In 2019, a 67 -year -old aunt in Shandong, naturally conceived a daughter, and the husband revealed the secret of old age children.


On October 25, 2019, at the entrance of the delivery room of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Zaozhuang City, a pale hair was waiting anxiously at the door.

After a few hours, the door of the delivery room slowly opened, and the nurse walked out holding a baby.

"It’s a girl, mother and daughter safe."

At this time, the old man who had been waiting at the door took a long breath, "Good daughter, daughter, thank you, do you want to come out?" When will my wife come out? "

You did not hear it right. This newly born little baby girl has a father and daughter with the 68 -year -old old man, and the old man named Huang Weiping.

The mother who had just produced in the delivery room was his 67 -year -old wife Tian Xinju.

Even more surprising is that the couple still conceive naturally this time.

As soon as this news came out, it instantly boarded the hot search headlines in 2019. Many infertile couples came here and asked the old man to ask for "the secret recipe for child."

Why can the old man be pregnant so old?

What is the "secret recipe for child"?


Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju lived in Zaozhuang, Shandong. In the 1950s of the last century, almost everyone had a marriage, but the two were free in love.

Perhaps because of a deep emotional foundation, the life of the two after marriage has always been happy and sweet. Not long after, Tian Xinju gave birth to a daughter for the Huang family.

The husband and wife are harmonious, and the children are both durate. Such a life makes Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju feel very satisfied.

When he was young, Huang Weiping was a lawyer. He usually worked very busy. He was often busy in the middle of the night for a case. Tian Xinju was a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology. He did not work during the day and night.

Maybe as a doctor, even if she works hard every day, Tian Xinju will urge Huang Weiping to exercise regularly, because she knows how important a good body is for people.

Inadvertently inserting Liu Liu into the shade, I ca n’t think. The good habit he cultivated that year has become one of the important reasons for the two people to get the child many years later.

As the days have passed, the children have gradually grown up, and the couple have reached the age of retirement.

Two people who have been busy for most of their lives, even if they retire, they can’t help it, so they open a small vegetable garden in front of their door. Regardless of whether the wind or rain, the two are like taking care of a pair of children, taking care of them, taking care of them, taking care of them.Fruit and vegetables in front of the door.

Children can’t bear to look at their parents so hard, and "mutter" every time they go home:

"Dad, you have added more than 10,000 yuan with your mother, and our brothers and sisters will also give you living expenses every month. So much money to buy food is good.

Huang Weiping knew that his children were distressed by himself.

Knowing that he couldn’t help his father, the children didn’t say anything.

Because when he was young, he insisted on exercising, so the old couple had been tough before, but the years were not forgiving, and when they were older, they went to the door.

In 2018, 66 -year -old Tian Xinju was diagnosed with cerebral infarction. After Huang Weiping learned, he was so nervous that he loved his wife more and more.

However, I did not expect that this time the illness completely changed their lives and made the old couple blessed due to misfortune.


During the hospitalization, the doctor prescribed a lot of medicines to treat Tian Xinju’s cerebral infarction. Although Tian Xinju had become grandma at this time, because these medicines were too bitter, she would play a small nature every time she was taken.

Huang Weiping watched his wife with a small temper, and he was patiently coaxed every time.

Under the careful care of Huang Weiping, after Tian Xinju took the medicine for a while, the cerebral infarction gradually disappeared, and at the same time, she also found a huge change in her body:

After ten years of menstruation, he reappeared.

At first Tian Xinju didn’t think about it. After all, she had been menopause for more than ten years, so when she first discovered her lower body bleeding, she was frightened and thought she had any gynecological diseases.

So the old couple quickly drove to the hospital. After the hospital examination, the doctor told Tian Xinju that she had nothing to do, that is, ordinary menstruation.

"Teacher Tian, I still saw this situation for the first time! You are returning to the old and returning child." The first student she brought to Tian Xinju was the first batch of students.Essence

"Don’t talk about you, I have been seeking for the first time from the doctor for the first time. I just have no problem, and come here." Tian Xinju said with a smile.

After returning home, Tian Xinju looked at the medicine left on the table, thinking: The effect of cure thermal blood and blood removal of cerebral infarction, this time my menstruation reappeared, may be related to this medicine.

But now the cerebral infarction is good, and the medicine does not need to take it. It is the best thing to have no problem with the body. Tian Xinju was put down.

After a few months, Tian Xinju found that her menstruation had stopped for several months. Not only that, Tian Xinju always felt weak and sore her waist.

Combined with these performances, Tian Xinju, who has many years of experience in medicine, suddenly realized that he would not get pregnant?Intersection

But this year, her husband Huang Weiping was 68 years old and he was 67 years old. How could this be!

So for the sake of insurance, the old couple took a taxi to the hospital.

The doctor took the checklist and said something that shocked the two: Tian Xinju has been pregnant for more than two months.

