In the dream: he married me with a white lanterns, and dream of dreaming, but I was pregnant

where is this place?

I stood in front of an ancient house, and the cold moonlight spilled quietly on the ground.Through the moonlight, I clearly saw a large plaque hanging on the red door, and the word "Lufu" flashed in the cold light in the moonlight.

On the slate road in front of the door, two prestigious stone lions statues stand on the left and right. I don’t know if it is my illusion. I actually saw the two stone lions’s eyes flashed a strange red light.

I slowly raised my hand and touched the bronze lock on the door.

"Oh!" At the moment of the lock at my fingertips, it actually fell off the door and fell to the ground!

"Squeak–" I just prepared to pick up the lock on the ground. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, and the door opened slowly!

A burst of ancient and cold atmosphere rushed on, and I inexplicably shivered.

I hung the bronze lock onto the door and walked in.

The bleak moonlight poured on the bluestone slab road under my feet. With the moonlight, I looked around for four weeks and looked at the ancient buildings that were different from modern. I thought this was probably the house left by a large house in ancient times.

Continue to move forward along Qingshi Shid Road, the home courtyard gradually appeared in front of me.Rosewood carved, jade -building railing.Originally, a magnificent appearance became weird because of the shining of moonlight.

The eaves around the yard are covered with white lanterns, and the candlelight is swaying with the wind of the wind, making the original strange yard even more shocking.

Huh?There seems to be words on the lantern?I got forward in doubt, and I felt hair in my heart.

I saw a large "囍" on the lantern, and it was slightly shaking with the lantern in the night.

"Is this …? Do you get a wedding? But who will get married with a white lanterns?" I murmured whispering.

"Squeaks–" I was thinking about this problem. Suddenly, a gust of wind rose, accompanied by a candlelight that was suddenly dark, the original closed door of the main courtyard opened slowly!

"Su Yanyao! Get up! It’s late!" Suddenly, a sharp girl stimulated my eardrum, and I woke up violently.

Looking at the familiar room and Zhang Jingxuan’s black face at the bottom of the pot, I sighed in my heart, but fortunately it was a dream.

"Why … Xuan Xuan." I rolled around at will, rubbed my sleepy eyes, and said slightly.

Really, I woke me up early in the morning and was sleepy.

"Why?! Oh my aunt, you are going to be late at work!" Looking at my way to die, Zhang Jingxuan pulled my hand and tried to pull me up from the bed.Deep, she tried several times to give up.

etc?IntersectionI opened my eyes sharply, jumped up from the bed, and hurriedly put on my clothes.

"I’m going, why don’t you call me late when you are late!" I roared while wearing clothes.

After finishing, it would be miserable if I caught me for the director.

"Did I call it? It’s like you sleep like a pig. You can’t wake up why you call it." Zhang Jingxuan sat on the bed and leaned his mouth.

"I …" Well, I don’t know what to say for a while, I can only speed up the speed in my hands.

Blame Zhang Jingxuan, I have to write any spiritual novels, pull me to see ghost movies and see the middle of the night, otherwise how could I be late?

I am a wedding plan, and my friend Zhang Jingxuan is a network author. We are all abandoned orphans. We lived in the Angel Orphanage since I was eighteen years old.When I came out, although it was a little hard to live during that time, but anyway, we survived it. I found a job, and I rented a lot of apartments with Zhang Jingxuan. I finally didn’t worry about eating and drinking.

"Xiaosu, Director Chen didn’t come today." Seeing me sneaky into the studio, the senior of the neighboring table Zhong Xinyan said funny.

"Huh–" I heard Zhong Xinyan’s words, I immediately collapsed on the seat, relieved fiercely.

"By the way, Sister Xinyan, why didn’t Director Chen come today?" I picked up the mineral water on the table and asked curiously.

"Oh, his cousin got married today and went to the wedding." Zhong Xinyan answered while moving the mouse.

When I heard that I got married, I was holding the bread’s hand, and my mind gradually flashed the plot in last night.The more I think, the more I feel strange. It is said that it is not a festive red since ancient times. I have never seen anyone who will use a white lanterns.

"By the way, Sister Xinyan, do you know the custom of getting married and hanging white lanterns in ancient times?" I asked with a vagueness.

