In the hospital and waiting for abortion surgery, the one -night love man came to find: "I dare to kill my plant"

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Zhao Lan’s tone was extremely bad and pushed her away.

When she walked at the door of the room, she also carefully checked the room number.

"Wait for me, boss Wang, otherwise you have suffered."

After Zhao Lan pushed Tang Wanwan directly, he left himself.

After Tang Wanwan entered, he found that there were no one in it, and he wanted to run when the machine was disappeared.

Zhao Lan was afraid of her running. Before she came, she specially pressed medicine in her water. The road in front of her was almost unclear, and the pace under her feet was also stunned.

If Zhao Lan hadn’t given her medicine, how could she go so much.

Tang Wanwan’s enchanting figure has a peerless face, and the exquisite and beautiful goose egg has a pair of autumn waves, high nose bridge and small nose tip, exquisite and cute cherry mouth.

Anyone who watched is the degree of heartbeat, of course, this king is no exception, and he has been coveted to her for a long time.

What Zhao Lan usually loves is gambling, and Tang Wanwan drops out of school very early. The money made by Tang Wanwan’s work earned was almost used to pay her debt.

But in the past few years, she has become more and more incompetent, and she often does not pay debts and borrows money to bet. This time, she hit Tang Wanwan’s idea.

Tang Wanwan was already disappointed, but she couldn’t change the status quo, and she couldn’t wait indifferently here.

Strongly supported her gradually blurred, and stepped out of the door step by step.

Without consciousness, I just opened a door and walked in.

I saw a man walking out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, and his bone festival clearly wiped the hair that was still dripping.

Visual inspection of this man over one meter eight or five, the angular face, the tall nose bone, and a pair of people with a pair of peach blossoms.

Li Yunting looked at the stranger who broke into his room with his own brows, and walked towards Tang Wanwan expressionlessly towards Tang Wanwan.

I just wanted to hold her up and throw it out, but when I saw the woman’s appearance, her hands were unknowingly stunned.

Tang Wanwan felt a cold embrace and felt very comfortable, so he wrapped his hands and feet with his feet.

This cold embrace can just alleviate the heat in her body.

After all, Li Yunding is a man with a bloody man, a woman with delicate and small, and her complexion is red, how could he bear it.

Moreover, Tang Wanwan’s slight flower fragrance rushed to his nose, which made him react.

He said with a somber look: "Let me go, roll out."

Tang Wanwan has completely lost his mind. He only knows that the things holding are so comfortable and reluctant to let go.

If she is sober now, it can be seen that Li Yunting’s face is scary at this time.

"It’s hot … hot."

"Please … help me."

Tang Wanwan leaned on Li Yunting’s generous shoulders and said softly.

Her voice made him lose his mind and hugged her towards the big bed of KingSize.

"This time you took the initiative to come to the door."

Li Yunting leaned over and stared at her with big eyes, as if she was still a little guilty.

But seeing her rosy little lips, he couldn’t help kissing.

Li Yunting’s kiss was particularly overbearing, and the tip of his tongue walked wildly in Tang Wanwan’s mouth.

She also changed from the initial panic to cooperation and enjoyment, and the clothes of the two were left to the bed unknowingly.

the next morning.

Tang Wanwan woke up and was surrounded by the soreness, and his body was the same as he was scattered.

Looking at the man sleeping next to her, what happened yesterday was like a video tape and put it in her mind.

Tang Wanwan’s complexion immediately stirred up a ambiguous blush. Her smooth body, fragments on the ground on the ground, and the signs of him left by his body.

It was all said that the man’s fierce yesterday.

Before he woke up, Tang Wanwan picked up Li Yunting’s clothes and wanted to run.

Her legs were just stained with the ground, and the sore feeling almost made her plant directly to the ground.

When Tang Wanwan was used to the pain, he ran away quickly, for fear he woke up to settle accounts with her.

After all, sleeping in such a beautiful man has earned himself, it is better to accompany that king.

But there was a pity that she followed a unknown man for the first time.

Tang Wanwan had just fled the hotel. The mobile phone didn’t know how to shut down yesterday. After the boot was turned on, dozens of her adoptive mother called.

How can I know what to find her in the past? When she didn’t want to care, she hit it again.

Tang Wanwan wants to see that this phone is not allowed today.

As soon as I picked it up, Zhao Lan’s hoarse voice sounded: "Dead girl, President Wang said that I didn’t see you last night. I clearly sent you in myself. Where did you run last night?"

"I will work to help you pay back the money. Don’t hit my idea."

Tang Wanwan didn’t want to talk nonsense with her, and hung up the phone directly.

It’s just that this clothes are too big, and she rolled it up, and she was still very unconnected.

Tang Wanwan looked at the blue sky and the streets of the car. This huge Haicheng did not know where it was her return.

Li Yunting, who was still in his sleep, didn’t know that she had gone. When she wanted to hold the beauty into his arms, she found that there was no one beside him.He was hazy at first, and he immediately sobered up. There was no temperature in the quilt next to the quilt. At first glance, he had left.

Go away, stealing his clothes away.

After sleeping, I wiped my butt and left. I didn’t want to be responsible. It was good and very good.

