If pregnant women supplement folic acid, an appropriate amount will cause nerve damage to pregnant women

Based on the importance of folic acid, the pharmacist of the Medical Department of Jida No. 1 Hospital introduced the precautions for supplementing folic acid to pregnant women and people who need to supplement folic acid.Folic acid is a trace element required by the human body. People have little daily demand for folic acid. The demand for women in pregnancy and lactation will be twice or twice.Internal accumulation of folic acid can be exhausted.Folic acid is the necessary ingredients for human cell growth and reproduction, together with vitamin B to promote the growth and maturity of red blood cells.Folic acid deficiency can cause giant red blood cell anemia (malignant anemia).Folic acid can quickly improve giant red blood cell anemia. How should pregnant women supplement folic acid?Due to the needs of fetal development, women will start to supplement folic acid in the first three months of preparing pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, take another 3 months of folic acid. By the late pregnancy, folic acid can be taken appropriately according to the situation.For pregnant women with non -folic acid deficiency, daily folic acid intake should not be too much. Generally, it is necessary to do medical preparation for health or women during pregnancy. It is safe to supplement 0.4 mg of folic acid per day. Generally, 0.4 mg of folic acid can be taken every day.Excessive intake of folic acid can cause adverse consequences such as zinc deficiency or nerve damage.If you do not conceive as scheduled as scheduled after taking folic acid for 3 months, you should continue to supplement folic acid until 3 months after pregnancy.

In order to safely supplement sufficient folic acid, the pharmacist recommends taking a special folic acid preparation.There are more folic acid products on the market, as long as it is a product of regular manufacturers purchased through regular channels.You can buy large -scale specifications in terms of specifications, because folic acid is best supplemented for 3 months, it is recommended to buy 100 tablets/box.Folic acid has a lot of fruit, kidney, kidney, and whole wheat flour and barley in spinach, cabbage, carrot, asparagus, strawberry, cherry, banana, peaches, apples and other fruits and vegetables or beef and sheep.Natural folic acid is extremely unstable, so the fresh vegetables bought should not be put for a long time, and long -term cooking will also destroy folic acid.Pregnant women should pay attention to the following situations: First of all, avoid taking a large amount of folic acid, oral large -dose folic acid will affect the absorption of trace element zinc.When acute or chronic alcohol poisoning, the amount of folic acid is restricted from food, but as long as the normal diet is restored, it is enough to overcome the effects of alcohol.Vitamin C and folic acid can inhibit the absorption of folic acid in the gastrointestinal and intestines.Folic acid and sodium phenyta can reduce the latter’s antiepile epilepsy.

In addition, due to malnutrition, giant red blood cell anemia can be accompanied by iron deficiency at the same time, especially after the application of folic acid treatment to make the hematopoietic function is more likely to occur, so iron should be supplemented at the same time in the later stage.Finally, the pharmacist reminds you that all kinds of people should take folic acid preparations under the guidance of doctors or pharmacists.

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