In the process of pregnancy, the pit I stepped on!


In the process and production of pregnancy, I believe everyone will be deceived and feels pitted.I also feel like this. Today I will talk about what I have encountered here. I feel more pitted and depressed!

First, my pregnancy examination was performed at the county people’s hospital. There were many people. Usually, one inspection was one day, and the charges were expensive.Later, I learned that the original health hospital can also receive pregnancy examinations, and there are also equipment for examinations. There is no need to queue up. The cost is cheaper than the county people’s hospital.Save money from time to time.

2. After checking the pregnancy, the doctor told me that the fetal was unstable, and then opened a bunch of nutritional agents and said that it was protected by the fetus. Let me go to a pharmacy opposite to buy it.When I arrived at the opposite side, I basically spent about 600 as soon as I got the medicine given by the doctor. I bought it for more than 1,000 yuan. Later, I talked to others that most doctors were opened because they cooperated with pharmacies with commissioned commissioning.Essence

Third, I belong to late childcare. I have not passed the sugar sieve, and then the non -invasive examination is performed before passing the level.Later, I listened to some foreign colleagues and said that they were directly unprepared to check, because many people over 30 years old were not qualified.I took blood twice, paid twice, and ran over once, feeling very depressed.

Fourth, at 36 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor said that the fetus had a nutritional needle for two weeks. I couldn’t understand that the fetus was more than five pounds.Little needs to be hospitalized.Fortunately, I didn’t listen to her. My daughter was born 6 pounds in 39 weeks, and the most perfect weight.

Fifth, when the doctor is hospitalized, the doctor does not say what you prepare. As a result, after giving birth to a child, he said that you need to have a sanitary napkin. You must be a wired department. Other sanitary napkins do not work.I still have to use it right away, and give her 20 yuan without it, she provides 1 piece.In the hurry to use it immediately, you have to take care of the child who still buy it, so a sanitary napkin of 2 yuan can only be bought for 20 yuan, and the feeling of being robbed properly.

6. I was a cesarean section. After the operation, I died and lived. Later, I learned that I did n’t give me an analgesic pump. I said that I had no indicators and did n’t say it.Later, at my strong request, I took a pinston.

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