In the life of husband and wife, once this feels, it means that you are about to be scattered

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Restraining yourself to correct the desires of others. Adults can only screen, cannot educate, friends, or partners.

Life is alive, we will encounter many things. The older we are, the more we know how to do things, and it is inevitable after all.

Between husband and wife, being able to come together is a fate. Once you have this feeling, when you can’t help yourself, you will find that the relationship between the husband and wife is almost scattered, and the two will gradually get away.

When a woman does not try to make your money, but only when you are nice to her, if you are still deaf and dumb, it is a sign of the relationship.

Xiaoying was married to her husband at the beginning. The car was bought by herself. The room also had half of the money. Cai Li did not want it, because she understood that her husband was not easy, and she was more considerate of her in -laws.

After all, Xiaoying’s family has a much better condition than her husband’s house. His parents have been doing business since the younger parents. Now there are several factories, several houses in the city, and two brothers and sisters in the family.

Originally, her father had already figured out her other half. He was the son of his brothers for many years. It was equivalent to the conditions of her family. It was just a fate that made Xiao Ying fall in love with a poor boy in the countryside.

At that time, the husband really had to be counted. After all, there were two younger brothers in the family. One sister was studying. He could study in college.

What Xiaoying likes is exactly like his love family, and it looks like a book fragrance. It is no exaggeration to export it into a chapter. In the school’s poetry club, he said that no one dares to call the first.

It is also the halo of reading that Xiao Ying has determined him for a lifetime, but when you are youth, who will think about the future, his head is full of love.

It wasn’t until they were in love and preparing to get married. They found that the money was really good. After his work, his salary was over 10,000, but all the family rely on him.

Parents are old, and two younger brothers and sisters are studying. This more than 10,000 yuan suddenly feels stretched, let alone get married and get a gift and buy a house.

After seeing the talent of her boyfriend, and Xiaoying really liked him, Xiaoying’s parents did not stop blocking, but just told her that after marriage, they had a good life, and they were not easy to intervene too much.

When the two were married, they were basically money from Xiao Ying’s family. They also paid the down payment in the city. The people in the village of the husband felt that her husband had Gao Gao, and the husband was really good to her.

It’s just that this is good. There is no clue without comparison. As soon as he encounters his family, how much the husband’s love is, it is clear.

After marriage, Xiao Ying began to prepare for two people, but her husband was more than a year and did not subsidize a little money at home. Xiao Ying asked him many times. He said that his salary was not high.Essence

At first Xiaoying didn’t care. After all, she also made money and had no children, but when she learned that her husband’s money was still given her in -laws, and when she subsidized her brother and sister, she lost her heart.

She worked hard for his second half of her life, and she was pregnant. She insisted on going to work. She did not dare to resign for mortgage and for her child’s life.

But the husband said that he told him to save money to have children, and he either said early, or he didn’t make much earning.

Every time he told him to get some money, he was either pretending not to hear, or he said nothing, looking at Xiaoying, a pitiful look, Xiao Ying couldn’t bear it, so he didn’t say much.

He just became pregnant, and he would not consider his little family. He also said that his younger brother and sister had a lot of reading expenses. His parents were old, and he could not work on the ground and could not make money.

Xiaoying just felt that when she was married, she said well. When she had a younger brother and sister to study in junior high school, she had a child, and she would take care of her little family.

But now that when Xiao Ying asked him, he pretended to be deaf and dumb, but he silently went to the room silently. In order to count on his salary, he still did not save a penny at Xiaojia.

Xiaoying was really sad. She didn’t talk to her husband for several days, and he would not take the initiative to contact her when he saw Xiaoying, who saw pregnancy, and would not ask her when she was in a delivery inspection.Essence

Knowing that his wife was angry, knowing that he had done something wrong, but of course, he was still the same as before. He still gave all his salary to his parents, and he would not consider his wife’s feelings at all.

I wo n’t coax my wife, regardless of her feelings, and after returning home, I wo n’t want to help drag the floor, cook, and I ca n’t say apologize.Go home.

After a few days, the two may have passed the emotional period and would say a few words, but the husband really felt that things had passed. Xiaoying was so angry that he couldn’t help him, and he continued to give his salary to his parents.

As soon as time, Xiaoying couldn’t help but persuade him to take care of his little family. After all, the child’s expenses would be large in the future, but the husband continued to pretend to be deaf.

I even felt that Xiaoying was annoying, always doing the same thing, and impatiently, they were raised by parents, and they were very hard.

But when he said this, he never thought about it. Xiaoying also had her own parents, but her parents would make money, so she didn’t need to be filial.

Therefore, Xiaoying felt that her husband’s filial piety was just to his family, and to her parents, she only asked for gratitude.

After spending a long time, Xiaoying has also been weaker. People are so selfish and indifferent. When they are in love, they can say more sweet words when they are in love.

Therefore, people teach people, never teach, and teach people, just once, after marriage, Xiao Ying understands that no one except parents will treat themselves.

Between husband and wife, if there is one party regardless of the small family, take care of the big family blindly, and feel that even if there are more partners in life, it is when they are duty, and they are also deaf and dumb.Gradually farther away.


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