## I wish you a vaginitis on the road to pregnancy, these need to be paid attention to!

Vaginitis is the most common disease of female reproductive tract infections. A variety of pathogenic microorganisms can cause vaginitis. Common vaginitis include bacterial vaginal disease (BV), trichomonas vaginitis (TV).

Why do you need to pay attention to vaginitis when preparing for pregnancy?

Because vaginitis during pregnancy is not only manifested as vulvar vaginal discomfort, it can also cause a series of maternal complications such as pill membrane amnioticitis, premature fetal membrane breakthrough, and premature birth. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct and standardized treatment in time.

Wow, so afraid, what else do we need to pay attention to in life?

In fact, this BV and TV are two different diseases

BV is not contagious, and its main high -risk factors are race; age; bad lifestyles (such as vaginal flushing, vaginal plug medicines that do not allow doctors, informal vaginal care, etc.); sexual activity (non -protective sexual intercourse, sexual toysUse, multiple personality partners or homosexual partners, etc.).

The male partner of BV patients does not need to be treated, and the female partner BV needs to be treated.In addition, condoms should be used during treatment to avoid the above -mentioned sexual activities; changing poor living habits; and avoiding use of cotton strips during treatment.

TV is contagious and is mainly spread directly through sexual contact.Therefore, sexual partners of TV patients should be treated at the same time, and sexual partners should avoid sexual life before cure.


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