In 2003, the Chongqing guy accidentally "pregnant", and a caesarean section had 18 pounds of baby girls. What is the truth?

From ancient times to the present, it has always been women who have children. This is not prejudice, but the law of nature.

Whether it is human, animals, or birds, insects, and nature, there are almost no species that can break this law.

But the wonderful things of men who have children have been performed in human beings.

In 2003, Pu Diqiang, a guy who lived in Chongqing, found that his belly was bigger every day.

Helpless, you can only go to the hospital for examination.

It does n’t matter if you do n’t do it. After doing it, even the doctor was startled.

There is a baby girl in Pu Deqiang’s belly, and it is surviving and can respond to the outside world.

In short, Pu Deqiang was pregnant.

This is really a big slide. How can men even have no uterus?

What happened to Pu Deqiang’s body, and why can he get pregnant with a man?

If it wasn’t for a baby, why can it be moved, and even the doctor can deceive the past?

Today, let’s talk about this bizarre boy’s pregnancy incident.

Pu Deqiang was born in Dongxi Village, Chongqing. From an early age, his belly was larger than ordinary people.

But his parents didn’t take it for granted, only thinking that Pu Deqiang had eaten too much, so his body didn’t take it to heart.

Pu Deqiang did not have physical discomfort, so he did not go to the hospital for examination.

In adulthood, Pu Deqiang married a girl in a nearby village under the introduction of the matchmaker.

After marriage, his wife gave birth to a famous baby boy. Over time, his son was at the age of school.

Although the family is not wealthy, the husband and wife support each other and work together, and the life is quite happy.

But this happiness was broken in 2003.

This year, Pu Deqiang’s belly became bigger and bigger, and soon he swelled like a maternal maternal.

At first, Pu Deqiang and his wife didn’t care, but thought that he was getting old and his body was blessed.

But for a long time, they also noticed something wrong.

Pu Deqiang’s limbs are slender. Only the abnormal stomach is obviously not caused by the improvement of living standards.

Over time, Pu Deqiang’s body began to react abnormal.

He began to nausea, sore legs and feet, depressed mood, and various symptoms, exactly exactly the symptoms of "pregnancy" of pregnant women.

Even more sensational, his wife put her hand on Pu Deqiang’s stomach, and it was obvious that the baby’s peristalsis could be clearly felt.

Pu Deqiang is a farmer and goes to the ground every day. In this case, even if he wants to hide it, he can’t hide it anyway.

Soon, the news of Pu Deqiang’s "pregnancy" spread in the village.

At the beginning, the villagers did not dare to say in front of Pu Deqiang, but just discussed in the back.

Every time I passed by Pu Deqiang’s house, because of curiosity, I looked at the house.

Pu Deqiang has a honest and introverted personality. Even if the villagers talk about it, he is not annoyed, just a sigh in the room.

Seeing Pu Diqiang’s reaction, the villagers became more and more courageous.

There are young people, even in front of Pu Deqiang, joking with him.

"The belly is so big, is it really pregnant?"

In this regard, Pu Deqiang was speechless and could only respond to a bitterly.

"How can a man get pregnant, it is estimated that the gastrointestinal digestion is not good, and it will disappear in a few days!"

But this is obviously Pu Deqiang comforted himself, and he was very clear.

The swelling of the stomach is not so simple, let alone, and the bizarre and mysterious "fetal movement" phenomenon.

Looking at the big belly day by day, his wife was very worried, and Pu Deqiang hurried to the hospital for a examination.

However, Pu Diqiang knew the economic situation at home, and he was not a general disease. If you want to treat, it takes a lot of cost.

This money was reluctant to be reluctant, so he always pushed away.

"What are the good digestives? It will be fine in two days!"

Pu Deqiang hopes to be miracle, but the longer the disease is dragging, the more serious it will be.

Until one day, Pu Deqiang worked in the ground and suddenly realized a dizzy.

In front of me, it was planted.

After Pu Deqiang fainted, he was discovered by a villager who passed by and quickly carried him to the hospital.

The villager knew the situation of the other party as Pu Deqiang, so he sent him directly to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

The doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, at first glance the patient was a big man, suddenly didn’t fight.

"How can a man go to the obstetrics and gynecology department!"

But with a responsible attitude, they still checked Pu Deqiang.

During the examination, the doctor’s face was brushed white.

Pu Deqiang’s internal organs have all shifted, and they couldn’t touch the trajectory of any organ movement.

Helpless, the doctor could only change the ausion. As soon as the auspicious head was placed on Pu Deqiang’s belly, the doctor almost jumped up from the chair.

"Fetal heart sound? How can men have fetal heart?"

After repeated examinations, the doctor confirmed that in Pu Deqiang’s belly, there was probably a baby.

In order to figure out the truth, they quickly took a film for Pu Deqiang.

When waiting for the results, doctors discussed fiercely.

In fact, it is not unusual globally.

For example, the American guy Thomas Bitti, he once conceived in October and gave birth to a baby.

But he was able to produce because he was a transsexual person for women.

Although the appearance is a boy, the uterus in the body is very complete. It is not difficult to achieve fertility through artificial insemination.

