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Last time I will share my Shanghai Lone VLOG, which is posted in this picture 👇

The key points were caught by cute netizens:

Sometimes I can’t help eating some high -quality (heat) for pregnant women’s meals.

But in fact, I still pay attention to diet. In addition to three meals a day, I will also pay attention to nutritional supplements.You can also eat things to relieve pregnancy and pay attention to sugar.

Just this time I received a private message or message from many expectant mothers and asked me what to eat during pregnancy.So today I have sorted out some nutritional supplements I needed during pregnancy, good things to alleviate pregnancy, and small sugar -controlled snacks. Friends who need it can refer to it ~

Essential nutritional supplement


Femibion Ivean folic acid

The first necessary is the comprehensive nutritional supplement during pregnancy.FEMIBION Ivean from Germany is a brand I have been eating since preparing for pregnancy. I mentioned in a book before, and I am very interested in a lot of friends.

I can only say that it is not unreasonable to love it!Its folic acid is Metafolin, an active folic acid invented by the brand itself. It has a clinical history of more than 10 years, which is safe and reliable.And there is no need to be reused by transformation, the absorption rate reaches 99%.Some expectant mothers have folic acid metabolic disorders, and they can eat with confidence!Everyone should understand the price of our baby’s body.Unscientific nutritional supplements can easily lose control of weight, and postpartum recovery is also difficult.Nice is very nice that in addition to helping the baby’s development, it really achieves careful care for pregnant mothers: scientific tonics.The mother is in good condition, the baby will be good.

It carefully segmented the nutrition required by the pregnant mother at each stage: 0, 1, 2, and 3, which is very intimate.I have eaten it myself from 0. It contains 800 μg of activated folic acid, plus some necessary nutrients to help prepare for pregnancy.The particles are very small. You don’t need to do any psychological construction. You can swallow it. It is very friendly for friends who swallow a large pills!

After confirming that I was pregnant, I started to eat 1 paragraph. My reaction was very serious. I ca n’t eat things and I ca n’t keep up with nutrition. In addition to helping me supplement the essential nutrition, I also helped alleviate some discomfort of my early pregnancy.

Now eat 2 paragraphs, on the basis of 1 paragraph, high purity natural DHA and lutein are added to help the baby’s brain and vision development.I am pregnant at 23W+, and the pregnancy belly is getting bigger and bigger, but I still need to adhere to class learning recently. The 2nd paragraph also helps to slow down my daily fatigue and maintain energy.And insisting on eating, the state of the skin and hair is maintained well, and there is no big hair loss.

The 3rd paragraph is specifically targeted at breastfeeding. There are still high purity natural DHA+lutein+chilohine to ensure the baby’s brain nerve and vision development. It also added vitamin A and calcium.Also in place.Although it was not that period, I have also arranged 3 paragraphs!

What is more intimate is that there are "iodine versions" and "iodine-free version" in the 1-2 sections.Go to choose the version that suits you!Ivean is really used at present, and supplemented the most professional brand during pregnancy. In addition to helping the baby’s development, it also takes into account the nutritional supplement to pregnant mothers!You can’t miss good things, so the brand and I have won a lot of discounts. Friends in need are worth starting!

Buy 0: 10.0 ¥ JFGFXKODZTN ¥/


Swisse calcium tablet

Now every morning, as long as I remember, I will swallow two Swisse calcium tablets and go out.

I did my homework when I had a small question mark before, and calcium supplementation during pregnancy was also very important!If pregnant women are deficient in calcium, leg cramps will occur in the second trimester, teeth are loose, pelvic pain … and this calcium tablet of Swisse, I eat a second child from the first child and see a person Amway.

The main ingredients are calcium citrate. Compared with the calcium carbonate on the market, it is better absorbed, and the stomach stomach is lower. It can also be eaten with peace of mind!In addition, vitamin D is added to the formula, which can promote the absorption of calcium and maintain calcium balance!

I insist on eating. There are basically no leg cramps during pregnancy, and walking is not so tired.In addition to our expectant mothers, in fact, old people, children, and even young people, it is necessary to eat it and make up for calcium!

Price:/220/2 bottles

Buy ¥: 1 ¥ W3BWXK5LBBBBJ ¥/

Relieve good things for pregnancy


Bai Caowei Hawthorn Collection

Every time I get pregnant, I want to eat sour things. The hawthorn collection of Baicao flavor can make me comfortable!