Li Yunting had to call his assistant to send him a clothes.

However, he still wants to see Tang Wanwan’s appearance in his clothes. Does the petite look have a feeling of stealing the clothes of adults?

Li Yunting changed into the clothes that the assistant took over, and told the tone: "Staring at the woman’s action at all times." Tang Wanwan, who ran after sleeping, was really interesting.He gave the assistant a photo of her, which he asked the hotel waiter.

The assistant took the photo and looked at the strange woman in the photo. When did the boss care about the woman? Is the sun come out from the west?

I still spent the sleep, and then ran away. The assistant was particularly curious to look inside.

But seeing Li Yunting’s face was loud and frowned at him, he immediately didn’t dare to look at it.

"Good boss."

After running immediately, the angry Li Yunting was really terrible, which confirmed his thoughts.

A month later.Tang Wanwan, who was working in the milk tea shop, suddenly smelled a milky smell, and a discomfort came from the stomach.

She went straight to the back kitchen, but she couldn’t spit out anything.

Tang Wanwan’s eyes contained in tears, and the feeling of wanting to vomit but can’t vomit really uncomfortable.

I don’t know if she didn’t eat it in the morning, what happened.

The colleagues of the milk tea shop seemed to look like she was not very good, and cared: "Wan Wan, are you okay?"

"It’s okay, it may just eat bad things."

Tang Wanwan explained, but her heart was very puzzled. She didn’t seem to eat anything?

Suddenly there was a unhappy hunch in her heart, and she wouldn’t be pregnant, right?

I was thinking about buying medicine that day, but Zhao Lan had been annoying her, which caused her to forget.

As soon as this idea appeared, Tang Wanwan immediately Baidu’s symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, stopped aunt, these symptoms Tang Wanwan were perfectly opposed.

She thought that the weather was normal, and then she had irregular life and rest recently, and her aunt delayed was normal.

But she didn’t think about it at all. After that, was it so unlucky?

Is so many in the world that can’t be pregnant?She is absolutely impossible, it must be coincident, where will she be so lucky.

Tang Wanwan comforted herself silently in his heart, but he walked into the pharmacy by turning around at get off work.

"Please help me get three boxes of pregnancy test sticks."

The pharmacy staff glanced at Tang Wanwan and lamented in her heart that such a young girl didn’t know who was harmed. The man scolded the man many times.

"Which one do you want, it is expensive and cheap."

"Just cheap."

Tang Wanwan made money to pay debts to Zhao Lan every day, and there was no money left in his hand.

"A total of thirty yuan."

After she paid the money, she left with the pregnancy test stick. She didn’t dare to go home, fearing that Zhao Lan was discovered, and she could only go to her girlfriend Lin Zhuyu.

When Tang Wanwan arrived at her house, she hadn’t got off work yet. She knew where her key was placed and opened the door directly with the key.

She is very anxious to know the results now, otherwise there is always a stone stuck in her heart.

Tang Wanwan operated according to the manual, and said above to wait for ten minutes to know the result.

There is no bar, and the two bars are pregnant. She doesn’t feel so lucky.

These ten minutes are really like a year for her.

Time is here, and she dare not look at the results of the pregnancy inspection stick on the hand washing stage.

But it is time to face the morning or later, and Tang Wanwan went to see the courage.

The bars above the pregnancy test stick, one deep, the other is not particularly obvious.

This result Tang Wanwan still didn’t dare to believe it, with a lucky psychology, what if this is bad?

She broke the other more, and the result was the same two bars.

Tang Wanwan felt that her sky was about to collapse, and she couldn’t believe it to caress her belly, there was a life there.

She knew who the child was, because she had no men except the accident of one month ago.

Tang Wanwan intends to go to the hospital to do a detailed examination tomorrow. She went online to check the pregnancy test stick.

But she didn’t even have the money she checked now. Zhao Lan also attacked her blood like a vampire every day.

At this time, Lin Zhuyu just came home from get off work and found that Tang Wanwan was sitting on the sofa with his legs.

Both eyes stared at the front, looking like a soul.

"Wan Wan, what’s wrong with you? Your mother asked you to ask for money again?"

Lin Zhuyu sat next to her and hugged her.

Tang Wanwan shook his head, and then the whole person lay into her arms.

"Zhuzhu, I might be pregnant."

This sentence seemed like a bomb, making Lin Zhuyu a bit stunned.

"What happened? Who is the child?"

Tang Wanwan told her the ridiculous things that night.

"Your mother is too nothing, you have made all the money you have made in recent years, she is still like this."

Lin Zhuyu did not fight anymore, even if she was abused, she sold her to the old man for money.

In fact, she had persuaded Tang Wanwan to leave her, but she said that after all, she had the grace of raising, and tolerance had passed.

"What do you plan to do now?"

"I want to check it first, but I don’t have money."

"Zhuzhu, can you lend me first, and return it to you when I pay the salary."

Tang Wanwan is difficult to say with her with money, but she has only her good friend. She couldn’t think of others except her.

"What kind of money should we mention, I will accompany you to check tomorrow."

