In 11 years, a vegetative belly in Jiangsu became larger, and the doctor’s examination found that he was pregnant. Husband: Born

A plant man in Jiangsu, which caused the crazy discussion in the medical community, has become larger in his belly. The result of the doctor’s inspection that is unbelievable is pregnancy!What story is hidden behind this amazing incident?

On the day of the first diagnosis, there was an amazing noise in Muyang County Hospital of Jiangsu.Zhang Rongxiang, who turned from a car accident to a vegetative, found that he was pregnant!The doctors were incredible that she not only succeeded in conceiving, but also gave birth to the child safely.All this is like an incredible miracle.

It is understood that Zhang Rongxiang’s car accident occurred in 2011, when she was only 27 years old.The severity of the car accident has caused her to become a vegetative since then, and she can only rely on mechanical equipment to maintain her life.Every day, her husband sticks to her, takes care of her, and takes care of the 11 winter and summer heat.

However, it is incredible that an ordinary examination in 2012 even revealed a medical mystery.At that time, the doctors found that Zhang Rongxiang’s belly became bulging, as if she was pregnant.When the doctors felt blank, they conducted a series of inspections, which was rejoicing.

After detailed medical examination, doctors confirmed this incredible situation: Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant!There is a healthy fetus in her uterus, but Zhang Rongxiang herself is still in a vegetative state.All this is so incredible, as if crossing the boundaries of the medical community.

Faced with this incredible mystery, doctors conducted more in -depth research.By observing Zhang Rongxiang’s body, they found that although she could not actively act, her internal function of her body continued, including eggs and conception.

However, this abnormal pregnancy still needs her husband’s support and decision.For ordinary people, in the face of such a situation, you may choose to terminate your pregnancy.But Zhang Rongxiang’s husband decided to accept the child without hesitation.For them, this is a miracle worth celebrating.

After eight months, Zhang Rongxiang’s cute baby finally came to the world, bringing unlimited joy and hope to the couple.Although she is still a vegetative, she brings a miracle with her life, which is a subversion of people’s traditional ideas.

This incident has aroused extensive attention and discussion.The medical community has fallen into a huge challenge, and has to rethink the definition and boundary of the plants.The occurrence of this miracle also brings hope to those who want to have children but are in the state of plants.

This is a miracle in the history of medicine, and it is also an incredible story in family life.Muyang County, Jiangsu, this ordinary place shines in this incident, giving countless people’s strength.

Plants are pregnant with the sixth, and children’s health is coming, letting us cheer for the miracle of Jiangsu in this 11 years.This story shows us the possibility of life’s tenacity and miracles, let us believe again that human power is infinite.

A plant man in Jiangsu became larger. In 11 years of pregnancy, he gave birth to a healthy baby. Do you dare to believe these miracles in the medical community?

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