If you find that you are suddenly pregnant, what will you do?

If your girlfriend tells you what you will do if you are pregnant?

Of course, you may have three basic answers: first, marriage, second, to kill the child for various reasons, third, not getting married, giving birth to a child.

In fact, pregnancy is a terrible thing for a woman, especially the unmarried first, because there are too many uncertainty.You are not sure if you are ready to be a mother, you are not sure if your man really loves you, you are not sure if your marriage life is as good as scheduled.In this society, there are too many negatives, just like someone is divorced every minute, and a child is facing a family split without a minute.

Xiao X is a good friend. I like her kindness very much. She is very thin, but strong.What happened to her made me feel that God was jealous of her.All the stories have to start from 2011.

In 2011, I just graduated with Xiao X. Xiao X chose to go to his boyfriend’s city development, and I chose to go back to the growing city to work.In fact, Xiao X doesn’t want to go to the country, but because his boyfriend is from a foreign country, his boyfriend feels a bit masculine. To be honest, I really don’t like this man, because he only cares about love, in his eyesI saw a few love for Xiao X. He could leave Xiao X on everyone because of a small matter in the middle of the night.He can play the game by himself, and ask the sick Xiao X to buy him for me, of course, there are more … In fact, the people around him have persuaded Xiao X many times, but she is a dead mind, saying: He isMy first love, in my worldview, only talks about love and get married alone.

On the day of the parting party, Xiao X was drunk for the first time. I never saw her together with her. I knew she was not, and at the same time, she saw her tangles.In order not to increase her troubles, we only talked about memories that night, and did not talk about the future.After the party, Xiao X held me and cried for a long time. In fact, I knew that she was very aggrieved, but what could be wronged? As she said, my grievance was caused by my damn obsession. Then I must bear it. ThenKnow that this obsession disappears.

On the day Xiao X left, I only said one sentence: If you are unhappy, come back, there is me.

After Xiao X left, we still keep in touch every day. I know she is lonely. I know that she may now be playing games or doing other things.

One day, Xiao X said to me, dear, I am going back, with the damn obsessed.For the first time, she said that I didn’t dare to ask too much, and I couldn’t soothe her sadness by her side.Simply say: Okay, I’ll pick you up!

When I saw Xiao X at the airport, I cried at the time. She lost a circle and was very embarrassed.Xiao X said with a embarrassing smile: After making a lap, he returned to the place.When I received Xiao X with the residence, Xiao X told me that I would accompany me to the hospital tomorrow, and I was pregnant.

I was surprised why he was pregnant alone and returned alone, and he had to face the pain.As a man who has the ability to plant men, he dare not collect fruit. What man is this?

Xiao X said: He is not good, but I won’t let him marry me because of the child. I don’t want to get pregnant first, and I dare not dare to get married because he loves me so much. He loves his friend, Too her game and even hurt my self -esteem because other women hurt my self -esteem, so what else can I have to be with him, is it just a child?No, I don’t want to hurt him.

After Xiao X experienced this incident, I found that she had blocked herself and was very good for the friends around her, but a little heterogeneity had a good opinion of him, and he would use that imprisoned thinking to kill him.Every day I feel that I have a mask, and even the smile becomes very unnatural.

Sticking a woman who loves you may be the most idiot of a man.At least a man has to pay his responsibility for what he does. Even if you ask for a one -night stand that you want to cause others to get pregnant, you have to soothe others and not let you marry.The damage is great.

If your girlfriend is pregnant, then you have to take this person, then you have to give her a home, then you have to find Hong Kong Hong IKEA to decorate and give you an extremely happy home.

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