Lin Zhuyu knew that her hand was tight, just a little money, and didn’t need to care about it. Who made herself and her the best sisters?

The next day Lin Zhuyu took Tang Wanwan to a hospital near his house.

She was sitting in the corridor of the hospital and was in a complicated mood.

Especially seeing these big belly pregnant women, do you think he will be the same as them one day?

Lin Zhuyu saw her staring at those pregnant women in a daze and asked.

"Don’t think about it, maybe it is the problem of the pregnancy test stick?"

Tang Wanwan knew whether she was comforting herself, or squeezed a smile on her.

"Is Tang Wanwan there?"

Until the nurse read her name and took her to the doctor’s office.

When a middle -aged female doctor saw Tang Wanwan such a young and scared look, she knew that she must not take measures.

"By pregnancy, do you have to stay or get it?"

She saw more young girls like them, and she could only say that they don’t care about their bodies.

When Tang Wanwan heard the words of pregnancy, she felt that her head was blank and could not hear anything.

Pick up the report form and look closely. The look seemed to stare at the report sheet, or it couldn’t change the above words, around pregnancy.

"I want to kill."

Lin Zhuyu waited anxiously outside, and saw Tang Wanwan walking out with the report list and lost his soul. He knew the result without seeing it.

"It’s okay, no matter if you want it, I will always be behind you."

Tang Wanwan looked at Lin Zhuyu with a movement, but fortunately she had such a good sister.

"Bamboo and bamboo is so nice to have you."

"But I still decide not to do it. After all, I have no money to raise him, and it is also a sin to be born."

She touched her raised lower abdomen and apologized silently in her heart.

At this time, Li Yunting was sitting in the office, listening to the assistant report.

The fingers of the bone joints were tapped regularly on the desk until a call broke the quiet environment.

Li Yunting raised his eyes and glanced at the phone on the table. When he saw who made the phone call, his face changed slightly.

I answered the phone and listened to what the people inside said.

His face immediately gloomy, his brows frowned, and his body exuded a terrible aura. He picked up the suit jacket behind him, turned around and walked out.

Li Yunting didn’t know that he was not panicked when he talked about billions of business.

I just followed Tang Wanwan’s assistant to call and said, seeing her hospital left, and it was an obstetrics and gynecology department.

How to sit on his own, his son is gone, and he must have killed it.

Because Lin Zhuyu only asked for a long time, she couldn’t accompany Tang Wanwan to stay in the hospital in the afternoon, and she told it anyway.

"Don’t I come with you tomorrow? I’m not at ease of you alone."

"It’s okay, I’m not a child anymore."

Tang Wanwan gave her a relaxed look. Anyway, she was alone from a young age. She was used to it.

When Lin Zhuyu saw her insistence, she couldn’t help but told her again and again before going to work.

When she was left alone, she was still lonely.

Although I learned that I was pregnant for a day, I seemed to have feelings like the child in the stomach. Now I want to kill him and still feel unwilling.

Just blame him to choose the wrong person, Tang Wanwan’s white hand touched his belly and thought, he must choose a good person in his next life and then give up.

"Tang Wanwan."

Just shouting to her, she stood up and prepared to walk towards the operating room. The longer she stayed, the more reluctant it was. While this is an embryo without memory, the sooner the better.

When Tang Wanwan was about to walk in, suddenly there was no noise behind him, and he heard the footsteps of many people.

Tang Wanwan didn’t worry about these things, after all, these things have nothing to do with her.

But suddenly a bunch of people in black were neatly and orderly surrounded her as the center.

Tang Wanwan was also the first time to see this situation, and there was still a little panic and helpless. These people seemed not to mess with them.

What she thought of was the first time that Zhao Lan owed others money?Everyone found the hospital.

Here is also unfamiliar with life, and no one will help themselves.

She won’t be killed by them. This time, even the fetal fees are saved, but she has paid all the money, so it would be too lost.

Tang Wanwan’s mind was thinking too much messy things.

I saw those black people neatly and orderly let a road, a man with a furious black suit wearing a white shirt in a pure black suit.

After seeing Tang Wanwan, Li Yunting was gently raised, and the bone festival with clear bones loosened the tie on his neck, and a wicked smile came towards her.

Tang Wanwan looked up at this familiar man, and the memory of that day poured into his mind.

what’s the situation?How did he find here?

Her belly was full of doubts.

"You want to secretly kill my species, who gives you the courage, no one dares to perform surgery for you, unless you are alive."

Li Yunting’s tone was low and cold, and his face was a little angry.Looking at her deep eyes.

Tang Wanwan was still digesting the information in his words. How did he know that he was pregnant, but looking at his expensive clothes and his extraordinary temperament, he knew that he was not an ordinary person, and he knew it was not a strange thing.

"But I have paid all the money. Is this a bit wasteful? Can the money be retreated?"

Tang Wanwan’s point is always strange, maybe money is really important to her.

"My species is much more valuable than this operation. You can open the price at will, as long as you leave him."

Li Yunting’s tone revealed that he didn’t care about money. As long as it was a problem that money could be solved, it was not a problem.

"But this child does not have a sound family, and it will not be happy when it is born."

