In 11 years, the belly of the Jiangsu vegetative women was raised, and the doctor checked and found that she was pregnant. The husband insisted on giving birth.

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One day at the end of 2010, a harsh brake sounded this ordinary morning.

A sudden car accident broke the peaceful life of Zhang Rongxiang and her husband Gaodejin.

Gaodejin, who woke up from the hospital, learned that his wife had re -became a vegetative because of his injuries.She closed her eyes in the hospital’s bed and fell asleep silently.

Originally, they thought that their lives would be silent. I did not expect that after Zhang Rongxiang sleeping for 3 months, in a routine examination, the doctor unexpectedly found that she was pregnant for many months!

After discussions, combined with Zhang Rongxiang’s physical condition, doctors do not recommend them to leave the child, but Gaodejin insists on giving birth to a child.

So, can Zhang Rongxiang eventually produce successfully, mother and child are safe?Can a child born healthy be able to grow up smoothly?As a vegetative Zhang Rongxiang, after experiencing this kind of consumption, can she wake up from the coma and open her eyes to see the world?

(Zhang Rongxiang and Little Son)

In the next article, I will reveal the mystery one by one.

Sudden car accident and tragedy

Gaodejin and Zhang Rongxiang, who were born in the countryside of Puyang County, had two daughters after marriage.In order to alleviate the stretched economic situation, the two moved their children away from the countryside and worked in the county seat to make a living.

Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant with her younger daughter in her thirties. At this time, she was already an elderly mother.After checking in the hospital, the doctor told her to take more rest and try not to do heavy energy.

Losing a labor force, coupled with a large amount of nutrition during pregnancy, and saving milk powder for unborn children, this makes families who are not rich worsen.

However, Gaodeka is optimistic and always thinks that the boat arrives at the bridgehead. It is enough to be happy together.

He took over the work that his wife had done, and one person used two people to work hard for the family.

The god of luck seemed to have a lot of money to them.

Shortly after Zhang Rongxiang’s birth of his younger daughter, the house where the couple saved money in the county seat was divided into the demolition range.After calculating the demolition area, the two found that they could not only live in the resettlement building, but also received a compensation for demolition.

The two couples are full of happiness in the future. In order to make money better, they also purchased an electric tricycle, which saved a small family.

In December 2010, Gaodejin was preparing to ride an electric tricycle as usual, but today he brought his wife and his younger daughter and prepared to work for the three of them to visit the old man.

The family of three failed to expect that this trip changed the future of their family.

At 9 am, the three people in Gaodejin were driving at the crossroads of the local industrial park. Zhang Rongxiang hugged a one -year -old daughter in the rear carriage of the Mazda tricycle.

The construction of industrial parks is not perfect, and the traffic lights and monitoring cameras on the road are incomplete.Moreover, the local people’s traffic awareness is not good. When passing the crossroads, Gaodejin not only did not intend to decelerate, but also leisurely chatted with his wife.

Suddenly, a rushing whistle sounded that a car from the right side of the right side was too late to brake and hit the Gaodejin family.

Suddenly, the world dumped in Gaodejin’s eyes. After a while, he fell into the darkness of a coma, and his heart was full of concerns about his wife and daughter.

Unexpected pregnancy and choice

Gaodejin, who slowly awakened from the hospital bed, just opened his eyes as soon as he opened his eyes, he was anxious to know the situation of his wife and daughter.

The people around me told him that the little daughter was hardly injured.At the moment, Zhang Rongxiang tried to throw the 1 -year -old daughter to the side of the road. There was just a grass as a buffer, but she just scratched it and was frightened.

Gaodejin was unbearable. Later, he knew that he had fractures in many places, etc. at this time. He couldn’t care about the pain on his body and continued to ask his wife’s condition.

The doctor told him complicatedly that Zhang Rongxiang’s impact was even more impactful, the injury was very serious, and he hasn’t woke up yet.

After careful examination, she was determined that she not only had brain liability, primary brain stem damage, but also more seriously the diagnosis -type craniocele damage, and her body showed the symptoms of plant people.

