In 2022, the benefits of giving birth to a baby, do n’t forget to pay attention to the full set of tutorials.

While the mothers are greeted, don’t forget to pay attention to maternity insurance benefits and apply for maternity allowances in time.

The maternity allowance provided by maternity insurance can usually get 20,000, and more than 100,000 welfares for the mother and employees of the employees.

Today I will tell you about the 2022 childbirth ordering strategy for novice parents remember to collect it!

[Heart] What are the benefits of maternity insurance?

Two major benefits during pregnancy to maternity leave: maternity medical expenses + maternity allowances

1 Reimbursement of maternity medical expenses: reimbursement of production inspection and production expenses, such as: prenatal examination, pregnancy examination, costs incurred by childbirth, family planning medical expenses.

2 Receive maternity allowances: Subsidy salary during maternity leave, in popular terms, is the money given you during the maternity vacation.

[Heart] When can you apply for maternity allowances?

Sometimes the regulations of the fertility allowance are generally 6 months to 1 year after delivery. The time to miss the reimbursement is deemed to be automatically abandoned.

[Heart] How to calculate the fertility allowance?

Maternity allowance: = The average employee salary of employees in the previous year ÷ 30 (day) X maternity leave days

[Heart] Can I use my husband?

If my wife is not working, but my husband has paid maternity insurance, it can

The maternity and medical treatment provided by maternity insurance is used for wives without maternity insurance, but they do not enjoy maternity allowances.However, my husband can enjoy the accompanying allowance, and the specific application method is on the Tuka ~

[Heart] Newborn medical insurance application method

Children’s medical insurance is a medical insurance for children’s social security. Both hospitalization and outpatient clinics can reimburse a certain proportion.

Therefore, within 90 days from the next day of the baby’s birth, novice parents should handle the baby in time, and can also reimburse the hospitalization costs at the time of birth.The way to handle the medical insurance for newborns is sorted on the Tuka ~

[Heart] Other fertility allowances and maternity leave issues are shown in the figure, mainly around

1. How much can fertility costs be reimbursed

2. How to calculate the fertility allowance

3. How many days are the national real estate leave and companion leave in 20122

4. Conditions for fertility allowances

5. What information is needed for fertility allowances

6. Frequently issues of fertility allowances

Such as: Can I still receive labor salary after applying for maternity allowances?

7. How to use her husband’s maternity insurance

8. What to do with newborn medical insurance

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