Tang Wanwan thought that this child was born, and she must not see it. Whether it was father or mother, it was indispensable for the child.

If one must be missing, don’t give birth.

Her sentence sounds in Li Yunting’s ears. Whoever does not know that after becoming Mrs. Li, she has no worries about her food and clothing, and has the rich and rich.

Sure enough, she is a not simple woman. When she gave birth to this child, she could get a generous remuneration, but she wanted to be Mrs. Li, and she was not ambitious.

But he was willing, no matter what she asked, she would agree.

"Then we get married."

Tang Wanwan immediately widened his eyes after listening, and couldn’t believe what he heard?


Li Yunting was also a anxious temper. He strode forward and dragged Tang Wanwan’s white and slender wrists. He walked towards the door of the hospital.

For a long time after they left, they have always been the hospital’s discussion.

When Li Yunting brought Tang Wanwan to the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, what did she react?

"Is this a little weed? Do you have to consider it carefully?"

Tang Wanwan looked at him with a simple and harmless little eyes. She was thinking for him. After all, the divorce property was half scored.

"I gave you one billion yuan for you. We are inappropriate after two years. You can divorce at any time."

Li Yunting’s expression of her expression, he believes that no one can refuse this condition.

The one billion figures smashed Tang Wanwan. How much is this? She can’t count it.

"Cough ~ I am not for money, mainly because I really like children."

Even Tang Wanwan couldn’t listen to this sentence. Well, she admits that she is for money. With so much money, she can’t make it for ten life.

Li Yunting raised her eyes and saw her wealthy fans, and she couldn’t help laughing, and she laughed lightly.

"Let’s go."

He carefully helped Tang Wanwan out of the car, for fear that she would lose.

She felt that Li Yunting was a little exaggerated, and she was small in the month, and she was no different from normal people now.

Because of the ability of Li Yunting’s banknote, he can also get a marriage certificate quickly on the weekend.

The moment Tang Wanwan walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau with a marriage certificate, he couldn’t believe that she was already a woman.

After a marriage certificate that covered the heat, he was taken away by Li Yunting.

"Isn’t this one person alone? Why do you take me?"

Tang Wanwan directly reached out and wanted to grab his own marriage certificate. He Liyun Ting was really too high.

Anyway, she also has one meter six or five, Li Yunting is nearly one meter nine, and she seems to be insufficient in front of him.

She jumped up enough, and almost fell without standing, but fortunately Li Yunting helped her in time.

"It’s okay? Be careful."

The intimate contact between the two made each other smell the unique atmosphere of the other party, and the atmosphere became ambiguous. This made Tang Wanwan a little uncomfortable, and hurriedly pushed him away and turned into the car.

Li Yunting’s long -sleeved long legs stood outside and looked at Tang Wanwan in the car. He felt unable to say, and did not delay and got into the car directly.

He saw Tang Wanwan sitting in the corner of Rolls -Royce a little restrained, and he didn’t know where to put his hands, which was helpless.

"Do you have anything to move? You moved to my house from today."

Li Yunting’s voice brought a little order tone, which may be that they usually gave orders to others in the company.

"Ah? Do you live together today?"

Tang Wanwan’s panic’s eyes brought a little overwhelmed. Although she and him had slept, it was not sober.

After all, it is not very familiar, and it will inevitably be embarrassed together.

"We are all married. Do you have my child in your stomach? Is there a problem with living together?"

Li Yunting leaned against the seat, and a pair of long legs that had nowhere to place could only curl up.

Looking at her seriously and indifferently, the deep black eyes were particularly elusive.

Tang Wanwan knew that he was okay, but still felt weird. In short, everything was for money.

"All right."

Think of money in everything, you can always bear it.

The car quickly entered the Jinyue Mansion of the rich villa area. This real estate was also under the name of the Li Group. As soon as it opened, it was snatched and it can be seen that the so -called popularity.

If Tang Wanwan didn’t dare to think about it before, one day she had lived in.

If you think about it, I still have thanks to the meat in her belly. She unconsciously stares with the eyes of motherly love. Although she can’t see anything, she just wants to see it.

Li Yunting got out of the car, Tang Wanwan followed him tightly. She looked at the appearance of the villa so spectacular, and it must be better inside.

She was in the appearance, and she didn’t notice that Li Yunting, who was in front of the road, had stopped, and hit it directly.

The recoil who hit it directly made her fall behind. Fortunately, Li Yunting responded to her in time, otherwise she would have a close contact with the earth.

Li Yunting looked at her with a loss, her face was even more gloomy, and she felt like she had to eat her.

Tang Wanwan’s eyes dare not look directly at his eyes. It is scary. Fortunately, she didn’t wrestle, otherwise she would lose his son, and she was over.

"It’s just a small accident this time, I will be careful in the future."

Li Yunting snorted coldly, turning around and opened the door and walked in.

Tang Wanwan followed closely, and he didn’t dare to mess around, for fear that he would not give it up if he was dissatisfied with the money. How can he do it?Money is your own life.

This brilliant decoration could not help but have a little flashed her eyes, and this casual thing is more expensive than all her.

