If you are pregnant, if your four parts are painful, is it a signal for a baby for a baby?

If you are pregnant, it must be very related to the health of your baby. As long as you feel a little discomfort, you will worry about whether your baby’s health will be harmful.Although pregnant mothers should understand some knowledge about the baby’s help signal in time, they also need to understand the security signals sent by the baby to the mother!

1. Pregnant mothers have abdominal pain in the early pregnancy

Pregnant mothers have abdominal pain in the early pregnancy. Is it a safety signal transmitted by the baby or the help signal?

Baby Safety Signal: In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers have some slight abdominal pain, which is normal.Because this is because the sperm and eggs are combined to form germ, and the root of the uterus is rooted in the uterus to absorb nutrient growth. In the process, some blood vessels may be broken, causing pregnant mothers to have mild abdominal pain.

Babies’ help signal: If pregnant mothers have more bleeding or severe abdominal pain, they need to seek medical treatment in time.

Doctors suggest: Do some exercise appropriately, such as walking, gymnastics of pregnant women, and doing some relaxed housework to distract.

2. For more than two months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers have chest swelling and pain

After more than two months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have chest swelling and pain, which is normal.

Baby safety signal: Pregnant mothers have chest swelling and pain. This is the breasts of pregnant mothers start to secrete milk and slowly increase their breasts. In this process, the pregnant mother will feel pain.

Doctors suggest: You can make a slight massage appropriately.

3. Back pain in pregnant mothers around 5 months of pregnancy

The pregnant mother is about 5 months pregnant. As the fetus continues to develop, the fetus will gradually increase, which will squeeze the internal organs of the pregnant mother, and the stomach of the pregnant mother will become larger and larger. The pregnant mother needs to bear the continuous pressure of the pregnant belly.And sleeping is not as convenient as before, it will cause poor sleep, which will cause the pregnant mothers to have back pain.

Baby Safety Signal: Although the pregnant mother grows up with the gradual development of the baby, it will become increasingly increasingly increasing, and the dating of back pain is getting worse, but this also shows that the baby develops very well and has no delay in development.The situation is a good signal.

Doctors suggest that when pregnant mothers walk, do not let the spine always tilt forward; wearable abdomen can disperse pressure and relieve pain; allow loved ones to do waist massage every day.

4. Pregnant mothers have pubic pain in the third trimester

In the third trimester, the baby is gradually developing, and the pressure of the pregnant mother will be more and more stressed that the baby will suffer from the baby.

Baby safety signal: Although it is in the third trimester, as the fetus grows, it will support the pelvic mothers of the pregnant mothers, which will affect the pubic mother’s pubic bone and make the pregnant mother pubic pain, but this is also an inevitable process for the normal development of the fetus, indicating that the fetus is developingVery good, although pregnant mothers have suffered pain, they also feel the baby’s healthy development.

Doctor’s suggestion: Pay attention to rest. The same posture should not be too long, adjust appropriately, and do gymnastics for pregnant women.

If you are pregnant, if your four parts are painful, this is a security signal sent by the baby to your mother, please don’t worry.

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