In 2007, after Sichuan 91 -year -old lady fell, she went to the hospital to find pregnancy and led to 60 years of secret.

In 2007, the Qingshen County Hospital of Meishan City, Sichuan received a special patient, a 91 -year -old lady: Huang Yijun.

When she was working, she accidentally fell, and then she began to have problems with her body. She thought that the elderly did not fall. Who knew that she was diagnosed with six Jiajia.

This shocking news made everyone dumbfounded?

His son Luo Bingwen couldn’t believe it. Don’t say that his father has died first. The old lady is 91 years old?Can you get pregnant?

The son asked the doctor: "Is this wrong?"

The doctor repeatedly made sure: "The old lady does have a child in the belly, but this child is already calcified!"

Faced with the unbelievable eyes, the old lady had to be embarrassed, and she had to tell the truth for many years!

A day when time returned to 1948, Huang Yijun, who had been pregnant in September, was busy with housework at home, and suddenly felt a severe pain in his stomach.

At that time, only one 4 -year -old son, Luo Bingwen, was at home. Luo Bingwen heard the movement outside the house. When she ran out, she saw her mother collapsed to the ground, so she hurriedly helped her into the house and hurried to the outside.

At that time, there was only one river in the village’s passage to the outside world, so traveling in the village could only rely on a boat, but when the husband found the boat and then carried himself on the boat, the time passed for nearly 1 hour.

As soon as Huang Yijun got on the boat, he clearly felt that the fetus had always been active in his stomach, and suddenly he suddenly seemed to turn off the flame, and he didn’t move!

She rose an ominous hunch in her heart.

So he grabbed the husband and said, "I’m afraid that the child will not be able to live, there is still movement before boarding, and now it is gone."

The husband comforted her after listening: "No, don’t worry, just wait for the hospital."

At that time, most of the pregnant women in the village asked to take over their biological women. It was a luxurious thing for the last hospital. It was enough to see Huang Yijun’s husband’s attention to her and children.

After being sent to the hospital for examination, Huang Yijun’s abdomen was still not kept.

At that time, the doctor suggested that the child in the child’s abdomen should be taken out as soon as possible, otherwise the dead tire will affect the health of the mother, but Huang Yijun expressed his clear rejection after hearing it.

She told her husband excitedly: "There were several big belly in the village before, and she did not live after the operation.

Husbands still thought that they took out the money saved in the past two years to perform surgery for his wife, but when Huang Yijun resisted so much, he also heard of those things, so the family returned to home.

Huang Yijun has also been prepared for physical sins. Although he decided not to perform surgery, he still had to find a way to get it out.

So she went to get some Chinese herbal medicines such as musk, Achyranthes knee, aconite, and prepared to use the earthwork passed down from the elderly to beat the children.Back pain, but magically disappeared.

Although the stomach was still up, the body slowly recovered.

She thought she had no big problems and started to work on the ground.

However, when encountering acquaintances, they still cover their stomachs with clothes. When others ask, they say that the child has not kept it.

Mrs. Huang Yijun thought that this would follow herself into the coffin. It has been 60 years since it has passed.

If it weren’t for this time, she had accidentally fell and caused the whole body to be uncomfortable, she would not come to the hospital anyway.

Because the body was so uncomfortable, I heard the advice of my son and daughter -in -law and came to the hospital for examination.

But I never wanted to let the secrets exposed.

When the old lady talked about this, her son and daughter -in -law were unbelievable, and the mother had been pregnant for more than 60 years.

And in recent years, the body has not appeared in any situation, and even colds are rare.

Everyone in the village often praised her mother’s body and strong, and she didn’t look like an 90 -year -old lady at all.

The son Luo Bingwen remembered at this time when he was a child when he was sent to the hospital with his father, so he asked his mother: "Mom, is it that when I was a child, I was uncomfortable to go to the hospital that time, and the child kept staying?"

Mrs. Huang heard that she nodded bitterly.

After listening to Luo Bingwen, he became red. He knew how poor his family was when he was a child, but he did not expect his mother to suffer for so many years.

Immediately decided with his daughter -in -law, and he must do a further comprehensive inspection for his mother.

After a while after the inspection, the director of the obstetrics and gynecology department came out with a list and said seriously, "The reason why your mother has not appeared in these years, because the fetus in the stomach has been dead for many years.It has been calcified into stones. You can touch it with your side. Is it very hard? "

Under the guidance of the doctor, the daughter -in -law held it, and it was indeed as the doctor said.

The daughter -in -law asked doubtfully: "The child stayed in his stomach for so many years, and it was not normal to have any matter."

The doctor nodded and said, "I can be sure that the fetus was not a normal uterine pregnancy at that time. It was an abdominal pregnancy in abnormal pregnancy, which is a special case in the extraterrestrial pregnancy.

The survival rate of fetal pregnancy fetus itself is only 1%, and the situation of ectopic pregnancy usually torture the torture of abdominal pain. Therefore, if this is judged during pregnancy, the child’s clinical suggestion must be inevitable. "

When I heard this, Mrs. Huang remembered that when she returned from the hospital, she ate earthquake abortion, but the child still fell and asked the doctor why.