Buy a copy of a large box, which contains various hawthorn products, hawthorn cakes, hawthorn rolls, hawthorn sandwiches.The hawthorn content is different, and the acidity is somewhat different, which meets different taste needs.And they are all packaged, which is particularly convenient to bring out the bag.

山️ It should be noted that hawthorn has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. If the appetite is not delicious, 2 to 3 tablets can be relieved.It is rumored that hawthorn can cause contractions to induce miscarriage and premature birth. Many doctors feel too exaggerated.If you have an abortion experience, or if you have any symptoms of aura abortion, don’t eat it. Other expectant mothers should also consult a doctor to eat it.

Price: 9 26.9/box

Buy ¥: 1 ¥ BGCDXK5R8D9 ¥/


Xingdian handmade ginger candy

Sometimes pregnancy will feel a little bit of gastric acid. At this time, I will choose to eat ginger sugar.Star Dian’s handmade ginger candy is sweeter, the ginger juice is very strong, but it will not be very spicy. After each time you eat it, the stomach is much more comfortable!

The one that is not big or small is fudge, bite, not sticky teeth.After eating, the spicy smell of ginger echoed in the mouth and stomach, it was really comfortable.It also makes several flavors. In addition to the original flavor and sesame flavor and brown sugar flavor, you can change it with different flavors!

One word, pregnant women can eat ginger, or eat a little ginger sugar when they are uncomfortable for pregnancy, but the ginger sugar has a higher sugar. Pregnant mothers with high blood sugar risk remember not to eat too much ~


Buy ¥: 1 ¥ gh2uxk5rvws ¥/


Hi Tea Nen Lemon

Drinking Huancha during pregnancy will order this tender lime, without additional sugar, sour, it will be much more comfortable to drink.

This "tenderness" refers to the bottom of the tea bottom with the bottom of the tender green tea tea, which is mixed with perfume lemon extremely harmonious.

The top of the top is really cool.When the weather is so hot, a cup of tender lime is hot, refreshing thirst and relief, which relieves pregnancy, super nice!However, pregnant women are often greedy, and the ice cubes are less or try not to add as much as possible ~

Price: 21/cup

Buy 购: Store purchase

Sugar control health snacks


Mida cake

Now 23W+, I have been gaining 20 pounds … I really have to start daily diet, eat less carbohydrates in the main meals, and unhealthy snacks must be canceled!Now my afternoon tea snack is basically contracted by Mida’s biscuits 👌

1 pack and 2 pieces are very hungry, and the calories are only boiled eggs.The thick dark chocolate flavor, every time I eat it, I feel that the creamy Oreo is bitter, but it is much healthier than the real Oreo!

It is easy to constipation during pregnancy. It happens that the fiber of the fiber of the fiber of this biscuit can help gastrointestinal motility, and the laxative will become much smoother.


Buy ¥: 1 ¥ 02ixxk5L09U ¥/


zuo low kakaka jelly

At first, it was attracted by its ugly, ugly and ugly packaging.

But after eating it once, it was convinced by it!The taste of jelly is softer than other low -calorie jelly, and it is really enjoyable to taste!

It replaces traditional sucrose with moss glycol, and it is not easy to be absorbed by the human body, so you don’t need to consume too much sugar, rest assured to eat (but you can’t eat it freely).

It has a lot of flavors, peaches, Jufeng grapes, etc. The key is that the juice content is very high. It will not taste the taste of the flavors. It is not inferior at all. Anyway, it is delicious!

Price: 12.8/1 big package

Buy ¥: 1 ¥ ALVXK58T8X ¥/


Sam Supermarket Coconut Water

Sam’s coconut water I want to call it a fairy coconut water!

No anti -preservative spices, and no additional sugar, completely coconut water.In fact, coconut water itself is sugar, but it is low in the fruit.

Drinking milk tea and carbonated beverages as a natural drink can also be happy.

Because there is no additive, the taste of normal temperature is too "pure". Drinking the taste may be average. It can be mixed with other fruit and vegetable juice in daily life.

Price: 79/a box (6 bottles)

Buy 超: Sam Supermarket Store Buy

In fact, most people can eat things that normal people can eat, and most of the pregnant women can also eat. More importantly, pay attention to food quality and safety and involve "appropriate amount".It is best to choose according to the specific situation and scientific theoretical knowledge.

The above are just personal tastes and preferences. Moms do not know if they can eat. It is best to consult their doctors. After all, pregnant women have different constitution. Then today’s sharing is here. We will see it tomorrow night.

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