I prefer heavy taste and sweets after pregnancy, and pregnant mothers don’t feel normal

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will be more or less different from before. The changes in taste are particularly obvious. Those who love to eat or eat, and they don’t like to eat them suddenly. This is normal.

What can I eat during pregnancy

Eating a "reassinual pill" for pregnant mothers first. Generally, as long as normal people can eat, pregnant women can basically eat.As long as it is clean and hygienic food, what hot pot, ice cream, etc., you can eat food during pregnancy, and the frequency of seven days a meal is completely fine.

What is the so -called eating? This is not only a pregnant mother.

However, this does not mean that you can get rid of it so much, cover your face.The pregnant mother in the group is really a bit floating ~

There are two types of attention. For pregnant mothers and babies, it is really not recommended to eat too much.

Sweet & heavy flavor

Many pregnant mothers have said that early pregnancy vomiting reactions are serious, or some pregnant mothers cannot accept light -flavored pregnant women’s meals. They know that they are too sweet, too salty, and too spicy.Can’t stop eating.

To remind, the best, good, no, want.Because:

1. Too much sugar, salt, and oil in ingestion may cause pregnant mothers to overdo the weight, increase blood sugar, and blood pressure, increase the risk of complications during pregnancy, which is not good for the health of pregnant mothers and babies.Difficulty.

2. You can eat whatever you eat. The diet of the pregnant mother will affect the baby’s food preferences. The shaping of this flavor starts from the uterus.

Occasionally, there is no problem to solve it, but it does not mean that you can let go of yourself. Do not let these things become a habit.

Eat well and eat better. It is the first life gift that the pregnant mother can give to the baby. It is also the best gift.The baby gets not only the beginning of a healthy life, but also a healthy life.

What do you like to eat when you are pregnant?If you feel useful, you can forward it to your friends ~

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