If the pregnant mother has a cold and fever, is it choosing to take medicine or for the past?

Winter is not only the season when children are prone to colds, but also the peak of the expectant mothers in a cold, and they caught a cold accidentally.At this time, it is difficult for me to take medicine for our expectant mothers?Can I get injections and infusion?Will it have a bad impact on the baby after taking medicine, injections, and infusion?Today, I will learn with you together.

For pregnant mothers, if the fever is not serious, it will not hurt the baby, but if the expectant mother is two months pregnant, the high fever (39 degrees) or more may cause the baby’s nerve defect.The remaining baby is very likely to have mental retardation; if the pregnant mothers have a fever and a cold in the four months of pregnancy, the impact on the fetus is not great.Therefore, Xiaobian reminds you of your expectant mothers to take care of yourself when you are pregnant in the early days.

What should I do if pregnant mothers have a cold and fever during pregnancy?

Pregnant women must stabilize their body temperature when they have a cold, do not let the body temperature continue to rise, pay attention to rest, do not work too much, pay attention to diet, take the doctor in time, take medicine under the guidance of a doctor, do not eat it without permissionEssence

1. Pregnant mothers During pregnancy, if you have a cold, it is recommended not to take medicine for treatment. Here I recommend that it is better to use physical methods to treat it.

2. After a pregnant woman has a cold, put down the heavy work at hand, rest more, avoid tiredness and pressure, and reduce the occurrence of complications.During the epidemic of the disease, pregnant women should pay attention to personal hygiene, less than a place where they are dense, and do not contact patients with colds. The home room in the home is ventilated and replaced, maintaining warm and humidity, and maintaining a good mood to resist the virus.

3. Drink plenty of water, supplement the excluding water, and eliminate the harmful residues to the body.At the same time, it is more important to find out the cause of illness.

4, expectant mothers should avoid a cold, do not eat some spicy, fried foods, fruits such as orange and orange.Don’t go with drinks.

5. Pregnant mothers should eat more vegetables. Fresh vegetables can help pregnant women alleviate all kinds of discomfort for treating colds. In addition, pregnant women should maintain a little less salt of their diet and avoid fatigue to ensure sufficient sleep.Sleep is the best way to treat colds.

Usually, expectant mothers must prevent colds. You can drink ginger water. Pay attention to drink plenty of water, eat more fruits, fast spicy food, pay attention to rest.It is serious to go to the hospital as soon as possible, and take medicine under the designated doctor to avoid affecting the baby.

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