In 2007, the 91 -year -old lady in Sichuan accidentally "pregnant", and the doctor revealed the secrets that hidden for 60 years

In 2007, an outrageous thing occurred in the Huangli Beach in Meishan Qingshen County, Sichuan. A 91 -year -old old lady was "pregnant".At that time, the old man accidentally fell down for some reason. The son hurriedly sent her to the hospital for examination. As a result, the examination could scare the doctors at the scene.

According to the results of the color Doppler ultrasound, the abdomen of the elderly has a very obvious fetal outline. This result suddenly attracted the anger of the old man’s son. You must know that the old father has died for many years.

So he angrily fell the inspection report in front of his mother and asked his mother to give a statement. However, the news had not been solved, and the news of the old man "pregnancy" spread widened. The family immediately fell into a huge vortex of public opinion.

How can a 91 -year -old old man get pregnant?Is there any hiddenness in this, or do the old man really do something to make his family shame?

Mountain village

The 91 -year -old old lady was named Huang Yijun. His husband died more than forty years ago because of an accident. From then on, he had only his life left with his son Luo Bingwen.

The only child family was very rare in that era, but maybe he was afraid that he couldn’t afford to raise too much, or for some special reasons, the elderly Huang Yijun never gave birth to a second child.

But this does not affect her happy life today. His son Luo Bingwen has already become a family, and he is naturally filial to the mother who has worked hard to pull him.

What is even more valuable is that the daughter -in -law is very filial to the elderly, and usually takes care of the elderly’s diet like taking care of her mother.The grandchildren of the old man have also become a family, and the biggest grandson is even college. Such a family of the fourth generations makes many people in the village envy.

Because the old man is too old, the family can do nothing about her, but the old man cannot be idle himself.

Huang Yijun

For a long time, Huang Yijun’s body is very good, so he has not worried too much.However, it was because the old man’s "unable to live" caused an unexpected occurrence.

One day in 2007, the son and daughter -in -law of Huang Yijun went out early, leaving only her at home.Before the daughter -in -law left, he explained that he would cook when he came back at noon, but the old man saw that the sun was getting higher and higher, so he thought that he would help his daughter -in -law to cook the rice.

So she picked up a little water with a barrel, and then prepared to enter the kitchen to cook. As a result, the old man suddenly slipped under his feet, and the whole person fell heavily to the ground.

As the saying goes, the elderly are most afraid of falling, because the bones on the old man are particularly crispy, and some slight collisions may cause fractures.After the fall, the old man sank suddenly, but she moved a few times tentatively and found that there was nothing uncomfortable at all.

But there is only one place, that is the abdomen of the elderly.At this moment, Huang Yijun only felt that her abdomen was smashed hard, and she almost fainted.At that time, there were only the elderly in the family, and it was almost noon at the time, so no one passed by here.


In the end, the old man could only stand the pain of the abdomen, slowly got up from the ground, and then returned to his bed along the roots of the wall.Even if such dangerous things have happened, Huang Yijun’s old man still does not intend to tell his son about this, and she feels that she may endure it.

But the son and daughter -in -law will come back in a while. If you lie on the bed, you will definitely cause their doubts, so the old man gets up from the bed and climbed from the bed.She trembled to the yard and sat down, waiting for her son -in -law to return, and gradually she felt that her abdomen seemed to be so painful.

After a while, the son -in -law returned home. They did not notice the slightest. After the daughter -in -law made a good meal, the old man Huang Yijun also ate a little as usual.Until the night, Huang Yijun’s stomach had never hurt anymore. She thought it should have passed.

However, the "sequelae" after falling the next day still appeared. The old man felt that his legs did not listen to it, and a slight edema appeared on his abdomen.This is not the most terrible. The old man feels that his head is fainted, and it is accompanied by a strong sense of vomiting.

What’s wrong with this?The old man recalled the scene of yesterday, but he didn’t understand why he was like this.

Huang Yijun

At this moment, the old man’s son came to her house as usual, and he would come to see his mother’s situation before going to work every day.When he saw his mother’s condition, he was startled on the spot, because at that time, the old man’s belly was already green.

"Wife, you hurry up to 120, and you have to quickly send our mother to the hospital."

Luo Bingwen yelled at the wife in the yard. His wife had a few more panic on his face when he heard this. She hurriedly picked up her mobile phone and called the 120 emergency call.Soon the old man was sent to the county hospital, and before that, she almost never entered the hospital, which made her feel very scared.

As an old lady living in the countryside for a lifetime, in fact, Huang Yijun is particularly afraid of entering the hospital, because she always has such an idea: "It is mostly necessary to go to the hospital to enter the hospital."

