If you don’t know "embryo stop", then you must look at this

Fertilized eggs are like a seed

After encountering eggs, go through a series of wonderful processes

Only then will grow into a healthy baby

But if the fertilized eggs are not released from the beginning

Then it is likely to stop growing

We stop developing this embryo that occurred in the early pregnancy

Known as "embryonic"

What is embryo stopping?

Embryoscopy refers to the phenomenon of stopping development for some reason for early pregnancy embryos.

If the embryo is erected by the mother’s self -protection, it is called "natural miscarriage" outside the body.

Why does it happen?

One genetic factor

According to statistical analysis, more than 50%of the embryo during early pregnancy have abnormal chromosomes.

The abnormalities of chromosomes include the number of chromosomes and abnormalities.Repeated abortions often occupy a very important factor in chromosomal abnormalities. Their chances of chromosomal abnormalities in their fertilized eggs are often about 10 times higher than the general population.

Immune factors

Immune factors that cause fetal stopping include: maternal rejection, lack of closed antibody, anticipid antibody syndrome, cytotoxic effects, and increased activity of the body system.

Triple endocrine factors

Early embryonic development, luteal dysfunction, abnormal placental function, elevated prolactin, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid disease, and diabetes can cause tire discontinuation, which causes early abortion.

Four infection factors

The infection factors that cause early pregnancy to stop the embryo include systemic infections and female reproductive tract infections.Chlamydia and mycoplasma are the main pathogens that cause female reproductive tract infections.It can cause cervical mucosa epithelium damage, cause intrauterine infection, and damage the integrity of the fetal membrane and cause embryonic discharge.

In recent years, studies have found that bacterial or virus infections can cause embryonic discharge, rubella, cytomegal virus and bow -shaped wormworms, and can also cause embryonic discontinuation through the placenta.There are many microorganisms such as syphilis spiral body, gonorrhea, and small virus B19, as well as rare infections such as dengue fever, Lem disease and malaria, which may cause embryonic stopping.

Five maternal factors

As a hotbed of fertilized eggs, the importance of the uterus is beyond doubt. If you have uterine malformations, uterine cavity adhesion, cervical dysfmethytic, uterine fibroids, uterine adenocia, endometrial polyps, endometritis, etc.The internal environment of the palace leads to abortion.

Six environmental factors

In contact with radioactive substances, toxic chemical preparations, drugs, high temperatures, noise, excessive stimulation, etc. during pregnancy, can cause embryonic damage and even stop development.

Seven spiritual factor

Pregnant women have adverse emotions such as anxiety, depression, inferiority, guilt, autism, pessimism, insomnia, etc., which will cause low body function, cause immune dysfunction, and eventually lead to abnormal fetal development.

In fact, the cause of embryo stopping is very complicated. In addition, nearly half of the cause of the embryonication is unknown.

What are the signs of fetal stopping?

Early pregnancy reaction disappears

When I was pregnant, most people would have a pregnancy reaction, such as nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, frequent urination, etc. These symptoms generally disappear after 3 months.born.

However, if these early pregnancy reactions disappear, or the development of early pregnancy suddenly weakens, it may be a precursor to fetal stop.Because early pregnancy reactions are gradually stopped or disappeared.Therefore, when the fetus stops developing, the secretion of progesterone will suddenly decrease, and the early response will suddenly disappear.

Vaginal bleeding

Normal pregnancy usually does not cause vaginal bleeding. If there is vaginal bleeding, abnormal phenomena often occur.

However, there are many causes of vaginal hemorrhage within 3 months of pregnancy. It is not only found in abortion. Eitherotic pregnancy, hydatidal, cervical polyps, and cervical cancer can occur during pregnancy.

If the pregnant mother finds that there are unknown blood stains on the underwear, whether it is dark red or bright red, they must pay attention to it, and immediately go to the hospital for a clear reason.

Hidden pain in the lower abdomen

Generally, lower abdomen pain may be accompanied by vaginal bleeding.When the abortion appears, the vaginal bleeding is generally first, and the abdomen will cause the pain in the abdomen.If the embryo tissue is excreted in vitro, the feeling of abdominal pain disappears.

If the abdominal pain occurs during pregnancy, it should be noted that it may be a threatened abortion, an ectopic pregnancy or a fetal stopping.

During pregnancy, as long as abdominal pain occurs, regardless of whether it is light or serious, considering the safety of the fetus, it is recommended to go to the hospital early for examination.

Fetal movement disappears

In the middle of pregnancy, pregnant women will feel the fetal movement.The fetal activities in the uterus are also regular.

If in the middle and late pregnancy, the activity of the fetus has weakened, the frequency of activity is reduced or disappeared. At this time, the pregnant mother needs to be vigilant and go to the hospital early, maybe the fetus can still be kept.

How to facilitate fetal stopping correctly?

Once expectant mothers are diagnosed, they must actively cooperate with doctors to terminate their pregnancy as soon as possible.Once the fetus stops developing and the fetal heart disappears, there is no need to protect the fetus.And after the fetal stops, the embryo will release some substances, causing abnormal coagulation function of the mother.

For expectant mothers who fail to discharge naturally, if the pregnancy tissue is not removed from the uterine cavity in time, it may also cause serious consequences such as major bleeding or incomplete abortion.In addition, once the embryo that has not been discharged for a long time, once muscle, want to remove it, it will be very huge for endometrial trauma, which will directly affect the future pregnancy again.

Although fetal stop is more common

But one time the embryo stops does not represent anything

Just by chance, pregnant mothers don’t have to condemn themselves

Don’t worry, the success rate of pregnancy again is still relatively high

So, when the fetus stops

What we need to do is to seek a positive medical treatment and face it strongly

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