It was found that because there was no pipeline directly connected to the outside world in the abdominal cavity, the child’s fetus could only be obtained through surgery. If he accidentally used medication, he would cause major bleeding. In severe cases, he would threaten life.

In normal medical research, except for the physical discomfort of the pregnant woman in addition to the physical discomfort of pregnant women. If the fetus dies in the abdomen and does not take it out in time, the dead child will rot in the abdomen and cause infection.

In addition, it may also cause adhesion to the uterine mucosa, which is definitely very unfavorable to re -pregnancy.

In the end, if you do not have a timely clearing the palace in time, in addition to calcification in the body, it will also lead to the endometrium lesion, which will cause a series of cervical problems.

In the past, a pregnant woman was specifically reported that in order to save money, she did not have a check -up. When the body was unwell, she went to the hospital, and the fetus died for 5 months in the belly, causing severe erosion of the uterine cavity.

Later, the cost of spending was double the previous, and because the mother was older, the uterine cavity could not restore the health of the past. The cost of this paid was not just money.

So why can Huang Yijun’s abdomen still give him peace of mind for so many years?

The scientific analysis of doctors may be that after the old lady’s abortion amnitine is broken, the congestion and water in the placenta are thorough.

In addition, the amniotic fluid may be relatively clean, and the placenta is sturdy wrapped in the abdominal cavity, and the air can be discharged, so in the end, the fetus only occurs in calcification and does not cause infection.

Old Mrs. Huang Yijun understood why why she was not only okay after eating the soil, but also recovered so fast as usual. It turned out that all this was different, so she recovered her life.

But everyone was surprised. The old lady had no error in the past 60 years.

Will this fall, causing the movement of the abdomen?

In the end, the hospital did a comprehensive examination of the old lady’s body, and then concluded that the old man was used to his body because he was working in farmers all year round.The backlog is blocked, and the blood of the upper limbs is not available in time, which leads to stomach discomfort and affects appetite.

The old lady Huang was also older. It may be a little uncomfortable in the early years, but the elderly can carry it, and they are afraid of the trouble of the family.

This is actually the problem of most elderly people today. There is an unscientific cognition and prevention attitude towards health. Often, it is often a serious period when you can’t hold it to the hospital.

The pain of the old man’s lumbar spine is also caused by the overly -year lumbar muscle strain and inflammation of the spine wear. This is also an irreversible physical disease. This fall is actually just a cause.

Later, the doctor also asked the elderly’s recent physical condition, and indeed always had some symptoms of loss of appetite and weakness in the lower limbs.

This is confirmed that this time’s physical discomfort is actually not directly related to the abdomen’s death.

But after confirming the cause, the whole family began to be distressed again. What should I do to deal with the dead fetus in the old man’s belly?

Because with the age, the old man’s body has become thinner and smaller, but his belly has always been round.

This unusual body shape led the old lady to be busy farming all the time. When they were seen by the villagers, there were some unpleasant rumors.

In addition, the old lady was rushed to the hospital this time, and many villagers talked on the road, which made her son Luo Bingwen very unwilling to feel.Intersection

Mother is not easy this year, so the two can not only come to persuade the old lady to perform surgery. The old lady said, "My belly, it hasn’t been a little bit of something for so many years., Don’t spend money. "Seeing that the mother had decided, they wanted to go to the doctor to find a solution, hoping that the doctor could persuade the mother.

But at the end of the comprehensive assessment, doctors still suggest that the old man is not suitable for any large -scale surgery.

Because the dead tires have overlapped with the spine mucosa in the abdominal cavity in the past years, the physical function has been adapted. Now the risk of surgery will be relatively large. It is also recommended to use some physical massage to relieve the usual discomfort symptoms.

Hearing the advice given by the doctor, Luo Bingwen’s husband and wife still accepted.

Because the mother’s body is the most important, it is not easy to live a healthy and healthy land, so the couple went home with the old lady "big belly" again.

After returning to the village, someone came to care about the situation. The old lady Huang also truthfully informed her mother’s experience in these years. While eliminating her doubts, she also praised that Mrs. Huang was really good at the good.

In fact, Mrs. Huang has a heavenly phase, but she can’t bear to spend money. She knows that she will be harmful to himself, but for the whole family, she still makes decisions on herself.

Anyone could not feel the same. She was determined when she was drinking abortion, and she couldn’t imagine how she concealed everything alone. This secret has lived for more than 60 years.

Perhaps, the child who died in the stomach understood her mother’s distress, silently guarding her father these years, so that she would be safe and healthy, and hoped that she would live peacefully.

And the old lady Huang has been a part of the "hard" of the belly in these years, as part of her body?

Huang Yijun, who is now 91 years old, can finally be hidden no longer hiding, and can enjoy his old age freely and happily.

In fact, there are no strange worlds. There were also cases of 74 -year -old lady in India before. Although they were not naturally conceived, they were artificially conceived.

This is enough to show that the old lady’s pregnancy is not a case, nor is it a medical miracle. We must face similar incidents with a scientific and correct attitude.

But for women’s pregnancy, they still follow the advice of doctors. They naturally conceive naturally in the appropriate age and healthy physical condition.

According to the codes of the pregnant woman, go to the hospital for a birth check -in. After all, not everyone has the same luck like Huang Yijun’s old lady.

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