Under this strong resistance psychology, the old man has not agreed to be checked, and he kept yelling at home.But according to the critical situation at the time, how could her son and daughter -in -law let her go home!This symptom must be checked, otherwise they will not be at ease.

Luo Bingwen

Under the continuous comfort of his son, the old man finally agreed with the inspection, and the results of the inspection also made the family relieved.The old man’s body is not a big deal. Next, you only need to do a color Doppler ultrasound to know where the old man’s problem is.

But after the results of the color Doppler ultrasound came out, all the doctors at the scene were startled because they had never met such a bizarre thing throughout their careers.

The doctors’ reactions made Luo Bingwen’s heart disappear, and he quickly asked about his mother’s situation.

"Doctor, what happened to my mother? Did she have a very serious illness?"

"There is no problem with the body of the old man, and there is no serious illness, but she is pregnant!"


When he heard the words "pregnancy", Luo Bingwen stayed on the spot. His mother was 91 years old. How could he be pregnant?

However, the doctor told him seriously that the incident should be true, and then the doctor showed them the results of the color Doppler ultrasound.Looking in the direction of the doctor’s fingers, the old man’s belly really has a fetus shape, and even if Luo Bingwen doesn’t believe it.

Luo Bingwen couldn’t think of this result anyway. How could this happen to his 91 -year -old mother?He was puzzled, and could even be said to be a bit crazy.

After a while, the old man woke up, and Luo Bingwen rushed to the bed immediately, and then asked his mother what was going on.

After knowing the doctor’s diagnosis, the old man fell into thought for a long time, and then she suddenly thought of something, and stood up directly from the bed.


"Son, you take your mother home first, let’s go home to say this."

The old man pulled his son’s arm with trembling hand, and then said the above sentence difficultly.But his son was obviously angry. He shook his mother’s hand and asked his mother to give him a statement now.

"I know what’s going on. I will tell you when I get home." Looking at the mother who begged, Luo Bingwen’s heart was softened, and he took his mother and wife back home.

A 91 -year -old old lady actually pregnant?How does this phenomenon that can not understand even doctors?Everything starts with the old man of Huang Yijun when he was young.

After Huang Yijun married Luo Bingwen’s father that year, he became pregnant, and his son Luo Bingwen was born.But the strange scene appeared afterwards. Since the birth of her son Luo Bingwen, Huang Yijun’s belly has never moved again.


Because he was worried that his son Luo Bingwen could grow up alone, he might be a bit lonely, so the couple always wanted to give him a younger brother or sister, but he had never been able to do so.

Until the age of 31, Huang Yijun’s belly finally moved. After learning the news, the couple wept happily. However, when Huang Yijun was pregnant in September, God opened a big joke with them again.

In order to be able to better support the child who was about to be born, Huang Yijun’s husband chose to go out to work, and he was too busy to come back every day.

In this way, the farmland of the family naturally was abandoned. In this regard, Huang Yi was in pain in her eyes. She couldn’t bear to look at the crops in the field so yellow, so she worked with a big belly.

As a result, an accident appeared this time. When she across a field, she accidentally tripped on the ground. This fall directly led to premature birth of the baby in the abdomen.


Because the medical conditions in the countryside at that time were still very backward, the birth of a child basically asked the mother -in -law to come to the house for assistance, but after taking the biological mother -in -law for a few hours, the child still failed to take it out.

Seeing that time passed one minute by minute, Huang Yijun’s husband couldn’t stand it anymore. He hurriedly borrowed a tablet car to send his wife to the county hospital.

After some rescue of the doctor, Huang Yijun’s life was finally kept temporarily, but the fetus in the belly lost signs of life.

The doctor did not give the husband and wife any time to be sad, because she had to immediately take out the dead tires in Huang Yijun’s belly through surgery, otherwise she would also have a worries of life.

Huang Yijun’s husband naturally wanted to save her life, but the cost of light surgery was 120 yuan, which is equivalent to the sum of the three or four -year income of the couple, and they couldn’t get so much money at all.


In desperation, her husband had to push Huang Yijun back home with a flat car.However, it may be the care of the unfortunate life in the stomach. After returning home, Huang Yijun was surprised to find that his stomach was not so painful.

Although the dead child was still in her belly at the time, she didn’t feel any uncomfortable place. Later, her physical condition even started to get better every day.

Huang Yijun had planned to wait for death, but while heaven closed a door, he left a window for her.After a long time, the couple gradually forgot about the matter, and Huang Yijun began to work with her husband every day.

In the blink of an eye, a few months passed, and Huang Yijun’s belly of the original circle gradually disappeared, and his menstruation was as normal as before.

At this time, Huang Yijun completely left the child in her belly behind her head, so she lived until she was 91 years old, and never had any abnormal phenomena during the period.

