If you have these 6 signs after pregnancy, maybe it is a hydatidifier, you need to terminate your pregnancy

Many people may not be familiar with hydatidus, maybe they have only heard of this name.In fact, you can also understand from the name, that is, after pregnancy, the uterus is not a normal fetus, but a blister tire block like a grape. These blisters vary in size and are connected into a string, like a bunch of grapes.Most of the hydatidites are benign, and a few will develop into nourishing cell tumors, such as corrosive hydatidal and chorionic cancer, which should be paid attention to.

Under normal circumstances, in the early stages of pregnancy, people who are pregnant with hydatidies are the same as women who are pregnant normally. They have early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting.

1. vaginal bleeding -is the most common symptom. More than 80%of patients have discontinued 8 weeks after pregnancy (some patients may have longer time, and the longest may reach about 12 weeks) and start irregular vaginal bleeding.

2.B super examination found that there is no fetal, placenta, and amniotic fluid images in the uterine cavity. Only the echo of "falling snow" is seen.

3. Most patients have a larger uterus than the normal uterus during menopause, and the touch feels soft. It is caused by the rapid proliferation of nourishing cells and caused by blood accumulation in the uterine cavity.However, there are also a few people’s uterus smaller than the menopause month, mainly because nourishing cells degenerate.

4. Vomiting severe vomiting.Generally speaking, vomiting and nausea will occur after pregnancy, but the vomiting of patients with hydatidum is quite violent, and it occurs earlier and lasts for a long time.

5. Mattering abdominal pain, but pain can be mild, generally tolerated.

6. Due to the excessive proliferation of nourishing cells, it causes abnormal hormone levels in the patient’s body, stimulating ovarian cysts.

1. Qing Palace: Once diagnosed with hydatarin, the Qing Palace surgery should be performed immediately.Generally use electric scraping, and after about 1 week, the second curettage is performed.

2. The treatment of ovarian luteal cysts: In general, after the hydatarin is excreted, the lutein cysts will disappear by themselves without special treatment; but if a variety of lying positions cannot be relieved, they must be carried out as soon as possible.Essence

3. Prevention of evil change:

(1) Preventive uterine resection: At present, it is not adopted. People over 40 years of age and those who do not have fertility can consider resection.

(2) Preventive chemotherapy: Preventive chemotherapy can effectively prevent the occurrence of malignant changes.The indicator of chemotherapy can generally be performed: ① age is greater than 40 years old.② Nourishing cells highly hyperplasia or changes.③ The scraped grape tissue is mainly small grapes.④ HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) continues to decline or decreases.

4. Follow -up: Blood HCG measurement — ① Once it is normal after the Qing Palace until normal.② Normal: In the first three months, check it once a week; the second three months is checked every 2 weeks; it lasts for half a year every month; the second year is changed to review every six months and 2 years follow -up.In order to avoid another hydatidifier or evil changes, patients must adhere to condoms or vaginal melting film contraception in the 2 years of follow -up.

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