I like to eat spicy food after pregnancy. My mother -in -law said that "sour girls" forced me to divorce. After giving birth to a baby, I laughed.

"I think you must lose money in your belly. Hurry up with my son and get married. It’s so obscure!" My mother -in -law only liked spicy food after seeing me, and her stomach was still rounded, so she said softly.

And if my husband doesn’t help me, I still want me to kill my child.

"Okay, don’t regret it!"

My husband and I met in college. After getting married smoothly, my mother -in -law had been given birth to my mother -in -law.This makes me annoyed. What is most helpless is that even my husband does not stand on me.

"Mom called us again today to urge us to have children. She said that she could bring us while she was young, and she couldn’t move in a few years." That night, her husband held me and said.

I replied unhappyly: "When I was married, I said that I didn’t want children for the time being. You also know that my job is rising, and I want to work hard for a few years!"

"In a few years, you are getting older! Now that your child is just right, let’s listen to your mother’s right!"

I didn’t want to care about him again with my face.

Since getting married, I have found that my husband is actually a mother, and everything is "my mother said". Fortunately, my mother -in -law would not live with us, otherwise I would really be mad.

My husband and I had a cold war for a few days, until he took the initiative to admit that we were good.For a while, he did not mention the child’s affairs with me again.

One day two months later, when I ate lunch, I suddenly felt a little disgusting. I remembered that this month’s holiday seemed to be postponed a lot, and there was a guess.

So I took a leave to go to the hospital for examination, and the result confirmed my guess, and I was pregnant.

This result made me a little worried and nervous, but now that this child is here at this time, it may be our fate.

After returning home, I told my husband about the news of pregnancy. He was so happy that he was like a child. Since we get married, he seems to have been not so happy for a long time. I think maybe a child at home will really be much better.Bar.

Thinking about it this way, I was worried about the children in my stomach, and I looked forward to it at the same time.

After that, my life did not change much because of pregnancy, but I was no longer as good as before, but I was careful.

When I got home from work on this day, I heard my husband talking in the room, and felt curious when he was curious, and found that he was calling with my mother -in -law. I felt boring and turned to walk to the living room.

"Mom, fortunately, you give me an idea and replace Shishi’s contraceptive pills with folic acid, otherwise there will be children so fast." My husband’s voice passed to my ear, and I stunned.

I don’t know what my mother -in -law said, my husband should say, "Okay, I listen to my mother, what is what my mother said in the future."

So a mom Baoan, I was angry, pushed the door open and looked at him coldly.

My husband saw me back and froze, guessing that I heard what he said, so he hung up the phone quickly.

"Shi Shi, you listen to me. I just want children too much, not intentionally calculated you."

"You know you are counting me?" For the first time, I was so disappointed with my husband. "You say that you will be considerate of me, but you don’t want children first, but you count with my mother -in -law in your back.It’s! "

"It’s my fault, it’s all my fault. Forgive me for this time?" Her husband said almost asbeless: "I really want a child. Since he is hereOK."

I didn’t say good or not, the child should not be pregnant, can I kill the innocent children to be angry?

After this incident, my husband coaxed me every day, and the housework was all overwhelmed, for fear that I would not be happy.

Since I am pregnant, I have particularly liked spicy food, and he has changed his tricks every day.

But this day I went home from get off work, but saw that the table full of dishes became sour!

"Husband, what are you doing so much sour things? I smell nausea and take it away quickly." I shouted at the kitchen.

At this time, my mother -in -law came out of the kitchen and said, "Shi Shi, A Yong hasn’t returned overtime today. Mom deliberately made a table of dishes for you."

"Mom, when did you come? I smelled these vomiting. I prefer spicy food recently. You can change it for me." I saw that my mother -in -law came out of the kitchen, stunned, and then said.

"Mom is just here today, watching you eat so much spicy is not good for your body. I have been busy for a long time for you, you can eat it quickly."

When I heard that my mother -in -law said that I had been busy for a long time, I was embarrassed to ask her to re -do it, so I endured the disgusting feeling and picked some less sour to eat.

But my mother -in -law kept giving me vegetables, and I couldn’t help but ran to the bathroom and spit it out.

My mother -in -law also followed the sourness: "I did it for a long time, why did you spit it out? What is the use of all the vomiting! It’s really a prodigal!"

After I vomited someone, I haven’t slowed down, and I was weakly explained: "Mom, I really can’t eat it anymore."

"It is said that the sour girl, I think you are a loss of money like you!" My mother -in -law knew that I really couldn’t eat sour things, so she suddenly changed her face and scolded.

Next, she still only made me sour things every day, but I did not rely on it. I packed all kinds of spicy foods and went home to eat outside, which caused her to look at my face and smelly every day.

"You see that she eats spicy food every day, her belly is round, and her daughter must be my daughter!" One day I heard my mother -in -law murmur with her husband.

"What should I do? Would you like to let her fight?" Her husband whispered, as if I was afraid of being heard by me.

"Can she still give birth to her?!" The mother -in -law suddenly raised the tone: "It’s really a evil! The old Gao family is going to be no one.

"Mom, mom, you whispered." Husband said, "She can hear it in the room."

"You shut up! I just want to listen to some people who can’t have a son!" He Xiulan continued: "At first I said that she had a bad face and could not have a son!is you!"

"When did I rely on your baby son?" I couldn’t help walking over.

"If you don’t want to rely on him, you will let him go! I think your belly must be a loss of money. You hurriedly marry my son! It’s really obscure!" Mother -in -law said thinly.

"Mom, what do you say?!" Her husband looked at his mother unbelievable, but was glanced and didn’t dare to speak anymore.

"Okay, but don’t regret it!" I said, "I will have a boy in the future, and you can’t grab custody!"

My mother -in -law sneered: "Can you give birth to a boy? At most, you will have a loss of money!"

This bite of losing money was completely annoyed by me. Since I am going to divorce, I don’t want to get angry anymore, and go straight up to make my mother -in -law slap.

She froze for a moment and wanted to fight back, but looked at me with her stomach but didn’t dare to start, but just scolded a few words in her mouth.

After getting married with my husband, I moved back to my parents’ house.

A few months later, I gave birth to a boy smoothly.I held my son in the bed and laughed slowly, really hitting their ex -husband’s face.

And my ex -husband and my ex -mother -in -law did not know where to get the news of my boy. In the morning after the birth, I came to the hospital to visit me.

The former mother -in -law kept apologizing to me, saying that as long as I can forgive her, she can satisfy any wishes.

I said with a smile: "Really? My wish is also very simple, that is, you will never appear in front of me and my child! I don’t want my son to become a dull man in the future!"

They heard that their faces became ugly, but I didn’t want to ignore them anymore. When I turned around, I told the nurse that I needed to rest, and asked her to help her out.

No matter how entangled my ex -husband and my ex -mother -in -law, I chose to call the police, and they never appeared again a few times.

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