In the 1970s and 1980s, how many of those instant noodles known as "luxury goods"?


Speaking of instant noodles, everyone doesn’t like to eat much now.

It may only consider eating a bag of "instant instant noodles" when time is tight or does not want to cook.

As everyone knows, the instant noodles were "representative of high -end food", and only some rich people could eat it.

All kinds of instant noodles

At that time, the rural areas, instant noodles were once used as gifts, and even used as longevity noodles on their birthdays.

Its preciousness can be called the current Maotai.

But until now, how many instant noodles you have eaten when you have been?

When did you get instant noodles from a "disappointment" life manifestation?


Before talking about these, let’s take a look at several instant noodles. I don’t know if you haven’t seen them in the market:

The first, six -chome.

Six -chome

The second is Xiong Yiwu.

Xiong Yiwu

The third is Nanjie Village.

Nanjie Village

In addition to these three types, there are many instant noodles that can evoke our memories of years, but do you know that the world’s first pack instant noodles are actually chicken taste.

The person who created it was Wu Baifu (Ando Baifu), known as the "Father of Noodles".

In a winter night in 1957, Wu Baifu came to a noodle restaurant. He saw that people wanted to take a hot noodle and need to take a long cold team, so they thought:

"If you can develop a noodle, you can eat hot water, and it will definitely be very popular."

At this time, he was in Japan, and as a person born in Taiwan, he knew his noodles, so he quickly developed a very tough noodle.

However, fresh noodles are easy to deteriorate, and it is inconvenient to transport. How can I quickly air dry?

One day, he saw his wife making fried food, and suddenly realized.

Wu Baifu

The food has been fried for a long time, and it is faster than the air -dried speed. If you pour some water, the surface will quickly absorb the expansion.

The fried instant noodles were born under the inspiration of Wu Baifu’s wife, and Wu Baifu also put a pack of chicken flavor seasoning in it.

Since then, instant noodles have swept the markets of various countries. I heard that Wu Baifu would eat every day. This eating is 48 years.

However, some people also raised objections, saying that the instant noodles should be from the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty in China.

Wu Baifu

At that time, there was a famous man in Yangzhou named Yin Bingzhang. He was a well -known acute.

In order to save the time for meals, he kneaded eggs and flour together into noodles, and then fryed and drained for later use.

When he was hungry, he took it out and poured it into the bowl, soaked in hot water, and added a little sauce to become a delicious dish.

After this method came out, people imitated, and they also gave the instant noodles a name called "Iran" or "Yangzhou Face".

Until now, it is not important who is the founder of instant noodles, but it is indeed Wu Baifu to add packaging and push the market to the market.

And instant noodles also "witnessed" China’s growth, perhaps we can really see the changes of the times and their childhood ourselves in it.

Children are eating instant noodles

In 1964, the "Beijing Food Factory" in mainland China began to produce instant noodles. At that time, the instant noodles were bulk and were generally placed in the supply and marketing cooperatives for sale.

But its taste is very different from the current instant noodles.

At that time, people fried noodles with duck oil. After a while, they found that the instant noodles of duck frying had a strange taste, and the preservation time was not long. Later, it was changed to palm oil.

In 1968, the Shanghai Yimin Food Factory produced the first bag of Chinese bags in China -egg instant noodles, which contains onion oil flavor.

Don’t underestimate it. In the 1960s and 1970s, domestic instant noodles like this could not afford anyone.

Its price and preciousness can be comparable to today’s Moutai.

Before the national grain and oil policy is liberalized, if you are the director of instant noodle factories under the planned economy system, you need food tickets for flour to buy flour, eggs and egg tickets for eggs, salt and sugar are planned, and it must be approved by relevant departments.

Production team

This situation lasted until 1987, and the grain and oil policy was liberalized, and it was not so troublesome to buy instant noodle raw materials.

Countless manufacturers have also seized this shareholder style, and they introduced the production line of bombing instant noodles from Japan. Many of our familiar instant noodles were generated at this time.

You, like Zhuhai Huafeng’s Sanxian Iraq noodles, chicken juice noodles, etc., have become a beautiful aftertaste in the 1980s.

Sanxian Yiman

It is convenient for the reason why the noodle factories can rise so much at the same time, and it is inseparable from the ten years of reform and opening up.

People saved money in their pockets, and occasionally buying instant noodles for adopters is also a matter of face.

However, at that time, there were still a few people who could buy instant noodles for two or three cents. After all, they could buy a family bucket.

Therefore, everyone wants to eat instant noodles, but does not have enough ability to satisfy wanton taste buds.

Just when everyone was confused, it went to highlighting, and even swept the world completely "live"!


In the early 1990s, the instant noodle boundary was simply a leading situation:

There are "Longfeng" in Shandong, "Hualong" in Hebei, "Zhongcuo" in Wuxi, and "Xiong Yitu" in Shaanxi ………

Hualong "Well -off Family"

All kinds of instant noodles came from all directions, and walked into the lives of ordinary people.

The two giants of "Master Kang" and "Unification" also appeared at this time. For everyone, there was a taste of taste buds, but for many manufacturers in the mainland, it was a "destruction" competition.

Master Kong and unity of that era were different from our current cognition.

At that time, "Master Kang" was just on the market, and it advertised at CCTV’s golden period. How much did it fire later?

The wholesaler lined up in front of Master Kang’s factory with gifts and cash. In order to meet market demand, "Master Kang" could only take the wholesaler’s prepaid to introduce three production lines abroad.

When it "swept" the market, Taiwan’s "unified" instant noodles appeared unwillingly. As soon as they came up, they had to fight the price war with Master Kang.

At that time, a pack of mainstream noodles was about 8 cents and 1 yuan. However, Master Kang reached 3 yuan a pack, and the uniform was 2.8 packs.

