If you don’t pay attention to these 5 things during pregnancy, the baby after birth will frequently allergies!

Spring is here, many babies have symptoms of allergies.According to a pediatrician of a women and infant in Shanghai, the proportion of allergic diseases under the age of 2 is as high as 40.9%.

Today, I would like to talk to the novice Baoma what to do if the baby is allergic?

For many novice parents, when the baby is allergic, you can find it in time in time, so please know what are the symptoms and symptoms of the baby’s allergies?

Rasal, redness, wind group block, etc.;

If the baby suddenly has rash, redness, or wind ball block, then you must first doubt whether the baby is allergic.

A few pictures were used for comparison for mothers.

1. The baby has symptoms of redness and swelling


The picture above is obviously an allergic type of allergies.

Spring is here. If the baby is bitten by a mosquito or after eating some foods, it will sometimes appear after contacting something.

2. The baby has the symptoms of wind group blocks

Winding block

Just like the situation seen in the picture above, if the baby appears on the baby’s body, it is usually a typical urticaria, which is also caused by allergies. It is relatively easy to judge.

3. The baby has symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, cough and other symptoms.

If the baby has a long -term runny nose, sneezing, rubbing his nose, cough, the possibility of a cold is not high, because the course of a cold will generally not exceed 2 weeks. If it lasts for more than two weeks, it is suspected to be allergic rhinitis.

4. Symptoms of the digestive system: vomiting, diarrhea, etc.;

If the baby eats some kind of food, eat it once or once, or vomit if you eat it, you must first consider that the baby may be allergic to this food, then you need to stop this food.

For babies, the most common is milk protein allergy.

Some babies are normal for breast milk. As soon as they eat milk powder, diarrhea is mostly allergic to milk protein in milk powder.At this time, it is necessary to adhere to pure breast milk, or replace ordinary formula milk powder into deep hydrolyzed milk powder or amino acid formula milk.

Why is the baby allergic?Why is it easier for babies to be more allergic than adults?

1. Family inheritance

It can be said that many children who often have allergies often have a history of allergies, or both sides have a history of allergies.

Family history is a high incidence of allergic diseases.

Family genetic allergies

2. The baby’s intestinal barrier is not complete

The mature intestinal barrier has this role:

It can prevent harmful substances in the intestine and enter other tissues, organs and blood circulation in the human body.

The intestinal barrier development of the infant period is still not perfect, and this role cannot be effectively played.

Therefore, babies in infants are particularly easy to allergic to some foods. As the baby grows up, the phenomenon of food allergies will obviously improve.

3. The development of the baby’s immune system is immature

The mature immune system can largely allow the human body to be exempted from foreign substances.

However, the development of newborns and infants is not yet mature, and it is easy to cause allergies.

4. The method of childbirth can also cause the baby to be allergic

Yes!You read it right!The baby’s allergies may also be related to the way of childbirth.

Cesarean section

Caesarean section will increase the risk of baby’s allergies.

Parents have no history of allergies, and the risk of allergies of cesarean section increased by 23%.

Parents have a history of allergies, and the risk of allergies in cesarean section increased by 3 times.

5. Other environmental factors

During pregnancy, the living environment of the baby may increase the baby’s allergies.

Various environments during pregnancy can also cause baby allergies

Although the baby’s allergies cannot be 100 % prevent, if the mother starts from pregnancy, pay attention to allergic prevention, it can still reduce the chance of the baby’s allergies after birth.

1. Start avoiding allergic risk factors during pregnancy

Please try to avoid the smoking environment as much as possible.

Specific mothers should not take the medicine by themselves, even if it is a fetal preservation.

Do not use anti -virus, fresh air agent, disinfectant and other supplies.

If expectant mothers are allergic to pet hair, please stay away from pets.Of course, if you are not allergic, you are also a pet that you have been raised for a long time, and you have also been vaccinated. It can continue to be raised, not for everyone to abandon their pets.

2. Supplementary probiotics during pregnancy

Why do Bao moms recommend more probiotics during pregnancy?because:

1. Probiotics can achieve the fetal intestines through placenta and amniotic fluid. Early planting can promote the maturity of the baby’s immune system.

2. Probiotics can also enhance the intestinal barrier function of pregnant women to prevent allergies.

Of course, it is not that any probiotic has this role. Clinical research confirms that:

At present, probiotics that can prevent allergies are mainly BB12 (Bacterium Disposai) and LGG (Ratslogglymium), which can reduce the risk of allergies by 50%.

3. Avoid allergic food during pregnancy

Specific mothers with a history of food allergies should avoid specific allergic foods.

4. Try to choose natural delivery as much as possible

If the expectant mothers do not have the indicator of cesarean section, do the doctor recommend that they are born, or try to give birth.

Shipping can indeed promote the development of the baby’s intestinal barrier and the establishment of the immune system!

Regarding the knowledge of the baby’s allergies and prevention, it is temporarily shared here. If you have other problems about allergies, you can add WeChat: zhishimama15, reply to keywords: consultation.You can ask our doctor directly!

Baby allergies

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