Immediately after the college entrance examination, I found that the 17 -year -old daughter was pregnant. What should I do as a mother?

Recently, I heard a "heart -to -heart" incident, and immediately the college entrance examination. A long daughter is 17 years old and has excellent academic science. This year, I am expected to go to key universities. However, my mother suddenly discovered that the child was wrong. As soon as an examination, I was pregnant!What should I do as a mother?

This incident could not stand the parents. The children’s quality and excellent quality are expected. It is indeed a tricky eye that this festival is really tricky. We can also feel the weakness of this mother.The daughter is big,

With your own thoughts, your own things can be the master, especially when the high three review pressure is high, it is easy to be moved. If you don’t pay attention, you may do things that are regardless of consequences. As a motherDo you drop your child?What about children’s college entrance examination?

In fact, for parents, the most important thing now is to calm down the mood. In the face of facts, since things happen, just find a way to solve it!In the current situation, only ten days left from the college entrance examination, you can wait for the child to ask the college entrance examination before asking clearly, and then solve it specifically!

The mother’s encounter also reminds many parents that the awareness education of the child must be instilled from the child from an early age. It is necessary to let the child understand the interest relationship, correctly understand the relationship between men and women, and avoid similar things to happening again!

In addition, before the child college, you can manage relatively strict, especially girls, friends around the child, the child’s emotional movement, the child’s physical condition, as a mother, you must always pay attention, do not wait for problems!

For schools, such problems should also be considered. You can provide corresponding courses to correctly instill students’ emotional knowledge, physical knowledge, and men’s relationship knowledge, so that young people have healthy cognition, and avoid curiosity in incidents!

For such a thing, not only the family and schools are acting, and the guidance of society must be kept up. Similar talk shows can be opened to let them know what to do as a student.The Student Code is the same, and it is given a reason.

For example, you can do popular science propaganda. For girls, they can tell them in the form of comics that if there is a relationship with boys, the rhythm of physical growth will disrupt, it will become fat, the skin becomes poor, the body will shape, etc., Girls who love beauty will definitely not touch the relationship between men and women!

For families, for the problem of men and women, the secrets of the gods should not be engaged, so that children can be curious, especially when the mother can talk to the child in a bright and bright. Only the correct cognition can avoid more problems.

When the child has the correct understanding, the child will trust you deeper. If the child encounters emotional problems, he will communicate with you. Even if the child goes to college, she needs to talk about friends. She will ask you.Let you rest assured!

Regarding the problems encountered by the mother above, at the current stage, what parents need to do is tolerance and tolerance. There is no way. The college entrance examination is too important. The 12 -year hard work and 12 years of hard work cannot be delayed because of this matter.

What you need to do now is to accompany your child, encourage children, and let children review and feel at ease.This is the best arrangement for this girl.

Finally, please remember: For children more concern, do not let the children get care here, and invest in other people’s arms. As parents, they can be friends with their children. This requires sincerity!

Mom’s greatness is not just a child, but more importantly, to protect the growth of children!

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