I saw a man standing in front of the big black sofa and after seeing Li Yunting, he respectfully took a contract to him.

"Boss, this is the contract you want."

Li Yunting took the contract, glanced at it randomly, and then stretched directly to Tang Wanwan, his tone was extremely bland.

"Sign it, you will not leave you without divorce after the contract expires."

He was a little annoying that he had been urged these days. He must be born after the marriage, and now it is directly in place and save trouble.

Tang Wanwan carefully took the contract and didn’t look at it carefully, so she wrote her name directly.

She thought about such a rich person, and she would definitely not lie to her. After all, she had nothing, and her pocket was cleaner than her face.

Assistant Chen was particularly curious about this strange woman. He had always thought that Mr. Li must be lonely and old. I did not expect to temporarily notify him to prepare such a contract today, which really surprised him."There is a supermarket outside the community.

Li Yunting signed the contract when she saw her refreshing, and didn’t look at the content inside at all, but I really believed in him. Are you afraid he would sell her?

But looking at her heartless look, it is not a deep -hearted.

Tang Wanwan nodded and knew that she had nothing to buy. She had all the necessities, just go home and get it.

"If you have anything, find a servant, the public area on the first floor, your room is the middle of the second floor, and the third floor is entertainment venue."

Li Yunting briefly introduced the structure of the entire house, and then followed by assistant Chen to the company.

Leaving Tang Wanwan and a bunch of maids staring their eyes, they were all curious about this new woman.

Because this is the first woman brought back by the young master, it has never been before.

Tang Wanwan did not know if she was sleepy after pregnancy, or because she knew that she did not sleep well all night after knowing that she was pregnant last night, which caused her to be particularly sleepy now.

Sitting on the sofa and watching TV, I fell asleep after a while.

After waking up, the sky outside the window was dark. This feeling was the most comfortable day she slept for more than a month.

Tang Wanwan sounded the ringtone of the phone after a while, and when she picked up her mobile phone, she was the one she was most unwilling to face.

Although she was unwilling, she still picked it up. What would she think of?

As soon as the phone was connected to Zhao Lan’s sour sound, "Dead girl, where are you going? Don’t you come back so late?"

Tang Wanwan glanced at her voice and glanced at her mobile phone. I didn’t expect her to sleep until 7 o’clock.

She also went home for a long time for this time. Now in this luxurious villa, it feels really different.

"I went to the store to find you today. They said that you have rest, where are you going, and the money you make, why don’t you get it back, everyone who challenged debt today came home."

But Zhao Lan’s harsh scream had to let her fall back to hell from that paradise.

"How much money do I make every day, I tell you not to bet, you just don’t listen."

Before Tang Wanwan’s words, she couldn’t help but intervene: "I give you you to eat it for you, is it so difficult to give me some money now? It is better to raise a dog!"

She is used to it, and once she refutes it every time she will mention the old age.

Although she knew that Zhao Lan had worked hard to raise herself alone, she had made her money to pay her debt, but she was still unintentional and had to squeeze herself.

"Don’t say so nonsense, where are you now, I’ll come to you."

Zhao Lan’s words were obviously no emotional. She didn’t even know that she didn’t come back last night. She only knew money.

Tang Wanwan didn’t want to tell her where she was, but she knew that Zhao Lan would not stop. She sent her the address to her phone in a hurry.

It didn’t take long for the phone to call again.

"How could you secretly beside the king in such a good community? Don’t let me know, let me say to the security guard, let me come in."

How could Tang Wanwan say that the security guards listened, and she was not the owner here.

Fortunately, she still remembered that Li Yunting said something to find a servant before leaving. Later, they shot to let Zhao Lan come in.

Zhao Lan looked at everything here without seeing the world.

"This President Wang’s family has money, isn’t it looking down on, don’t you like money? What are you pretending to be here?"

Tang Wanwan didn’t want to argue with her these useless: "This is not Mr. Wang’s home, don’t take him one by one."

She felt annoying when she heard it.

After listening, Zhao Lan was unbelievable and widened her eyes. She looked at Tang Wanwan, but she didn’t believe she could meet people who were more embarrassing than President Wang.

"You live in such a good house now, my debt can be repaid."

Tang Wanwan particularly hates the words of her law, and she was embarrassed to say anything in front of so many people.

"How much?"

"Not much, just 100,000 yuan, should it be simple for you now?"

Zhao Lan looked at this brilliant decoration and the luxurious location of the house. She didn’t have to worry about her life.

"What? 100,000 yuan!"

Tang Wanwan did not dare to believe something he heard, and widen her round eyes and looked at her.

Knowing her gambling, I didn’t expect to bet so big now.

"I only have so much."

She gave her all the money she made in the past few days. I did not expect that Zhao Lan took the money in her hand and sneered.

"What about the money for such a little money?"

After speaking, I smashed Qian directly towards her face.

Tang Wanwan closed her eyes closed her anger, after all, she only had so much money.

"I only have so much money, don’t forget it."

Zhao Lan was very dissatisfied with her indifferent attitude: "That’s how you talk to your mother?"

She raised her palm and intended to give Tang Wanwan a lesson to let her know what was the elder.

