I’m afraid of fever when I am not pregnant, and I am more afraid of heat after pregnancy. What is going on?

Almost all girls are more heat -resistant than boys before pregnancy.

But after pregnancy, I was quite afraid of heat, especially in the summer, the pregnant mother alone was sweaty in the chair.

First of all, pregnant mothers begin to secrete progesterone because of the luteal formation of the ovaries during pregnancy.

The progesterone value of the pregnant mothers will become higher and higher, and it will stimulate the center of regulating the body temperature in the body.

Therefore, the body temperature of pregnant mothers is higher than that of normal girls.

Normal human body temperature is about 36.2 to 36.9 degrees, and the body temperature of pregnant mothers is generally between 36.9 and 37.2 degrees.

In addition, pregnant mothers have a worse heat resistance, so they are afraid of heat and sweat more than normal people.

Secondly, during pregnancy during pregnancy, because of the large amount of nutritional demand,

The stomach is also hungry, and it is easy to overeat;

Without controlling your appetite, the weight will increase a lot,

Too much subcutaneous fat reduces heat dissipation ability, and naturally he will be afraid of heat.

Finally, the baby’s growth and development in the second trimester increase,

The blood circulation of pregnant mothers will accelerate, and metabolism will also be accelerated.

The energy release is high, and the natural heat production is also high, and the pregnant mother will naturally be afraid of heat.

So the situation where pregnant mothers are afraid of heat than ordinary people, especially when the weather is hot in summer.

What should we relieve the situation of pregnant mothers’ fear of heat and give pregnant mothers a more comfortable experience?

First, the room where the pregnant mother lives shady and ventilated

If it is summer, turn on the air conditioner, so that the pregnant mother stays in a suitable temperature environment,

Pregnant mothers should not wait for too long in a crowded and hot environment.

It is usually better to avoid going out during the hot period, and it will be better to stay in the air conditioning area.

Second, pregnant mothers need to eat some lighter foods in diet

, Avoid the spicy food that is easy to get angry, especially the spicy food that can make you burning heart,

Usually eat less meals to control the amount of food, do not let your own body be run away.

Third, pregnant mothers can reduce hot heat by taking a bathing way

Drinking some warm water to reduce your own heat can also prevent dehydration.

You should also choose comfortable and breathable clothing in clothes, and carry disposable wet towels with you to keep your body refreshing.

Mai Tai Youpin warm tips:

Although pregnant women are afraid of heat than normal people, although it is a very normal phenomenon, this phenomenon will bring a lot of discomfort to pregnant women.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should also learn to cool down to avoid discomfort due to hotness.

However, pregnant mothers should also be careful not to cool down and cause themselves to be cold.

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