"Huh?" Zhong Xinyan heard me, turned her head to look at me, and the expression on her face became a little weird.

"Why … what’s wrong?" I asked Zhong Xinyan a little stuttered.

"Why do you suddenly ask this?" Zhong Xinyan took the cup on the table, took a sip, and then looked at me solemnly.

"I …" She suddenly asked like this. I didn’t know what to say for a while. Do you want to tell her that I dreamed of this last night?

"I am … oh! I saw it in the movie, and asked if I felt curious."

"Movies? Do you dare to watch that kind of movie?" Zhong Xinyan looked at me in surprise.

"Hehe …" I heard her tone, and I smiled embarrassingly with my hair.

"Well …" Suddenly, Zhong Xinyan sighed, and her face became ugly. I was trying to ask her why she sighed, and only heard her say, "It is true that you said that the ancient wedding -hanging white lanterns."

"Huh?!" I widened my eyes in surprise, and someone really got married and hung a white lanterns!But the words of Zhong Xinyan made me feel cold!

"But … the white lanterns will be hung up when the wedding is held." Zhong Xinyan’s fluttering tone made my heart flutter.


"Wedding is not …" I looked at Zhong Xinyan, and said uncertainty.

"That’s right … Marriage is … marrying the dead!" Zhong Xinyan’s voice filled my eardrum.

Marry the dead!

For a while, I didn’t know what to say, marrying the dead …

Suddenly, a red figure appeared in my mind, and before I reacted, I disappeared.

"Actually, we also have the existence of Mingming in this era." Zhong Xinyan suddenly had an inexplicable emotion on his face.

When I heard her, I opened my eyes in surprise.

"That’s it ten years ago." Zhong Xinyan’s tone was also stained with a trace of sadness."At that time, I was a just graduated intern. As soon as I came to this company, I was assigned to a predecessor at the time. The predecessor was very good. I specially took care of my little girl who had just been out of the school. She was very gentle and kind., I like her very much, and directly treat her as her sister. Two months later, the company suddenly received a list of on -site planning cases on the wedding ceremony.Less than a week after the wedding plan, she suddenly died in a car accident … "Here, Zhong Xinyan’s voice choked unconsciously, and her eyes were slightly red.

"Before, the company had always explained the departments of underworld planning. As a result, the company’s boss thought it was unlucky, and ordered the company to withdraw the department and no longer accept the business planned." Zhong Xinyan said,I closed my eyes tiredly and saw her like that, and I was hard to say anything, so I had to focus on my work.

The white lantern swayed in the wind, the candlelight suddenly and dark, and a windy wind blew up, and the door of the main courtyard opened slowly!

I looked sideways, and a faint white mist in front of my eyes covered my eyes. I don’t know why. The white mist stimulated my eyes and made me want to shed tears. I raised my hand and rubbed my eyes, but whenWhen I put my hand down, the white mist in front of me disappeared.

Without the obstruction of Bai Wu, I clearly saw the scene in the lobby of the home.

In the center of the lobby, a black -brown coffin was placed. The front of the coffin lites three white candles. The light yellow candlelight trembled slightly in the air.At the top of the coffin, a huge white "囍" plaque was quietly attached to the wall, making the original lobby more weird.

Looking at the scene in front of me, I don’t know why. The first idea is not to run when you turn around, but to raise your feet and cross the threshold and walk into the lobby!

When I walked into the lobby, I saw the scene in the entire lobby. The slightly yellow wall was covered with flower balls satin for the ancients, but it was not a festive red, but to kill the cold white!

I slowly paced to the side of the coffin. Suddenly, a dark spirit card appeared on the top of the coffin. I took a look at it and took a breath instantly.

"This is … this is …" I stared at Lingpai for a long time.

Suddenly, a strange light from the whole body of Lingpai, the originally quiet coffin was slowly opened!

Seeing this scene in front of me, I wanted to run without saying a word, but I found that I couldn’t move?IntersectionAt this time, I felt that my body was completely non -governed by the brain. Not only did she not run, but slowly raised my hands and gently caught the spirit card!

The moment the Lingpai fell into my hand, I only heard a loud noise. The black -brown coffin covered the ground. Before I reacted, I saw a red figure slowly emerging in the coffin!