All kinds of instant noodles

They have stronger strength in the packaging and production lines. It is conceivable that the instant noodles in the mainland are very dangerous.

Some of them have been entered into the low -end market, such as the popular noodles of the old Beijing for a while; others can only shrink in the province’s small markets, such as Zhongcui and Hualong.

The picture of the mainland’s heroes rushed into the highlight of Master Kang and unified.

Those instant noodles that were common in the 1960s and 1980s began to fade out of people’s sight.

From 1995 to 2000, it was the "laid -off period" at the end of the last century, and it was also the "dark moment" of local ethnic companies. Whether it was instant noodles or shampoo, it was merged by foreign brands.

Each employee of Master Kang and Unification will be one employee, and the local instant noodle factory will have one less employee. Who does not want to go to the coast to make more money?

On the way to the train to their destinations, they would eat Master Kang and unified instant noodles to fill their hunger.

People who eat instant noodles

You will find that more and more people can afford instant noodles, and people can see people eating instant noodles on the train and waiting room.

And they all eat, and they seem to be desperate to make up for the regrets that they can’t eat instant noodles before.

This market is a bit strange. Everyone wants to eat instant noodles. The convenience of noodle factories also earn a lot of money. The production line is getting bigger and bigger. Why did it fall directly to the lowest end of the food contempt chain?

When will those so -called "high -end luxury instant noodles" become "downlink"?


Faced with inflation, the price of instant noodles appears cheaper. What extent is it cheap?

In 1999, a news was particularly interesting: "Ma Yun took 9 months of instant noodles in a row."

At that time, he was facing the fourth entrepreneurial failure. He couldn’t wait to become two -petal. The only benefit of his employees was to eat instant noodles for free.

Ma Yun who eat instant noodles

Eat in the morning, eat at noon, and eat at night. The instant noodles have become three meals a day for starting Ali.

When many people pay attention to Ali, some people also start to pay attention to instant noodles. Some people say:

"We can’t afford to put it until before, but now eating instant noodles has become a helpless choice."

On December 11, 2001, China joined the WTO, and the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta began to develop.

Followed by it is the production -oriented enterprise that rises from the ground, gathered in the demand for densely populated jobs. At that time, the coastal salary was two or three times higher than the inland.The coast.

On the train, they still rely on instant noodles to fill their hunger, so even if they are inflation, Master Kang and Unity still stand still.

Two major instant noodle giants wanted to rely on China’s development bonus to continue to enjoy the economic harvest, but I did not expect to be a good start in 2014!

People who eat instant noodles in the railway station

Since the opening of the free trade of grain and oil in 1987, the market share of instant noodles has been growing in double digits.

It was different until 2014. According to statistics, 46.22 billion packages were sold in 2013. In 2014, only 44 billion packages were sold, and in 2016, it fell to 38.5 billion packages.

Instant noodle manufacturers are starting to be confused. What is going on?

The most fundamental reason is not to peer too much, nor the effect of taste or price, but "big trend".

I had to eat instant noodles on the train before. Working far away, I worked with instant noodles at any time, but now it is different.

Family eats

The high -speed rail network is increasingly perfect, and people do not need to eat instant noodles on the road.

There are also fewer jobs when going out, and you can also find a good job in your hometown. The inland economic situation is getting better. Peacocks don’t have to fly from the southeast.

And the most important thing is that the 4G network is popular, and there are more takeaway APPs. People prefer to order takeaway, and few people buy instant noodles.

However, it is strange that in 2017, the instant noodles seemed to "warm up" again. At that time, a hot search:

"Instant noodles warming"

Some experts have summarized the entire process of instant noodle development:

In the 1980s and 1990s, instant noodles were hotly sold because of the rise in China’s economy, so that more and more people could afford instant noodles.

From 1995 to 2013, there was a tide of work, and traffic was not so convenient. People would also choose to eat instant noodles on the road.

In 2014, 4G was popular, and people had more choices for food, and rarely paid attention to instant noodles of taste upgrades.

In 2017, with the development of the economy and the improvement of the happiness index of life, some people began to miss the taste of childhood.

Some people who are far away from their hometown eat a bowl of instant noodles, and they can recall the days when they have taken the train home. The kind of happiness is obtained from the taste buds.

So to this day, because of the impact of the epidemic, we will also buy some instant noodles. After all, it is really convenient than other things.

You see, instant noodles are like a piece of item, and we have always recorded our growth with China.

People who eat instant noodles on the train

The difference is that now abroad, instant noodles are still regarded as the dream "luxury".

There is a saying on the Internet: "I haven’t eaten instant noodles, not enough to talk about life."


In the past, Africans showed off their wealth: Dajin Chain, Dajin Watch, and US dollar bills flying all over the sky.

Now they take photos and hold the instant noodles "OK", the big gold chain is sad.

Africans eat instant noodles

Africa also has an instant noodle production line, but their industrialization is still in the budding stage, and the facilities are not so hard, and they can only buy instant noodles from abroad.

For example, Africa south of Sahara spends a lot of money to buy instant noodles each year. When it comes to a box, it can be sold to $ 30, which is equivalent to 210 yuan.

When they are extremely excited, they even say, "I feel like crossing the Forbidden City!"

Now China can not only produce a large amount of instant noodles, but also convenient logistics transportation. People can afford it. Even if it is not more of the OK gesture, it is very confident.

Maybe this is the strong place in China.

It is really not good to eat more noodles, but I have to admit that he has brought a lot of convenience to our lives.

And China is a convenient, powerful and warm home.

Children eating instant noodles

So do you think of yourself when you eat instant noodles now?

Or do you think of the self -sitting on the train and holding the instant noodle barrel, looking forward to the reunion with your family?

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