This pair of Gaodejin is tantamount to thunderbolt, and he cannot accept reality for a while.He slowly came over, thinking of the wife on the bed, waiting for his eldest daughter at home, the young daughter to be fed, and determined to carry the burden of life.

After admission, Zhang Rongxiang lived in the ICU for more than ten consecutive days. During this period, her trachea was cut. Because she was in a coma, she could not take the initiative to eat. She had to insert a gastric tube. She could only consume some liquid food every day.

Outdoor ICU, across the glass, Gao Dejin looked at his wife’s gradually thin face, very distressed.

After the 13 -day ICU, Zhang Rongxiang’s condition tended to stabilize, and the hospital allowed her to transfer to the general ward to observe.

When rescue in the first few days, after being transferred to the general ward now, when the doctor and Gaodekoto communicated the condition, Zhang Rongxiang was already a vegetative person, and the hope of being able to wake up to restore ordinary people’s lives again is very slim.Whether you have to invest in treatment.

But Gao Dijin recalls the little bit of getting along with his wife for so many years, supporting each other’s wind and rain, and the two children in the family need to take care, and finally decided to continue treatment.

Within three months after the car accident, Zhang Rongxiang was notified more than ten illnesses. Fortunately, she seemed to know that the relatives of the outside world were pinching her heart tightly for her, and each time she finally raised it.

Although the hospital repeatedly persuaded Gao Degin, saying that his wife could not survive every time, and gave up less money as soon as possible, and it was not as good as short pain in emotional pain.But he was still reluctant to give up. If he was a little better, he took a crutch to his wife’s bed to accompany him.

On the night after March, Zhang Rongxiang’s condition deteriorated again, and he was hurriedly pushed to the operating room for rescue.After the rescue for 1 hour, the doctor walked out of the operating room and said to Gaodejin with a dignified look.

Gaodejin’s mood was like a thunderbolt, and he couldn’t believe the authenticity of the news.

Unexpectedly, after a few hours of observation, Zhang Rongxiang’s situation actually stabilized, and the signs of life returned to normal.

Gaodejin let go of a heart, but at this time the attending doctor came over and told him another news that shocked him:

"Your wife is pregnant, the child has been 4 months old."

Gaodekin was smashed by the news, suspecting his ears.He did observe that his wife’s abdomen was slightly raised in these three months, but he thought it was flatulence or ascites.

It turned out that Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant in January during a car accident. When he was rescued, he accidentally discovered the fetus.

However, this news cannot be regarded as a good news. Whether this fetus can be retained is still a problem.

The attending doctor patiently explained that Gaodeka did not recommend this child, because in these three months of treatment, Zhang Rongxiang took a lot of drugs and also used various instruments to check. Considering the side effects and instruments of the drugs, the drugs of the drugs and instruments were considered.Inspection of radiation, worrying will lead to deformity.

In addition, after consultation with gynecologists, Zhang Rongxiang observed that Zhang Rongxiang was unable to consume normal food because of coma, and he was extremely lacking in nutrition. He quickly dropped from 120 pounds before the coma to about 70 pounds. The fetus was still competing for the mother’s nutrients.

Don’t say that in this way, there may be a life of a child during production. Her life signs may disappear at any time. Can the body be able to cook it until the production is still the same?

Gaodejin looked complicatedly looking at the coma on the bed, and he entangled him all kinds of thoughts in his mind.

He has always hoped that he can have a son, and even had two children as daughters. The couple were older. I did not expect that he could still be pregnant. He urgently hoped that this child could be a son.Still refused to give up the fetus in his wife’s belly.

Gaodejin thought about it, maybe his wife can give birth to a child safely. In case of a boy, he can inherit the incense of their old Gao family, so he decided to persuade the doctor regardless of the doctor’s good words, insisted on giving the discharge procedure for his wife, and decided to take careShe took home to take care of.

After they returned home, Gaodeka worked hard to make money during the day, and the filial piety of the eldest daughter handled housework on the one hand, on the other hand, she also took care of her mother.

