If the husband and wife are preparing for pregnancy, Selian folic acid is worthwhile

As we all know, at the beginning of a small life, folic acid plays an extremely important and irreplaceable role.Therefore, many couples who are ready to meet the little life, especially expectant mothers, have begun to choose folic acid brands and dosage early, and then supplement folic acid tablets on time, just to reduce the baby’s nervous tube deformity, oral facial deformity, congenital heart disease, etc.The possibility of birth defects is not allowed to lose on the starting line.

Here, I have to mention Selian folic acid tablets. It is a folic acid tablets recommended by many mothers and expectant mothers.It contains 0.4 mg folic acid each, and the dose is exactly the best. Whether it is preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy, it can complete the best intake indicators a day.And because it is artificially synthesized, its absorption rate is twice the natural folic acid!In addition, Selian’s deepening cultivation in the folic acid industry can be regarded as a leading enterprise in the field of folic acid. Its professionalism and science are the greatest guarantee for our consumers.

But then again, during the pregnancy, only expectant mothers can eat folic acid, and the prospective dad has to eat. After all, the husband and wife must be together to prepare for pregnancy.Speaking, I will tell you the benefits of the prospective dad to supplement folic acid:

1. Avoid infertility caused by folic acid deficiency

Studies have shown that DNA methylation is an important process of sperm, and folic acid is a variety of methylated reaction suppliers, and namyl tetophydrocarbonate reduction enzymes are the key enzymes participating in folic acid and metabolic metabolism.The expression in the testicles is significantly higher than other tissues, and it plays an important role in sperm.A animal experimental results show that the mouse after knocking on the gene has a reproductive disorder and losing fertility, indicating that folic acid is closely related to male infertility.Scientifically supplemented folic acid tablets can reduce infertility caused by folic acid deficiency.

2. Increase sperm vitality and increase the chance of conception

The effect of folic acid on sperm is already very clear, but in addition to the impact of sperm production and lack of folic acid, it may also lead to reduced semen concentration and weakening sperm vitality, which further affects conception.Therefore, you need to solve it from the source, actively supplement folic acid, and let the sluggish sperm be lively!

3. Stabilize sperm chromosomes to reduce the number of abnormal sperm

Folic acid is a necessary substance for DNA synthesis, which plays an important role in the split growth of cells and the synthesis of nucleic acid, amino acids, and protein.Once folic acid is lacking, on the one hand, the number of chromosomes carried in semen may either too much or too little, in short, it is unqualified; on the other hand, folic acid deficiency will also increase the vulnerability of DNA, because urine pyrine replaces thymine pyrine.The insertion of thymine errors leads to dual alternation of urinerine and thymine, which makes the chromosomal structure unstable, and folic acid deficiency can also cause reduced methyl group supply and cause DNA damage.

These abnormal sperm with unstable chromosomes are difficult to successfully combine with the eggs. Even if they are lucky, they will largely appear early abortion (physical selection, natural selection process), obvious intelligent backwardness of the fetus, and obvious backwardness of the fetus.Special faces, growth and development disorders, and multiple deformities.Increasing the intake of folic acid can improve the quality of male sperm and reduce the proportion of chromosomal abnormal sperm.

When does the male start to supplement folic acid?Generally speaking, as long as you start preparing for pregnancy, the prospective dad can take folic acid tablets with expectant mothers.Because the level of folic acid in our body requires time accumulation, the foothic acid concentration reaches a stable and appropriate state takes 12 to 14 weeks. Therefore, it is recommended that men supplement folic acid in 3 months in advance until they are clear that the wife is pregnant and then stopped.

Of course, in addition to folic acid, men also need to supplement other nutrients such as zinc during pregnancy.Zinc is mainly distributed in testicles, epididymia, seminal gland and prostate, which can affect male gland development.In addition, zinc directly participate in the process, maturity, and activation of sperm, so pay attention to supplement.


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