Imported durian detects positive!The reporter visited and found that most of the durian on the market came from Thailand

Jiangxi Report: Imported durian outer packaging detects positive

Kunming imported fruit and freight personnel must be detected by nucleic acid

"Four certificates and one yard" can be sold

On August 14, Zhang Gong District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province issued a notification: A imported durian detected positive!

According to the report, on August 13, Zhang Gong District received a report from a third -party testing agency that a routine test of imported fruits was found in the routine test of imported fruits.After receiving the report, the new crown pneumoniae in Ganzhou and Zhanggong District immediately organized personnel to conduct personnel and contact personnel conducting epidemiological surveys, on -site sampling testing, environmental disinfection and personnel control on related products and contact personnel.

According to the survey, there were 30 boxes of imported durians in the batch, which originated from Thailand and did not sell them. All of them have been stored and controlled.Sample and nucleic acid testing were performed on the staff of managing, management personnel, etc., and the test results were negative.

At present, all contact personnel such as the porter have been investigated and isolated and controlled. At present, there are no abnormalities, and all of the venues of the immune -related venues and immune -related fruits have been disinfected.

The news release also gives a lot

Citizens who love durian are worried

The reporter visited

The local fruit market learned

It is currently the season when durian matures

The durian on the market basically comes from Thailand

Fruit seller: "Thailand came in, all came in in Thailand, all of which were reported in nucleic acid testing, and all the reports were complete."

Fruit seller: "This durian is a variety of gold pillows in Thailand. If you come, there are nucleic acid test reports, disinfection, and nucleic acid test reports are complete."

According to reports, before the durian enters the market, it has passed strict testing. Whether it is a fruit or contact cargo personnel, only the test can be allowed to be sold in the market.

Golden Horse Zhengchang fruit market director Bi Jianwei: "We must have four certificates and one code here.The nucleic acids of the driver who have done within the sky must be available. "

According to the staff, in addition to durian, the same imported fruit in the market is the same. It is necessary to sell it through layers of testing, and domestic fruits must be issued to the market to enter the market.

Remind the general public to avoid direct contact when buying imported fruits and frozen fresh products, and standardize wearing masks. Imported fruits, freezing fresh food storage, storage are seal with independent densely closed bags, and relative to other items; cleaning in cleaning;After processing imported fruits, frozen fresh products, wash your hands with soap and hand -wash liquid, or disinfect it with hand -wash disinfection agent;Rinse raw meat products directly under the faucet; pay attention to the separation of raw cooked when processing and storing food.

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