Idol early pregnancy is disgusting?The music is dark and toxic?What can cultural works show?Related values

On the Internet today, you can always see some hot discussions related to the correct values related to a certain work.

Related to the two -dimensional, the farther storm is removed from the shelves, and the recent controversy about "My Pushing Children" is reported to the "Deliner Series".

We often say that people need to establish the correct three views, that is, to cultivate a good world view, outlook on life, and values. This is good, but the truth is relatively relative, and the correct three views are not absolute.The three views are different.

At some point, seeing some online speeches, such as a large -scale comment on Weibo, a certain star "three views is too positive", I will commit a crime.(Now searching for "three views" on Weibo, you can see a large number of dynamics related to a certain star.)

Because the "positive" of San Guan may refer to the ideal of the speaker to cater to the mainstream, the ideal three views.

But many times, due to the group or cognitive level of the spokesperson, the saying of "three views" has become the ideal three views of a group under the self -identification of some people, and even their description of the group has judgedMissing.

As a result, "Three Views" became a kind of tool, whether intentional or unintentional, just to strengthen self -identity, the "positive" in the mouth and the correct pursuit became two things.

So, when someone is accusing the three views of cultural works, or if there is a problem with values, what are you referring to?There are the following points.

First, the author himself reflects his own incompetence tendency in his work.

Second, the character concept in the work, or the content of some plots that is split is incorrect.

Third, the tendency of the overall theme of the work gives people a sense of incompetence.

But in fact, even if the above points are accused, the work can be reasonable to exist in the public’s field of vision.

For example, the brothers in "Water Margin" are like hands and feet, women are like clothes, and the feudal orthodox concept of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" respects the feudal orthodox concepts of Liu Zi Cao are the themes of the works that the author wants to express.It is a unity that characters, works, and authors have reached. Today, it seems that the three views are incorrect, which violates the mainstream concept.

However, we know the historical limitations of the work, which also confirms the three views that are not absolutely correct.Today we can regard them as a classic, and it can also prove that the three views are not the only criterion for evaluating a work.

What about modern literary works?"Sandalwood Penalty" and "Waste Capital" are accompanied by disputes. There are also many "three incompetence" characters in these works, plots, but reality is that we can still read them.

So we can see that the farther the public and the society, the farther, or the more the reading threshold, the requirements for "values" or the entire "three views" are lower, and for popular, popular works, this kind ofThe standards are becoming more and more harsh.

This also has its rationality. After all, popular works are facing more people. If a work really has a bad social impact, then afraid that it will be artistic, it may not be widely spread.

But I want to say that even so, popular works have the power to show the dark side, or to distinguish the content of mainstream values.

Darkness or "three views" must be displayed.

Good and evil can form a dual contrast, which can provide the audience reflection and questioning.And the works will definitely reveal the characteristics of the times. The works that show the dark side are recorded. Our perception of history, in addition to historical materials, is important to experience cultural works of an era.

Of course, society needs "positive", positive guidance, and many mainstream disagreements are normal. It represents the choice of people’s will.

However, I also mentioned that because many people have disagreed with some works, especially Internet works, and the degree of criticism of criticism, whether intentional or unintentional, this has destroyed a good cultural ecology, and there is an overgraduate overkill.Due to it.This contrary to the cultural construction concept of "one yuan dominance and diversity" recognized by our country.

I hope that more people believe in the diverse culture and give proper expression space for cultural works.

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