I was derailed to conceive my colleagues. After the child was born, the East Window had an incident. In the end, I divorced.

Ten years ago, I was young and innocent, and was full of beautiful fantasies about marriage.

At that time, I met my husband, and we fell in love and walked into the palace of marriage.

He is the perfect person in my heart, and we think we will be happy for a lifetime.

However, the life after marriage was not as I thought, and trivial matters and contradictions gradually eroded our love.

We are getting far away. Although there are no major contradictions, the indifference and sense of distance gradually spread.

At this time, there was a new colleague where I was working, his name was Li Yang.

Li Yang was handsome and intelligent, and soon emerged in the company.

We often communicate at work, and gradually, he became the best partner in my free time in the company.

Gradually, I found that I had a special relationship with Li Yang.

I tried to control my emotions and told myself that I couldn’t go on like this. I was a married woman and couldn’t get over.

However, feelings cannot be controlled.

In a business trip, we got together for a few days, and the spark of emotion finally ignited completely.

We fell into a vortex that could not be extracted, and lost in each other’s arms.

When I returned home, I was caught guilt and blame myself.

I know this is betrayal. I am sorry for my husband, sorry for our promise.

However, the entanglement of feelings made me unable to extricate myself, and I was in a dilemma.

A few months later, I found that I was pregnant.

This child is the crystallization of me and Li Yang, and it is also the evidence of my betrayal.

I got into the sorrow and pain, and I don’t know what to do.

I thought to kill the child, but every time I thought of this child’s blood, I couldn’t bear to start.

Children are innocent and cannot bear the regret of life because of my fault.

I decided to give birth to my child and take on my responsibility.

I know that doing this is a huge risk, and I may lose everything, but I am willing to pay everything for my children.

However, the advent of my child did not bring me expectations and happiness to me.

Her husband began to doubt my changes, and he noticed that my mind began to become unusual.

He noticed that I often stared at the distance confused, and her mood became extremely fragile.

He started to ask me and asked me what happened in my heart.

I tried to avoid his problem and woven a lie about work pressure and physical discomfort.

However, he was dissatisfied with my answer, and he began to look for clues to try to reveal my hidden truth.

At night, we were lying on the bed, and his eyes were full of concerns and doubts.

I felt his troubles and knew that I could no longer continue to deceive.

I took a deep breath and told him the truth.

I frankly acknowledged my relationship with Li Yang and the fact of my pregnancy.

My voice trembled, and tears couldn’t stop flowing. I knew that I had hurt him and betrayed our marriage.

His eyes were blank, and he could not accept the mistakes I made.

His face became pale, and his eyes flickered with disappointment and pain.

The trust between us was completely destroyed, and our once happiness turned into a bubble.

We were silent and no one spoke.This silent night is full of endless sadness and pain.

I hope he can forgive me and give me a chance, but I know this is impossible.

A few days later, he made a divorce request.

He said that he could no longer endure my betrayal and harm, and our marriage was no longer able to recover.

When I heard this decision, my heart was like a knife twisted. I had no strength to refute, and I could only accept this cruel fact quietly.

In the days of divorce, I have been silently endured the pain and blame in my heart.

I know this is my own choice, and my own tragedy caused all this.

I lost love, family and happiness, and everything became empty.

The advent of my child did not bring me joy, but made me even more painful.

I became a single mother who faced the criticism of loneliness and society alone.

I paid everything, but got the return of loneliness and disappointment.

I deeply regret my original choice, regret my betrayal and selfishness.

I eager to go back to the past, choose and cherish the marriage that is extremely precious to me.

However, fate is brutal and ruthless.

I am destined to be carrying the mistakes I made and irreparable pain, and facing the future alone.

Every day, I repeatedly ask myself in my heart whether I deserve happiness and forgiveness.

Time has passed, and the child grows up. He is the only comfort in my life.

I silently guarded him as my mother and tried my best to give him all the love and care.

Whenever I look at his naive smile, I will be pleased to my decision, although I pay all the price.

However, the existence of children is also a kind of pain that often reminds me of the past.

The blood connection with my ex -husband made me unable to forget the betrayal I had committed, and could not forget the harm I caused to my ex -husband.

Whenever I look at the similarities between them, I feel the tingling and blame in my heart.

I tried to find balance and inner consolation, but the pain in my heart could not dissipate.

I long for forgiveness, hoping that someone can understand my inner struggle and remorse.However, I also understand that this is not easy.

My life becomes lonely and difficult.

I work hard to give my child a stable life, but the emptiness of my heart cannot be filled.

I tried to find new love, but no matter how hard I worked, my heart was always shrouded in the shadow of the past.

Today, I sit in front of the window and stare at the lonely stars in the night sky.

Memories still echoed in my mind, remorse and pain still accompanied me.

I understand that this story has no happy ending, only the regrets and pains I have.

This is a story about betrayal, remorse, and loss.

It tells us that at every node we choose, we should think carefully and cherish the happiness and true love in front of us.

Because of a mistake, it may change the trajectory of the entire life and bring the sadness and pain that cannot be made up.

I feel deeply regretted my past choice, but regrets can no longer change reality.

With the pain and blame of my heart, I tried to seek inner peace and self -forgiveness.

I understand, no matter how deep the sadness and pain, life must continue to move forward.

I put my focus on my child and tried my best to become his strong backing and guidance.

I hope that by giving him love and care, I can make up for my faults, so that he can grow into a kind and happy person.

I also started to learn to face the past and accept the mistakes I made.

I understand that everyone will make mistakes, but the key is to learn lessons from it and grow into better people.

I strive to find inner forgiveness and self -reconciliation, hoping to find my own happiness and peace in the future.

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