I was beaten by my husband for 5 months of pregnancy. After my father -in -law said a word, I immediately decided to divorce

Oral: Xiao Meiwen: An Yixuan

When my husband and I were in love with Liangzi, he showed very well. I felt that he was the kind of gentle and gentle man.He will help me pull my chair to hang clothes. He will help me drive the door and take care of my head on my head.Take breakfast in the morning to pick me up to work, come to pick me up again in the evening, take me to play …

One year in love, he took more care of me and was considerate.

I never expected that all this was installed.Within a few days of marriage, he was revealed.

First of all, he no longer picks me up to get off work. He said that your company is not far from home. He takes many aspects of the bus.

Because we did not have our own house when we got married, we lived with my in -laws.He watched his mobile phone on the sofa in his class. I went to cook for his mother for cooking.On one occasion, I asked him to take the flour on the balcony to the kitchen. He said, "Go and get it yourself.

I am speechless. Didn’t I take a day?Moreover, can I take a bag of noodles?

I don’t understand why he has changed so much back and forth. Asked him, he turned his eyes and said, "Have you ever seen anyone who is right to the prey and still fed bait?"

In a word, I almost didn’t choke me to death.

When I got married for 3 months, I was pregnant.In other people’s houses, they are all great events, but their family is not serious.I am pregnant with a lot of pregnancy, I ca n’t eat anything, and I have no energy at all.My mother -in -law said, why is it so coquettish?Which woman does not have children?After vomiting, eat quickly, don’t be hungry for my grandson.

That day, because the rice cooker at home was not easy to use, I would like to change a new one.But the husband said that the old one can still make up.

For this, the two of us quarreled.The anger in my heart was too much, and I was polite to speak.As a result, the more noisy, the husband’s mouth could not be so noisy, and grabbed my hair, pushed me to the ground, and kicked my feet fiercely on my ass …

I did not expect that her husband’s husband was so gentle before marriage, and I would do it at me, and I was still pregnant.

When my husband finished playing, he went out, regardless of me.

I lay on the ground and didn’t get up for a long time.

After a while, my in -laws came back from the outside and were surprised to see me. I asked me what happened.

I told them the behavior of my husband.

I thought my in -laws would help me say something, and at least one way to do it should talk about their son.

I didn’t expect my father -in -law to say, "Why are you so stupid? He hit you, wouldn’t you hide it? Don’t look at him if you are angry, do you not be angry with him, he won’t do it …"

I immediately stunned. He didn’t blame his son to hit someone wrong, and even blame me who would not hide, blame me to anger his son!What family is this?

At that moment I decided that divorce must be divorced.With such parents, there are such tutors, and what good son can you expect to raise?

What I finally regret now is that when I was in love, I only cared about two people and did not go to his house to see it.If he knew that his parents were such people at the time, even if he disguised it, I might not be easily fooled.

Now, it’s too late to say anything.


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