This day passed day by day. During this period, Gaodekoto took his wife to the hospital on time for a birth check -up. Miracle is that the fetus in the abdomen is good, and the body of the pregnant woman gradually gets healthy.

In July 2011, Gaodejin, who was pulling the goods, suddenly received a call from the eldest daughter. The eldest daughter said that the mother was abnormal. He thought about the due date and guess that his wife might be born.Hospital.

When Zhang Rongxiang was taken to the hospital, the amniotic fluid had been broken. Considering that she was still a vegetative situation, the hospital adopted a caesarean section.Gaodejin wandered anxiously outside the delivery room. Fortunately, after 1 hour, the doctor reported that the two mother and child were safe.

Zhang Rongxiang gave birth to a boy in peace, with normal weight, 5 pounds and 6 two.

The stones that have been hanging on Gaodejin have finally disappeared. He chewed the good news ecstatically and hugged this newborn baby. He felt that he was a miracle given to himself by heaven, so he decided to give his son to his son.Named "God".

It tells about the Gaodejin family, so what role did the other party in the car accident play?

Two three -time compensation entanglement

The driver of the other sedan of the car accident was named Zhao Gang. When the accident occurred, he tied the seat belt, and the airbags in the car popped up in time, so it was not hurt too much.

After receiving the report, the traffic police rushed to the scene through the investigation of traces such as braking printing and other traces of the accident scene, and both parties to the accident were responsible for both parties.

After the car accident, Zhang Rongxiang stayed in the ICU for more than ten days, and the scratch monitoring room was flowing every day.After she turned to the general ward, she lived for a few months in a row, and it was expensive to accumulate.Gaodejin’s breakdown of many bones also made him unable to restore his work immediately.

Seeing that Gao Dejin, who was sitting in the mountains and air, had to borrow money from relatives and friends with his scalp.

However, it is not a way to borrow this way. After all, the human sentiment has a bottom line, and the surrounding family is not rich, so Gaodeka glances at the other side of the accident Zhao Gang.

He filed a lawsuit against the court, asking Zhao Gang to compensate their family’s hospitalization fees.

Zhao Gang himself is a small business person. Although he has been doing business in recent years and lost money, he can still afford a car.

Zhao Gang was also kind. After the car accident, he went to the hospital to visit the Gaodejin family. When he learned that his defendant, he felt ashamed, so he compensated the Gao family 40,000 yuan.He also encouraged Gaodejin not to give up his hope, and his wife would be better.

The 40,000 yuan greatly alleviated the economic situation of Gaodekin. He quickly paid his wife’s medical expenses. The current difficulties finally passed.

However, what made Zhao Gang unexpectedly, he thought that he had no fooled with Gao Jia, and received a subpoena from the court again. Gaodejin appealed that he hoped that Zhao Gang could pay some compensation.

It turned out that Zhang Rongxiang’s daily expenses in the ICU were very high. The 40,000 compensation received last time quickly met.

After turning to the general ward, although the daily costs have been reduced a lot, it is not endless, and Gaodejin could not afford the medical expenses quickly, not to mention that he also had to raise two daughters in the supporters.

After Zhao Gang returned to the court’s ticket, he was a little annoyed.His relatives and friends also felt that the accident was originally half of the responsibility of the two sides. The Gao family was inevitable that there was some greedy. Although Zhao Gang was slightly rich, his money was not scratched by the wind.

However, Zhao Gang thought that after repeatedly, he still felt that there was not one less thing, and he was wealthy. Thinking of Gaodejin’s wife is still in a vegetative state, he did need to use money in the family. Finally, he took out 10,000 yuan to Gao Dejin.

Gaodejin took the money and couldn’t help but thank Zhao Gang for his goodwill. He learned that his wife was pregnant again. He felt that the money had, and the child had it, and his life saw hope again.

The good times did not last long, and finally he was cooked in Zhang Rongxiang in October and ended his childbirth, but the adults who produced it still showed no signs of awakening.

