If you want to have twins, you can pay attention to these 3 points.

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In the second child, Lili, who was preparing for pregnancy, wanted to complete the indicator at one time. Coincidentally, the classmate Xiaoping was with twins. Lili couldn’t help but learn from Xiaoping: "This twins, do you have any skills? We also wantThere are two guns in one shot. "Xiaoping touched his big belly and said," Don’t say, this twin is really skillful. "

It turns out that Xiaoping’s cousin is a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology at the hospital. He knows a lot about women’s pregnancy and baby. When I heard that Xiaoping’s husband and his brother are twins, he said that Xiaoping’s possibility of two babies is very high.So before Xiaoping became pregnant, she urged Xiaoping to eat folic acid on time and made reasonable adjustments in her diet. As a result, Xiaoping really pregnant with two baby.

In fact, the proportion of twins and single children in China is 1000: 1, that is, one thousand couples, can there be a twin.This is because women can only discharge one egg every month, and the premise of twins is that two normal fertilized eggs must be formed, and women are arranged two eggs at a time, which requires very high requirements for the body environment.In addition, there is also a situation that the fertilized eggs are divided into two during the development.Women want to conceive two babies at a time, in addition to being inherited from the family (there are many twins in the general family, the probability of successful two babies is higher), it also has a greater relationship with the following points.

1. Replenish folic acid in time

A Swedish specialty studying women’s conception proves that proper intake of folic acid before pregnancy increases the probability of "two babies at once".Since folic acid can stimulate women’s ovulation, the possibility of two eggs enter the uterus at the same time, thereby increasing the probability of two eggs at the same time.However, folic acid is only suitable for taking between the first three months of pregnancy to four months after pregnancy. The purpose is to prevent abnormal neural tube abnormalities, and the intake of folic acid needs to be taken appropriately according to medical advice.

2. Reasonable adjustment in diet

Because sweet potatoes contain a special substance, which can promote the increase in the number of ovulation in the body, women can increase the intake of sweet potatoes during their diet during pregnancy.In addition, you can also consume more clams to increase the opportunity to "win the bid", because clams contain more androgens, which will stimulate women’s sex hormone secretion to a certain extent, thereby increasing the probability of discharge multiple eggs at a time.Unexpectedly, the next twin mother is you.

3. Select the time in time to conceive

The most vigorous monthly ovulation is January, July, and December. In recent months, female estrogen is relatively strong. There will be more eggs at a time than other months., Will increase the chance of pregnant twins to a large extent.If a husband and wife want to be pregnant with two dolls, you may wish to focus on the operation in these months, maybe there will be an unexpected harvest that he has been looking forward to.

In order to increase the possibility of "pregnant two dolls", some women will choose to lift ovulation needles or test tube tests for conception. Although this method can largely increase the chance of giving birth to the two baby, but the physical damage to women can be to a large extent.It is very large.Therefore, Xiaobian still recommends those small couples who intend to have twins. It is best to regulate control through scientific and reasonable ways, and then let it go. After all, the health of Baoma and baby is the first.

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