Huang Yijun

After telling this dusty old thing, Huang Yijun’s elderly slowly breathed, as if the pressure that had accumulated in his heart for many years was released.

After listening to these words, Luo Bingwen no longer wanted to blame his mother, and began to worry about his mother’s body.So he decided to take his mother to the hospital immediately for a more comprehensive and detailed examination to completely eliminate the hidden dangers of his mother.

But the old man didn’t want to go to the hospital at all. On the one hand, he was full of fear of the hospital, and the other was that he was afraid that his son would spend too much money.

So Luo Bingwen began to patiently persuade her mother. However, before the old man of Huang Yijun agreed, the rumors about her pregnancy passed in the village.

Huang Yijun

When it was really "good things to go out, bad things spread thousands of miles", and the family came back from the hospital for a long time, the news spread away, it really made people feel a little incredible.

Since the people in the village do not know the specific situation, they think that the elderly Huang Yijun did some scandals, which led to pregnancy.It is conceivable how sad when a 91 -year -old man heard these words.

Fifty years ago, Huang Yijun’s husband died unfortunately. For her son, she could not be aggrieved.

The old man did not expect that he had maintained the innocence of fifty years, and it was destroyed. Once, there was a very sad expression on her face. Luo Bingwen particularly distressed his mother after seeing it.

In order to return to his mother’s innocence, Luo Bingwen began to explain to the villagers one by one, but almost no one was willing to believe him.

Huang Yijun

In the end, Luo Bingwen decided to take his mother to do a detailed examination first. Those people love to let them say that they must ensure that their mother’s own safety must be guaranteed first.

After being injured by the villagers’ dislikes, the elderly Huang Yijun no longer had such a great resistance to seeing a doctor. The next day, he went to the city hospital under the leadership of his son Luo Bingwen.After some detailed examinations, the doctor finally discovered the reason why the old man was "dead in the fetus."

The fetus was an abnormal pregnancy and had been developing outside the uterine cavity of the elderly, which led to the occurrence of abortion.

Later, due to economic reasons, the elderly did not undergo surgery to take out the death of the dead, and the dead tire quickly shrunk into a vacuum state.

Therefore, the elderly did not feel any strangeness later. The atrophic placenta no longer affects the health of the elderly, and even in turn provides the elderly with some nutrients.

Huang Yijun

After so many years of digestion and absorption, the dead child in the old man’s belly has almost no existence, and only a part of the hard bones are left, which has become part of the old man’s body over time.

Perhaps it is precisely because of the nourishment of the placenta in the belly that the elderly can live healthy to the 90s and have never had any serious illness.

It seemed that everything had been fixed. Huang Yijun worked hard to conceive in October but unfortunately aborted in October, but he was unable to keep the fetus in his belly, and he almost killed him.

Although the child failed to come to the world smoothly, he should have felt the hard work of his mother.That’s why he stayed silently in his mother’s stomach, not only did he not bring danger to his mother, but he gave back the nutrition that his mother provided himself.

If it wasn’t for Huang Yijun, the elderly accidentally fell down, causing the fetal bones in the abdomen, maybe this "beautiful accident" would never be known by people.For Huang Yijun’s fetal bones in the old human body, the doctor also gave his own treatment suggestions.

Huang Yijun

They do not intend to perform surgery for the elderly, but take conservative drug treatment, because the physical conditions of the old man are no longer allowed to withstand such a big toss.After raising for a while in the hospital, Luo Bingwen took his mother back to home, and the old man’s body was better every day.

After the villagers knew the story that happened to the elderly, they also expressed their apology, and at the same time, they also admired the old man.

If the young Huang Yi did not fall, if she and her husband could take out 120 yuan, everything may not look like today.

God is cruel to Huang Yi, and has taken away her longing and joy of her in October; but at the same time, God is also kind. The fetus staying in the belly is the best proof. He has been nourishing in a special way.Mother’s body.

At this point, the secrets hidden in Huang Yijun’s old man for more than 60 years have been completely revealed. While everyone is amazed, they also deeply admire the elderly.

Huang Yijun

We all know that it is difficult to keep a secret, and for a secret that is not good for himself, the elderly Huang Yijun adhered to more than 60 years.

After her husband died, she became the only person in the world who knew this secret, but she never told her tragic experience with others, and she had not complained to anyone.

What kind of endurance is needed, maybe because of the strength of the elderly, she can spend her old age safely and healthy, and enjoy the joy of her children and grandchildren.

We sincerely wish that Huang Yijun’s elderly can live a hundred years old, and we also wish that everyone who has endured suffering can be gently waiting for years.

Huang Yijun

Of course, we also wish every pregnant woman to smoothly meet the arrival of their children, because pregnancy is a manifestation of bravery and greatness.

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