Lost a major labor force in the family, only Gaodejin supports the support. To raise two daughters and a son, the younger daughter and the younger son are still young. It is when you need money.I often take medicine and go to the hospital for examination, and the life of the Gao family is gradually unveiled.

After an adult, the sensible daughter did not continue her studies. Instead, she chose to go to work directly to subsidize the family. Unfortunately, the family still couldn’t make ends meet, and she needed a sum of money to help.

Gaodejin had to turn his sights on Zhao Gang who had paid two compensation twice.

Zhao Gang did not expect that he was sued in court for the third time.After receiving the subpoena from the court again, he was so angry that he felt that his previous kindness was fed a dog.

The reason for Gaodejin’s appeal this time is that Zhang Rongxiang is still in a vegetative state after giving birth to a child. The young children in the family are unattended and lack a working force. Therefore, the costs incurred need to be compensated.

Zhao Gang felt that Gao Dejin was extorting him repeatedly, and this time he didn’t plan to pay the money obediently.He went to the hospital for consultation. At that time, the doctor did not recommend Zhang Rongxiang’s coma to produce. The risk coefficient was very large. It was because of Gaodejin’s intention to do it, which led to the current result.

Zhao Gang stood in the court and explained the facts he had investigated in the hospital, hoping that the court would reject Gaodejin’s appeal.

He originally thought that he had been stable and stable, but the court believed that in accordance with the legal regulations, and Zhang Rongxiang had been pregnant for a month before the accident of the car accident, Gaodejin had the right to let the child born.

Zhang Rongxiang is in the state of plant man, and it does cause objective economic losses to take care of children and work.

In the end, the hammer fell, and all the dust settled. In March 2012, the results of the first instance of the court were released. Zhao Gang needs to compensate more than 50,000 yuan to the Gao family, and Gaodejin has not allowed Zhao Gao to file a economic compensation lawsuit since then.

Although Zhao Gang was very dissatisfied with this, after seeing the court’s decision, Gaodejin could not entangle him anymore. In the end, he made up for more than 50,000 yuan in compensation and gave it to Gaodejin.

The two of them began in a tragic car accident, and finally ended here.

Then after production, Zhang Rongxiang returned home to recuperate again. Can she have only been sleeping all the time since then, or under the ardent call of her family, will the miracle come to this family?

The end of the story

Shortly after Zhang Rongxiang was discharged from home, the Gao family’s demolition and resettlement house was allocated to them. The family of five quickly entered the new home with a few nets.

Gao Degin often sat in his wife’s bed with his son "Godci", teased the baby, and said to his wife, urging her to wake up early, look at the child who gave birth, and woke up early to take care of her son.

The younger son grew up day by day, and he was gradually climbing. After starting to learn, he often surrounded the mother’s bed, ghostly talking to his mother.

Over time, Gaodejin was surprised to find that every time the child was acting next to his wife, she would have some tiny reactions, as if it was really responding to the other party.

One day in May 2013, Gaodejin will never forget this day.As usual, he walked to his wife’s bed with his son, and suddenly found that Zhang Rongxiang smiled. He spit out a few vague words in his mouth, and then slowly opened his eyes.

(Zhang Rongxiang and Little Son)

After Zhang Rongxiang woke up, she was surprised to learn that she had given birth to a child. She felt like she was deserted in the past.The world.

Gaodejin had two operations after the accident. He was not as good as before, and he was still slowly recovering. He also did not intend to go out to work, stay at home to take care of his wife who was sick, and his young daughter and son.

He helped his wife who was temporarily paralyzed on the bed every day to massage the muscle strength. He hoped that Zhang Rongxiang could stand up early and return to the life of normal people.

Their family has handled the minimum guarantee, coupled with the help of relatives and friends from time to time, and Zhao Gang’s compensation and demolition compensation, the days passed day by day.

Gaodejin always feels that no matter how difficult his life is, as long as the family is together, neatly, no matter how big the difficulties are, there will be the past day, and he is eagerly looking forward to the better and better future.

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