In daily life, please do not drink ginger brown sugar water as boiled water!

“”Ginger brown sugar water is a drink. The symptoms of the cold and cold cold can be relieved. If it is a yin deficiency and fire, the more you drink, the more uncomfortable.Therefore, ginger brown sugar water should not be drunk.

In this year, after the epidemic prevention and control, those infected with the virus "Yangyang" can be seen everywhere.Heating, sore throat, soreness and fatigue, sleepy at night, gastrointestinal discomfort, runny nose or dry cough are really uncomfortable.Patients who go to the hospital are difficult to queue in line, and the common cold medicines in pharmacies have been caught again.As a result, no matter whether the symptoms are light or serious, many people under the rogue cook the brown sugar ginger water at home to alleviate the discomfort of the body.

Everyone knows that water is an important material for life to survive. Only when the body maintains enough water can the body maintain normal health and ensure that the body is in a balanced health state. Therefore, water is the "universal medicine" of our human body.When a cold or virus infection, when the body is uncomfortable, the doctor recommends drinking more water, not referring to brown sugar ginger water, and you must attract attention.

Although brown sugar and ginger are the standing ingredients in the family kitchen, they are delicious and delicious when making seasoning, and are harmless to their health.If brown sugar and ginger boil the soup together, it is not boiling water, but it is called "brown sugar ginger drink" one by one.

(According to information) The nutritional value of brown sugar and ginger:

1. The raw material of brown sugar is sugarcane. More than 95%of the ingredients are sucrose. It retains the nutritional ingredients of more sugarcane and is more likely to be digested and absorbed by the human body. Therefore, it can quickly replenish physical strength and increase vitality.In addition, it also contains vitamins and trace elements, which not only contain carbohydrates that can provide heat energy, but also contain various elements that are indispensable for human growth and development.

2. Ginger is a common seasoning of our people’s kitchen. The chemical composition of ginger includes volatile oil, crickets, resin, amino acids, flavonoids, etc.Among them, volatile oil is the main active ingredient.

3. Brown sugar ginger water is made of brown sugar and ginger as the main raw materials. It is not boiled water, but a drink, commonly known as ginger soup.Because of its warmth, it is a drink that is widely circulated by the people.This is the summary of the ancient people’s experience, which is commonly used in the people.

Brown sugar ginger water is a drink. We cannot drink it as white water. As long as the pores are slightly open, the sweaty sweats must stop.

Who is not suitable for drinking brown sugar ginger water?

1. Although the brown sugar ginger water is a drink that we often use in life to prevent cold and warm the stomach. After drinking it, sweating can relieve the cold and cold symptoms.However, you can’t drink more. Because the brown sugar ginger is warm, it will increase the virtual fire in the body and cause the body’s uncomfortable symptoms.Therefore, "Yin deficiency internal heat" is best not to drink brown sugar ginger water.

2. Although brown sugar water is rich in nutrition, it cannot be greedy.It is not recommended to drink every day, and it is not recommended to drink a large amount at a time.People with diabetes should try to avoid not eating as much as possible; people who constipation and sores have sores, in order to prevent fire, they cannot eat.In addition, brown sugar water should not be delivered when taking medicine.

3. It is not recommended to drink brown sugar and ginger water before going to bed, which will cause the sugar reserves in the body to be too large. In the long run, it may occur, and it may cause fatigue and dental caries. In severe cases, it may cause complications.

4. Remember that "brown sugar and ginger water" is not water, you can’t drink it as a boiled water.

Cold or virus infection. Drinking plenty of water reminded by the doctor refers to the boiled white water after boiling, neither "brown sugar ginger water" nor "lemon rock sugar silver ear water".Any food has a good side and a bad side. It is necessary to eat it in an appropriate amount for your own individuals!

I am a health manager who has been holding a certificate. Although I have retired, I am responsible for everyone’s health. I deliberately remind everyone not to be drank by the Internet "brick home".

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