Just Tang Wanwan closed his eyes quietly and waited for this slap to come, but after a while, the pain in the imagination did not come as scheduled until a male voice rang.

"Are you stupid, do she hit you, don’t you know hiding?"

She suddenly opened her eyes, and she came into her eyes. Li Yunting’s handsome side face, her bone festival held Zhao Lan’s upcoming palm with clear bones, and then pushed it away.

"Why are you back?"

As soon as Li Yunting returned, he saw a strange old woman who wanted to hit his wife who was just married.

"If I don’t come back, you will be bullied."

He was really curious how outsiders could come in, and tried to hit his wife.

"You can enter my home casually outside. It seems that you are all furnishings. You can’t do it."

Li Yunting’s face was gloomy and bland, but the words still revealed the sense of oppression, making the maids feel a little chill.

They all lowered their heads and didn’t dare to speak. Tang Wanwan helped them defend: "This is my mother, I asked them to help me bring her in."

If she lost her job because of this, her sin would be great.

Zhao Lan felt that her wrist had just been held by Li Yunting, but he was very unhappy, and she endured it. After all, she couldn’t afford it.

But she just watched it for so long, and finally understood that this man was a person who raised Tang Wanwan.

Zhao Lan’s eyes turned around, indicating that she had a premeditated heart in her heart. She looked at Li Yunting a little guilty. After all, his aura was a little full, so she was still panicked.

"Do you want to come, is it that rich? My daughter is so young and beautiful.

"Mom, what are you talking about?"

Tang Wanwan wanted to pull Zhao Lan and let her not say it, but what was in exchange was glanced at her. This feeling was that she blocked her fortune.

Li Yunting thinks that this is the most funny joke she listened this year: "Even if your daughter is young and beautiful, why do I give you money."

Even if he said with a smile, Zhao Lan still felt a strong sense of oppression.

She only thought about it in her heart, and said that she would let her go to President Wang. He would not play Tang Wanwan in nothing, after all, he would give money.

Although it is a bit ugly, but generous, this is good, but I did not expect it to be a stingy. Even if she didn’t want to get money, she slept with a big daughter of Huanghua.

Zhao Lan looked at Tang Wanwan with some resentful eyes, and now it ’s okay.

She held Tang Wanwan’s wrist with crowdsmate hands, thinking to take her away forcibly.

"Just because I am her mother, I worked hard to raise her so much."

Tang Wanwan wanted to break away from her restraint, but He Zhaolan’s hands were too strong. She didn’t dare to force it. She felt that her lower abdomen seemed to be slightly painful.

How could Li Yunting let others take people away under their eyelids.

His fingers with clear bones, took out a cigar from the coffee table drawer, put it on his nose tip and sniffed, and then said lightly.

"Do you want money, right?"

When Zhao Lan saw Qian’s eyes opened, when he heard Li Yunting’s words, he immediately stopped, released Tang Wanwan’s hand, and turned to look at him.

"I only need money, people are yours."

Tang Wanwan heard Zhao Lan’s words, and there was a trace of affection, and now she was exhausted by her behavior. Her hope can only be herself.

"So how much do you want?"

Li Yunting’s phrase was written lightly. It seemed that money was not important for him, and it can even be said that it is important to not have this cigar in front of him.

Zhao Lan considered a long time, and carefully stretched out a finger and said, "One million yuan."

As soon as the words fell, Tang Wanwan was shocked, and she couldn’t help but stare at her.

She was crazy, and she couldn’t worth so much money to sell her.

No, it seems that I just took him one billion, can that be the same?

Li Yunting raised his eyes and smiled evilly, and he didn’t say anything. He raised the arms with obvious muscle lines and beckoned.

Zhao Lan didn’t understand what he was doing. He thought he was too expensive to say that he had been talking about it, but she took it for a long time. After all, the furniture here was more than just the price, right?

I saw a man similar to a housekeeper came over and mentioned a silver password box in his hand.


Then directly opened the box in front of Zhao Lan’s Tang Wanwan’s face, and it was a brand new banknotes that came into view.

Zhao Lan’s eyes couldn’t look away, and she held the box directly without letting go. She hadn’t seen so much money in her life.

"Wan Wan, you live here well, and your mother goes first."

She told herself Wanwan is rare. Generally, when she is gambling, she will call herself like this. Most of them are dead girls, and sometimes even more difficult.

In the past, Tang Wanwan would be very happy when he heard Zhao Lan call himself like this. Now he has been faded. This time it is because of money, without any feelings.

She watched Zhao Lan holding money with satisfaction, and she exuded the smell of money.

Tang Wanwan looked at him a little embarrassed: "My mother’s money will deduct from the agreement."

Li Yunting was sitting lazily on the sofa, a pair of long legs that had nowhere to place and rested on the coffee table at will. The cigars were smelled and sniffed on the tip of the nose. Yu Guang glanced at her lower abdomen, but never ignited.

"No, it should not be a few points, after all, I don’t look at this little money."

Li Yunting Yu Guang glanced at her, and the cigar was put back in place again.

Tang Wanwan looked at him without looking at money like dung. She was rich and willful.