Pu Deqiang’s situation is different from Thomas Biti, and he and his wife have bred a son.

Obviously, he is not a transsexual person. From his birth, his physiological gender is male.

At first, the doctor thought it was a tumor and wanted to transfer Pu Deqiang to the oncology department for treatment.

But if it is a tumor, how should the fetal heart in the stomach explain?

It seems that you want to figure out the truth of the matter. Only after the test results come out can you know.

As the doctors waited anxiously, there were problems with the ward.

When the nurse was in the round, it was found that Pu Deqiang, who was still lying on the bed, disappeared in a blink of an eye.

It turned out that Pu Deqiang was distressed by money, and he didn’t want to pay expensive medical expenses.

So while the doctor did not pay attention, he quietly slipped out of the hospital, then took some dietary tablets at the nearby clinic, and returned home.

Pu Deqiang hoped that the consumption tablets can completely cure his stomach.

But how can pregnancy be treated with dietary tablets?The disease is dragging again and again, and Pu Deqiang’s illness is getting worse.

Later, he even had difficulty breathing and fainted several times at home.

Helplessly, Pu Deqiang finally went to the hospital for examination.

When the doctor saw Pu Deqiang, his state had changed dramatically.

For a few days, the villagers in the village have been discussing his "pregnancy".

There are also reporters who came to Wenfeng to interview Pu Deqiang.

He was a big man who said that he was pregnant in front of the whole country, which made him suffer great pressure all the time.

Coupled with the torture on the body, he was almost crazy.

Seeing Pu Deqiang’s state, the doctor knew that he needed to deal with the problem of Pu Deqiang as soon as possible.

If not, he is likely to collapse before the treatment is completed.

Because in order to keep Pu Deqiang’s assured treatment, the hospital decided to reduce the cost of treatment of Pu Deqiang after meeting.

In this way, Pu Deqiang reluctantly received treatment.

In the hospital, the attending doctor did blood and B -ultrasound for Pu Deqiang.

After the results came out, even though the doctor was ready to be mentally prepared, it was surprised.

In Pu Daqiang’s stomach, there is indeed a baby, and her limbs are clearly visible. From her creep body, it can be seen that it is not a dead baby.

The body is much larger than the average baby. Pu Diqiang has no uterus. It will cause great harm to his body.

In the end, doctors decided to immediately implement a "cesarean section" to Pu Deqiang and take out the babies in his body.

After hearing the news, did he still cooperate with Pu Deqiang at first, and suddenly became irritable.

In any case, he didn’t want to undergo this operation.

There are two reasons for this.

First, the children at home are going to school. Now when they go to school, they really have no spare money to do surgery.

Second, if the child is really born, how should they face the villagers’ pointers in the future?

But the child stays in the body, and it is not a matter of time. One day sooner or later, she would ask Pu Deqiang’s life.

In the end, the village committee did the work of Pu Deqiang, saying that as long as he was willing to perform surgery, his surgical fee and village committee were all inclusive.

The hospital also made a commitment, saying that as long as Pu Deqiang had surgery, he would be exempted from all his surgical costs and later treatment costs.

In this way, Pu Deqiang agreed to perform this operation.

Eight hours later, Pu Deqiang gave birth to a 18 -pound baby girl.

When she was born, the baby girl also had a vital signs. After just a few minutes, she had no breathing at all.

Pu Deqiang’s surgery was completed, but the reason for his pregnancy, doctors still know nothing.

If you don’t figure it out, Pu Deqiang will live in the pointers of others in his life.

In order to help Pud’s strength to survive this hurdle, doctors took a lot of time and checked a lot of domestic and foreign information.

Finally in India, a case similar to Pu Diqiang was found.

It turned out that Pu Deqiang was not really pregnant, but had a disease called "parasitic".

At that time, Pu Deqiang’s mother should be pregnant in October.

It’s just that Pu Deqiang’s vitality is too tenacious. During her mother’s pregnancy, she "devoured" her sister.

After Pu Deqiang was born, her sister’s embryo has always been in Pu Deqiang’s body, but she has not been found.

Over time, her sister continued to grow in inside Pu Diqiang’s nutrition and blood in his body.

When it was 18 pounds, Pu Deqiang’s body was no longer overwhelming, so there was a adverse reaction.

After the operation, the sister’s body was not fully developed. After leaving the parasitic environment, she died immediately.

Said to be a sister, it is actually a "tumor" that grows in Pu Deqiang.

As the truth was revealed, the gloom lingering on Pu Deqiang’s head was finally disappeared.

But in the process of treatment, Pu Deqiang was suffering from too much psychological pressure.

How long does it take to be cured in my heart?

The villagers knew that men could not get pregnant, but they still used this as a knife and kept piercing to Pu Deqiang’s heart.

Things are falling on themselves, of course, the villagers can have no psychological burden to give Pude a strong word.

"People are awesome, rumors can also become a weapon for murderers,

I sincerely hope that when everyone encounters unusual things or people, they can compare their hearts.

Don’t let your words be a nightmare that lingers in the minds of others.


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