If you are pregnant, if you want the fetal intelligence, eat more 6 types of food

Pregnant mothers have a proper diet. After the birth of the fetus, intelligence can be higher than other children at the same level. If you are pregnant, you want to eat more about the fetus and eat these 6 types of food.

1. Iron -rich foods

Lack of iron, children’s attention and sensitivity may be affected.Animal liver usually contain iron. It is recommended to eat 2-3 times a week during pregnancy.

2. Foods with rich vitamins

Vitamin E has a promotion effect on the growth and development of fetal and infant brain function, and vitamin B1 plays an important role in neurobiological.Fresh fruits and vegetables and vegetable oils are often rich in vitamins.

3. Foods rich in iodine

If the fetus lacks iodine, it is easy to suffer from small symptoms after birth.The supply standard of quasi -mother iodine is 175 micrograms day by day.Seafood products are iodine -rich foods, and expectant mothers should eat in moderation during pregnancy.

4. Foods rich in zinc

When the zinc in the prospective mother is lacking, the incidence of abnormalities will increase, and it will affect the growth, development and maturity of fetal brain cells.Fish can supplement zinc. Chicken essence and monosodium glutamate will inhibit the absorption of zinc by the human body, so eat more fish and eat MSG and chicken essence.

5. Foods rich in protein

The lack of protein will directly affect the formation of fetal brain cells.After growing to children, the number of brain cells may be less than normal children.The protein exists in milk, eggs and soy products, and the right amount daily, not too much.

6. Food rich in DHA

DHA is a kind of unsaturated fatty acid, which is very helpful for human intelligence and vision. Supplementing DHA during pregnancy can help improve the development of the fetal brain and make the baby more wit.There are many foods rich in DHA, especially deep -sea fish, and seafood is also rich in DHA.

Diet is an auxiliary effect on the intellectual development of the fetus. The diet can help the fetus well developed. On the contrary, the fetal intelligence development period cannot obtain sufficient nutrition, and the development will be delayed, so pregnant mothers should pay special attention.

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