"If it’s okay, I will go upstairs to rest."

Her fair and slender hands were gentle and careful on the lower abdomen, thinking of the slight pain just now, wasn’t it just moved the fetal gas?

She thinks it is better to go to rest. After all, it is her cash cow, and she must take care of it.

Li Yunting’s deep eyes glanced at her, and she didn’t say anything, but when she looked at her abdomen, her eyes had the softness that he didn’t know.

When Tang Wanwan saw that he didn’t speak, he became the default and turned towards upstairs.

Until she touched this glittering armrest, she couldn’t believe it was true?Is this a singing farmer and singing?It’s time to run.

Li Yunting silently stared at Tang Wanwan, who shook the stairs downstairs, and was frightened by watching him. Is this too dangerous?

Watching her back was in contemplation: Is it too dangerous to consider changing a flat house, especially Tang Wanwan’s temperament like a child.

In case you fall, don’t you just have a dead body?He was rich in imagination, and immediately had this picture in his mind.

Then he decided to move very happily and immediately called.

Tang Wanwan didn’t know that it was because he had a stairs on herself, so that Li Yunting was particularly refreshing to buy a large flat floor in the central area.

Before I opened the room, she was full of expectations, and when she opened it, she did not disappoint her expectations.

This room is about a hundred square meters. The big bed that can make her roll around on it is a big bathtub. She is no problem to sleep ten.

But if you take a closer look, it is the ascetic decoration of the domineering president, but Tang Wanwan did not notice it at all.

I went to wash a fragrant fragrance first, and then lay on the soft bed.

Maybe because I was too excited, I still slept for a long time in the afternoon. In short, Tang Wanwan is particularly excited now.

Pick up the mobile phone and see the information sent by Lin Zhuyu to her.

【How about it?I’m too busy this afternoon]

Tang Wanwan froze for a while before remembered, she did not tell her the news of not being born.

[No, I decided to stay]

Tang Wanwan, who was just about to continue typing, noticed that the door of the room was pushed away from the outside.

Li Yunting was full of bathrobes, and it was open without a button. The eight -piece abdominal muscles let Tang Wanwan watch a visual feast.

The unsatisfactory saliva almost flowed out of the corner of the mouth. Since the last time I didn’t know that his figure was so good, people lived well.

Tang Wanwan was seduced by his beauty. It was not until he walked to the other side of the bed that she returned to God and looked at him in an incredible face.

"Don’t tell me you want to sleep here?"

"This is my room. We are legal couples. I sleep here?"

She suddenly realized that she heard this sentence. Now she looked at the room carefully, which really fits his style.

Tang Wanwan thought that since it was his room here, she was not good at dove occupying the nest, and got up and prepared to leave quietly.

She still did not adapt to the life of a wife.

Li Yunting immediately found out that her face was dignified, and she looked through her mind at a glance.

"There is no extra room."

After hearing this, she was stunned in place and whispered: "How can such a large villa, how could it be unnecessary?"

Of course, Li Yunting, who has always listened well, heard her vomiting, and the corner of her mouth rose slightly.

"Go to see if you don’t believe it, but the light outside seems to be broken, it’s very dark."

Tang Wanwan was afraid of darkness since he was young, and he couldn’t see anything in the darkness.

His sentence directly persuaded her, and hesitated.

"You still have children in your stomach, in case the black light fell blindly, you have to lose money."

Li Yunting’s sentence perfectly gave her a step.

"I think you are right, I’m definitely not afraid of darkness."

He raised his eyebrows and laughed. Who would believe in this look?

Tang Wanwan looked for himself and wanted to lie back on the bed and hesitated.

Although they have slept, they are sober now without consciousness, and they are still a little embarrassed.

Forget it, just out, as long as you think about the meat lying next to her.

Tang Wanwan was lying next to Li Yunting and kept tightly stretched out, for fear of encountering him, but then she didn’t know how she fell asleep.

Li Yunting’s sleepy time was not available by her strange sleeping position.

Tang Wanwan entangled herself with both hands and feet, like an octopus, she didn’t feel hot at all, just felt like she was holding a big doll.

She slept in fragrant, and he was hard to sleep because of the hotness of his body.

Early the next morning.

Tang Wanwan was lying on the bed hazy, staring at the strange ceiling, and then reflected that it was Li Yunting’s home.

She was sleeping with him yesterday, and at this time there was no figure around her. It was not so much waking up as she was hungry.

After smelling the fragrance and walked out of the room, Tang Wanwan felt that he was hungry after he was pregnant.

As soon as the door of the room was out, the scent of breakfast was even more obvious, and she ran directly for breakfast.

Li Yunting looked at Tang Wanwan’s trial action, frowned, and his face immediately gloomy.

This strong sense of oppression made her unable to pay attention.Knowing that he was angry, he immediately stepped down.

Living in this atmosphere every day, there is a miscarriage if you don’t want to have an abortion.

Later, Li Yunting’s locked brow stretched instantly.

At this time, Assistant Chen Pu returned: "Boss, I’m ready."

Tang Wanwan had seen him, the person who took the contract yesterday, but what they said is not important for her. What is important is to fill her belly first.

