In order not to take medicine to treat premature ejaculation, I "wit" underworld ligation surgery

This article comes from a real clinical case in the Department of Urology. The content comes from a male patient. The statement of "treatment" of his own condition has premature ejaculation. This disease has so far and the cause is unknown!In order to be able to show the patient’s "treatment" plot more intuitive and easy to understand, the content of the article simulates the patient’s tone from the perspective of the first person …

If premature ejaculation is a disease, then this disease should exist from the first girlfriend when I talk about the first girlfriend!I also checked a lot of disease knowledge on the Internet. I judged that my type of disease should belong to "primary premature ejaculation".

"I haven’t tried to treat it. Many men around the key, and I didn’t see them too much about it." I was thinking that this disease has no pain and does not affect the same room.Essence

But to be honest, it is not troubled by it. Sometimes when sexuality is good, premature ejaculation affects the gender relationship between me and my lover.Therefore, I often search for the relevant treatment knowledge of premature ejaculation on the Internet. The treatment methods are mixed with too many advertisements and false content, which makes it difficult for me to distinguish a ordinary person.

So after some thought, I planned to learn about the advanced hospital.I still gained in the hospital after face -to -face consultation.The doctor told me that there are organic reasons, such as prostatitis and endocrine diseases, then treat these diseases first, and then take drugs for premature ejaculation. After understanding, I know that these drugs are antidepressants, which makes me verybe surprised.

I don’t understand why I have no depression, and it feels that it is too sensitive. Then why take antidepressants, the key is that these drugs still have obvious side effects.I remembered it naturally and in horror. Before, my aunt had depression. I heard that I took the medicine and was depressed every day, drowsy, and the drug could not stop.This subjective idea made me directly deny the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Of course, after I understand, the mainstream treatment methods of premature ejaculation are after taking the medicine, and inquiring along this "clue", I found that if you want to find a non -drug treatment method, there is also a way, such as using an external bureau’s hemp medicine or using some some use of some use of some drugs or some use some of the useThe behavior of "skills", but after I tried one by one, I believed that they were all "artillery to fight mosquitoes": a meal was as powerful as a tiger, but the king became bronze.

So, when I was about to give up the treatment of premature ejaculation, suddenly one day, a "operation" of a friend around me was allowed to make me "skills".My friend told me that I had two children, and each contraception was very troublesome. I simply issued relevant proofs. I went to a medical institution with family planning qualifications to perform a "ligation surgery".My friend also told me proudly that after the ligation, the secretion could not come out, not afraid of pregnancy.I know very well. When my friend told me these words, I did not forget to make a color to me, and said to me, "Because the secretion can not come out, I can still treat premature ejaculation. I feel that I did it.Time has become longer. "

"What is the principle?" Although I was chatting with my friends this time, I pretended nothing about it, but in fact I deeply remember all the plots in the words.I tried to remember again and again, and to understand it over and over again. Through online inquiries, for these medical concepts of ligation and body structure, with the ability to understand the half -knowledge, I have a preliminary understanding of the method of ligation for premature ejaculation: ligation of ligation: ligationAfter that, the secretions cannot be prematurely avoided by the vascular tube, so premature ejaculation is avoided indirectly.

"But there is another question! What should I do if I ligate?" Do I still want children?I thought about this problem over and over again. The education problems of the two children now have made my economy very stressful, especially these two babies, my wife is a smooth delivery, because during the confinement, my wife has a lot of hard work.Obviously it does not meet my current planning of life and family.These analysis made me very contradictory, but with an article, my concerns were quickly dispelled by my lover.My wife told me that no matter the ligation and treating premature ejaculation, the "male" contraception conforms to her values.

Now it seems that all problems are not a problem.The only question is that I am still doubting: the news I get, the network query I made myself, and my own understanding, so can the truly ligation can treat premature ejaculation?With these questions, I made a consultation with the friend who had been ligated again. I asked him, is it really longer after ligation?Friends may see my "coming". This time, he obviously "cautious" was a lot. He told me: "Just he feels that it must be effective, and this medicine original ideal is known. But after all, ligation of ligationIt is not a recognized method of treatment. You want to let your doctor ligate you to treat premature ejaculation. The doctor is definitely unwilling. "

The words of my friend made me from holding the doctor’s idea of consulting the doctor.I was thinking, in case I told the doctor that I was going to treat premature ejaculation through ligation, and the doctor might not ligate me.As a result, after some subjective judgment, I decisively made up my mind. This determination made me embarked on the same "road" as friends: open a certificate, find a hospital, say a ligation, not disclose others, and perform surgery.

In order to ensure the effect, I clearly remember that I have "cultivated" for two weeks. It can be said that in the past two weeks, it is a torment on one side, and it is the expectation of the curative effect.Finally, I ushered in the "first time" after my ligation. As a result, I was very depressed. I felt that my symptoms of premature ejaculation did not improve at all, and my mood was darker for a long time.I was wondering what was wrong!

"That’s right, it must be the right time. It may be like this at first. After all, it takes time to adjust, and the better the future."I constantly encourage myself, because my "wit" choice, then it must be "brave".Unfortunately, things go wrong. After a month, I did not see the effect I wanted.

I was thinking that people’s patience will definitely be exhausted by "self -comfort" little by little.Well, if it is not effective, it will be effective.However, what made me most "crazy" and desperate is that I don’t know if it is because I have too much pressure, or ligation has an impact on hardness. Several times in the same room, I found that I was almost impotence.

So I started to check the Internet. The results of the query surprised me, because many posts on the Internet were describing, whoever impotence after ligating.This news is like "Sunny Thunderbolt", which has become the last straw that crushes me "psychological". Suddenly at this time, I think medicine is so sacred, awesome, and inviolability. I understand that the only problem that can solve me nowIt is the doctor at the hospital.

So, I started to register the hospital at the hospital, and started to entrust my doctor and Pan honestly, everything happened to me, and my "witty" cognition.As a result of the clinic, it can be said that there are joy and sorrow. The doctor told me that ligation cannot treat premature ejaculation.The favorite doctor told me that ligation does not cause impotence.The news of this sadness and joy suddenly made me overwhelmed!No, it should be said to make me so stable and calm.

I know very well that this is a psychological understanding after the "farce" ended!I started to relax and forget these things.Soon, two weeks later.I found that there was no almost impotence, and with my correct cognition and calm treatment of premature ejaculation, my premature ejaculation also relieved.Two months have passed now. I still go to work, chat, brag, and go home to tease children every day!However, my own "wit" farce has emerged from time to time …

In the article, the patient produces a misunderstanding of "ligation can treat premature ejaculation", which is mainly because the patient does not understand the physiological structure of men.Normally, male JY contains sperm and sperm plasma.Sperm is generated by testicular, and it is excreted from the body through urethra through the vollar.After the male ligation, the sperm cannot be discharged from the outside of the autonomic pipe, but!Please note that it just said that semen contains sperm and sperm, ligating the sperm, but the sperm plasma is secreted by glands such as prostate and seminal gland in the urethra.

Therefore, the anatomical structure of the urethra after ligation has not changed, so after ligation, there will still be sperm secretion, and more than 95%of the substances in semen are sperm.In the 1970s and 1980s, there were many men who were ligated with bilateral vasters due to family planning, and their sexual function was not affected, but semen did not contain sperm.Therefore, there is no scientific basis for the treatment of premature ejaculation by the vascular ligation.””” “” Men’s Health Expert Talk”

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