If you accidentally have a miscarriage?Dogs have so many taboos during pregnancy

After learning that your dog is pregnant, what kind of mood do you feel?Get up excitedly?Still smiling happily?Indeed, dogs are pregnant as a mother. This is a thing worth celebrating.But at the same time, the pet owner must do a good job of nursing work until the dog baby is born smoothly.Some of them need to be noted in particular. Today, I will talk about what are the taboos of dogs during pregnancy. Let ’s take a look.

Taboo 1: Feed randomly

Dogs can not be eaten during pregnancy. Do not feed seafood such as squid, shellfish, shrimp and other seafood because it is not conducive to their digestion. There are also foods such as onions and chocolates that are easy to cause poisoning.Don’t eat fruits, because it is easy to cause diarrhea, so the dogs take care of them during pregnancy, so some pet owners don’t want the dog to make the dog pregnant!

Taboo 2: Excessive diet

Dogs can not feed too much nutrients such as meat and eggs such as meat and eggs in the early stages of pregnancy, because the baby in the dog’s belly is still in the early stage and can not absorb too much nutrition. Most of these nutrients will be absorbed by the female dogs.It is easy for them to cause obesity, unwilling to exercise, fat and not exercise, and it is easy to cause dystocia, because dogs are necessary to walk every day for a day!

Taboo 3: Strong exercise

Dogs are essential during pregnancy, but they cannot exercise vigorously. Over time, it is easy to cause the dog to cause difficulty in giving birth.Walking the dog once a day, just add one or twice a day or twice a day. Appropriate exercise is conducive to the healthy growth of the dog and the fetus in the belly!

Taboo 4: Eat sharp bones

This is particularly important. During the weird period, do not feed it, the bones of chickens, ducks, and goose, because these bones are more prone to bleeding, so if you supplement the dog calcium, you can give it to it to give it to it.Give the big bones, such as pigs, the big bones of cows, or you can choose some molars to give it to it, such as chicken dried, chicken and potato strips, which can wear teeth and supplement calcium and breath!

Taboo 5: Insufficient nutrition

Dogs have a large demand for food in the later stages of pregnancy. Food must be nutritious and not leftover, leftovers, leftovers for dogs as staple foods, because human food is not balanced for dogs.It is mainly absorbed by natural dog food. After all, dog food is made by scientific combination. The nutrition is enough to be healthy!

Through the article, everyone knows what the dogs are taboos during pregnancy. Xiaobian reminds that the dogs can feed dog food with high protein as much as possible after pregnancy, or you can directly choose to feed the dog food during pregnancy during pregnancy, and feed the feedingIt is necessary to quantitatively quantitative, not to feed foods that should not be digested, and pay attention to replenishing drinking water.

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