He nodded and waited for her for a while.

When Li Yunting raised her eyes, when she saw that she was almost eating, her tone was low: "Let’s go."

"where to?"

Tang Wanwan’s heart at this time stirred up thousands of waves, wouldn’t it be because she ate too much, or did he regret it and let her go?

"move place."

He then pulled her hand and walked out, and didn’t care about her reaction at all.

When Tang Wanwan heard this sentence, he was fortunate, and then a little regrettable that such a good house was gone for one night.

However, the old one is not going, the new one is not, in short, Li Yunting will definitely not treat himself if he is so rich.

The journey is not far away, just a few hundred meters next door, the middle floor of the elevator room, a large flat floor of a thousand square meters.

Li Yunting frowned and looked at it at will, although there were no villas, and barely made up.

He noticed that Tang Wanwan would be more cramped under the circumstances of many people, so he decided to come over to clean one or two servants during the day, and after finishing them back to the villa area, she was more comfortable.

Tang Wanwan thinks that the life of a rich man is so simple and unparalleled, and it is not worse than there.

But she saw Li Yunting frowned tightly, her mouth slightly skimmed, and she looked a little disgusting.

"It’s too small, buy a bigger one next time."

Assistant Chen nodded behind him.

Tang Wanwan looked at him particularly without understanding. Can this house hear the echo? Is it small?

She couldn’t understand it anymore.

Tang Wanwan glanced at the time, and it was not too early. She asked for a day off for a tea shop. I would definitely be expelled without going today.

She thought that the home had known where she was, and the rest should not need her. She planned to slip away quietly, but she still said to him.

"Uh, that, I’ll go first."

As soon as I walked to the door, Li Yunting’s voice sounded: "Where’s?"

"I’m going to work, I just took a day off."

Tang Wanwan looked at the time, and it was too late to see. Fortunately, it was very close to the milk tea shop here, and the corner was here.

"Are you lacking money?"

She talked in in her heart: nonsense, of course, I am lacking in money. What class do I go to?

The troubles of our poor people, the rich people in your life cannot be appreciated.

Li Yunting raised her eyes and saw that she didn’t speak, her face became serious, and her bone festival took the black card directly with a black tube hand and put it in front of Tang Wanwan’s eyes.

"During the agreement, you can use my money casually, and you should not get a few points later."

Tang Wanwan looked at the glittering black card, his clear eyes brightened instantly, and he refused to say: "No, I can make money to support myself."

After all, she had already taken her 100 billion yuan, and I was embarrassed.

Although this was the case, her eyes kept staring at the black card and did not want to remove it.

Li Yunting’s sharp eyes looked at her, and she was very wanted, but pretended to be a clear look, which was interesting.

There was a trace of his mouth that he didn’t realize his rise.

"Do you want my child to work with you without birth?"

Li Yunting’s tone was more oppressed, and then the black card was stuffed into her hands, and it was impossible to refuse.

"That’s so embarrassed."

Tang Wanwan pretended to accept it barely, and the corner of the actually smiling was going to the back of the ears.

"I went to the company something to call me."

Li Yunting looked at her look at her eyes, and I was in a mood why there was an inexplicable joy.

"If I find that you secretly go, you can’t get a point of money."

"I swear never."

In front of him, Tang Wanwan vowed very seriously with a white finger, and she didn’t notice any problem at all.

Assistant Chen was stunned when he saw it, and some people dared to despise their boss and live impatient?

Li Yunting’s deep eyes looked at her gesture that despised herself. Just now the good feeling was washed away, her gloomy face, and her low and fierce sound sounded.

"This is what you said?"

Tang Wanwan looked at him blankly, and he lost his temper when he lost his temper. She didn’t guarantee him.

When her eyes looked at her fingers, she stared at her eyes shocked, and quickly changed her gesture, and then looked at Li Yunting with some guilty conscience.

"I said I was not intentional, do you believe it?"

"What do you think?"

Every time Lin Zhuyu had to do this gesture every time she met, and then she did subconsciously.

"Would you like to get back at me?"

Tang Wanwan thinks he should be angry, right?


Li Yunting rolled her eyes at her, and never met such a speechless person. She really wanted to cut her brain and see what it was pretended inside.

"I am leaving."

Tang Wanwan has one thing that I don’t know when I said it is improper: "I don’t have your contact information."

Who dares to believe this, she got married who did not know how much she called her husband, so she got married.

Li Yunting beckoned at the assistant Chen behind him, and he immediately took a business card from his arms to her.

"This is the private contact information of the boss."

After giving, they left, leaving Tang Wanwan, who was shocked by the business card alone.

Li Yunting, chairman of Li’s Group, can swallow an egg at this time.

She knew that she was a rich person, but did not expect so rich.

Although I have never seen me, anyone who does not know Li Yunting’s famous name.

Nearly 30 years have not been married, it is said that he is a GAY.

She also doubted that she was handsome and more refined. Why did she have no girlfriend? It was either or GAY. I realized that after I realized it, he knew that he was really good.

Then she was not the heir of Li’s Group, a good guy, a big piece of pie on this day, and she was almost fainted with her.

Such as an invasion delete

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