcomed by female friends because of its low price, practicality and accuracy.Early pregnancy test strips can be tested by yourself after menopause.If you are pregnant, there will be two purple -red short -lines on the test strip; if there is no pregnancy, a purple -red short -term on the test strip.Generally, around 5 weeks of pregnancy, you can go to the hospital through B -ultrasound diagnosis.

The reliable approach is to test it with early pregnancy test strips

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