The figure gradually fell from the air to me. It was a handsome man with red ink. The man’s eyes were closed and his skin tone was extremely white.The lip color is not like cherry powder like normal people, but a layer of cold white.Suddenly, the man’s thick eyelashes trembled slightly like a fan, and then opened his eyes!

The beautiful purple eyes are vivid, and a pair of exquisite peach blossom eyes are the heart, especially a cinnabar mole under the right eye, adding a few evil charm to his original handsome appearance.

I don’t know if it’s my illusion, I always feel that the purple eyes have seen.The tenderness and sadness contained in those eyes made me inexplicate the urge to cry.

What’s wrong with me?

Suddenly, the man who was standing quietly in front of my eyes even slowly raised his hand and stroked my cheeks. The cold touch made my nerves trembling. I felt like a piece of ice was moving at will. ThisWhere should people have a temperature?Intersection

Shouldn’t I … really hit the legendary ghost?Intersection

Thinking of this, my nerves were tightened, but my body was still not dominated by the brain, and I could only stand on the spot.

The man’s hand still moved gently on my cheeks. I don’t know what he wants to do, and he can only look at him vigilantly.

"不 …" I don’t know how long, the man suddenly moved his hand from my face to the hair, and the slightly pale thin lips opened lightly, and a gentle and sloppy voice gradually echoed in my ears.After hearing his voice, I suddenly felt like I had known each other, but I couldn’t remember where I heard it.

"His Royal Highness, everything is ready." When I lost my mind, I didn’t know where two paper people suddenly appeared, and they kneeling straight in front of the man so straight.

Seeing paper people, I immediately felt a little creepy, because the two paper people were not something else, and the kind of formal funeral appeared.Wearing a big red paper ones, two big red circles on the cheeks, and a pale face with a strange smile. The original red and green color was full of scary and horror at this time.The breath makes me creepy!

When the man heard the paper man, he nodded slightly, and suddenly the two paper men ran to me, and set me up on the left and right!I immediately felt that I was almost scared!

What are they … what are you going to do?Intersection

Seeing the movement of paper people, the man did not stop, but his lips moved a few times. I felt like he was talking about something, but I couldn’t hear anything!

But although I can’t hear, but I will read my lip, and naturally know what he is talking about, marriage!He wants to marry me!IntersectionIntersection

Oh my god, I believe that my face is definitely good -looking now!

Suddenly, the paper man who had just moved my paper suddenly moved, and they brought me from the main hall of the lobby to a partial room in the lobby.

At this time, I was sitting in front of the dressing table and looked at the scene in the mirror. I felt like I was about to suffocate.

The two paper people were putting on my makeup, one to help me comb my hair, and the touch of the paper from my face and the movement between my hair made me feel that my body was up.

However, I have tried it. No matter what the method is used, I still can’t move at all, and I can only let their movements.

For a long time, I was suddenly supported by the stool from the stool. I saw a set of ancient brides on the bed, but it was not the kind of bright red, but the dark red that seemed to have been buried for many years, andLike the imprint left after the blood of blood drying up, the weirdness of red!

I didn’t respond yet, and I saw the two papermen put on the wedding dress for me without saying a word, and then covered a red Paizi on my head!

Then I felt that the two paper people moved me to somewhere, because my sight was blocked by a Paizi, so I didn’t know where the two paper people would take me.

It didn’t take long for me, I felt that the two papermen let go of my arm. Then, an old and hoarse sound sounded: "The wedding ceremony officially started!"

As soon as the words fell, I heard a sound of a suona sounded. It seemed to play music like ancient people when a wedding was held, but what I heard was not joy, but the sorrow that would only appear at the funeral!

"One worshiping the emperor of the sky!" Suddenly, my hand was inexplicable with a white satin, and I would throw it away subconsciously, but I forgot, I couldn’t move it at all. Then, I felt like I felt like I felt like myself.The body is not controlled downwards.

"By worship the Emperor Beiyin!" The voice still sounded in my ears, and my body bent again with the sound.

"Husband and wife worship!"

"Li Cheng! Newcomer enters the cave!" As soon as the words fell, I immediately picked up by a pair of cold hands and fell into a cold and wide chest!The cold touch stimulated my skin, making me unable to scream!

"Don’t! Don’t! Help!"

"Oh!" Suddenly …

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