Although Tian Xinju was prepared for a long time, when the result was really in front of her eyes, she still stunned.


Why can Tian Xinju be pregnant at such an old age?

It turned out that Tian Xinju and her husband Huang Weiping have always been very good, so even if they are in their 60s, the old couple still maintains a regular husband and wife life.

Generally speaking, after women are more than 50 years old, the probability of natural conception will decline significantly, not to mention Tian Xinju is 67 years old.

So even after she recovered menstruation, the two had not taken contraceptive measures while in the same room, but did not expect to be recruited.

The doctor considered that Tian Xinju was an elderly mother, so he thought about Tian Xinju’s health and asked her to do a comprehensive examination.

The test results show that the fetal indicators are very good, and it will be formed immediately.

Originally, the second old man thought that if the child was unhealthy, it was removed, but now the child is healthy and has begun to take shape.

When her husband, Huang Weiping, was pleased when he heard that he might be a father, but he still hesitated when he thought of his wife’s body.After all, young pregnant women have a child like a child away from the ghost door, not to mention 67’s wife.

"The size is a life. Since he is here, it means that he has a fate with our old couple." Tian Xinju said to her husband.

Seeing her husband rest assured, she said, "Don’t worry, there will be nothing, I am a doctor, I know my own body."

Seeing his wife’s firm attitude, Huang Weiping had to obey, but at this time he vowed secretly in his heart that if he faced the problem of the second choice in the future, he would not hesitate to choose his wife.

Although the children in the belly are now very healthy, there is a greater challenge waiting for the old couple —– that is the child’s level.

Will his children agree to give birth to the child?

In order to keep the child, the old couple decided to "cut first and then play". In the early stage, they did not mention Tian Xinju’s pregnancy.

As the days have passed, Tian Xinju’s pregnant belly is getting more and more obvious, and she just explains that she has been fat recently.

However, after all, the paper could not help the fire, and Tian Xinju’s pregnancy was still discovered by his children.

After the daughter learned the truth, the fire was furious. "Mom, aren’t you making trouble? How old are you, your grandson is 18 years old! Elderly producing a child is a big event! After that, who will raise the child who will raise it after this, who will raise the child.","

On the one hand, her daughter is worried about her mother’s body, and on the other hand, considering the child’s support, these two problems are really realistic.

Unlike his daughter’s anger, his son was calm. He felt that as long as the results of the inspection were normal, and multiple relatives were good.

In the face of the quarrel of this big family, Huang Weiping said that they have retirement, and they do n’t need to worry about them. They and their wives can support the child.

Seeing that she couldn’t move the old old, her daughter was carrying her bag and dropped the door.


The daughter’s performance is always mentally prepared, but now that they have decided to leave the child, they will be responsible for the end.

After that, Tian Xinju did the production inspection on time. Fortunately, the indicators were normal, and the child was growing healthy.

Not only that, Tian Xinju, who had high blood pressure before, was miraculous because of pregnancy.

The second old man is more firm, this child is a gift from heaven.

Considering Tian Xinju’s physical condition, the doctor had a cesarean section on October 25, 2019.

At 9 am, with a loud baby crying, their younger daughter was born, and Tian Xinju successfully came down from the operating table.

The old couple watched the daughter in her arms unhappy, so they named the daughter "God", which means that the daughter was a gift from heaven to them.

At that time, the news of Tian Xinju’s 67 -year -old child was swept through the entire China. She broke the record of the oldest natural maternity in my country.

For a time, newspaper TVs were reported everywhere.

During Tian Xinju’s confinement, Huang Weiping became a nanny and a nanny, and he always turned like a gyroscope in a day, but Huang Weiping said that he was tired but very happy.

In this way, under the careful care of Huang Weiping, Tian Xinju’s body slowly recovered, and Xiaotianci slowly grew up.

The eldest daughter who had previously conflicted with her mother and her mother slowly accepted the existence of this sister.

It seems that because of the stumbling of blood, the eldest daughter looked at her sister who was a little similar to her when she was a child, and she loved it strangely.

Today, Xiaotianci is three years old, and Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju are already over 70 years old. Although I do n’t know how long they can accompany their children, no matter what, today’s family is very happy, which is enough.

Because of the arrival of Xiao Tianci, in addition to adding a lot of laughter to this home, a lot of "fame" was added.

Many husbands and wives who did not conceive their children in all parts of the country came to Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju’s home, and asked them the "secret recipes" who had children.

Every time I talk about this Huang Weiping, she laughed and waved her hand. How can there be any secret recipes for having a child? If you want to conceive the child, you have to go to a regular hospital to check for treatment.

"We are not deliberately preparing for pregnancy, there is no secret recipe."

In the end, Huang Weiping said that if there is a secret recipe, this child "secret recipe" may be the harmonious affection between husband and wife, adhere to a healthy life, and maintain an optimistic attitude.

This sentence seems very simple, but if it is really done, maybe few people can really do it.

what do you think?

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