In the summer, eating fish and eating meat is better to eat it, drive the cold and dampness and appetizer.

Hello everyone, I am a chef Lei. I insist on cooking myself every day. With the simplest ingredients, I cook the most appetite and delicious. Welcome to follow!

Eat radishes in winter, ginger in summer, and do not need a doctor to prescribe prescriptions. It is at the same time as Sanfu. Eating ginger appropriately can remove the moisture and cold in the body, and for the body, you can reach a very good health and health effect.Today, the chef has organized 4 kinds of ginger to eat, and all have graphics and videos. Friends who like it can collect it and do it.

After entering, you can take it as a snack, eat 2 slices a day, heatstroke and cool down and refresh it ~

Ingredients: ginger, white sugar


1. A piece of ginger, clean it, cut into pieces, and a little thicker when cut. Do not cut too thin. If it is too thin, the finished product will be too broken.

2. Put the cut ginger slices in the basin, add water, and scrub repeatedly 2-3 times. If you don’t want to eat too spicy, wash it a few more times.

3. Rub the ginger slices, control the dry water, put it in a bowl, add half a pound of sugar, grab it evenly, cover the lid, and soak in the refrigerator for one night.

4. The next morning, sugar has become water.Pour directly into the non -stick pan, cover the lid, and cook slowly.It looks like half an hour.During this period, use a shovel from time to time to avoid the pan.

5. Cook until sugar starts crystallizing, and it is relatively sticky. As shown in the figure, you can turn off the heat.

6. After turning off the fire, stir -fry with a shovel. It looks like two to three minutes, and the syrup is all anti -sand. After cooling, you can bottle and seal and store it.Sanfu Tian, smart people are eating, 2 tablets every day, appetizing and strengthening the spleen, preventing heat and refreshing.

Drinking ginger tea in Sanfu Tian, getting cold and dampness, you can also scrape oil and thin belly ~

Ingredients: rice, ginger, ginger,


1. Prepare a glass of rice, clean it, and dry its moisture. If there is brown rice with brown rice, the nutritional value will be higher.

2. Prepare another piece of ginger without peeling. This will not get angry when it tastes.

3. It is best to use an iron pan. If not, use a non -stick pan. Do not put oil in the pan. Put the rice in the pot, stir -fry the medium and medium heat, and fry until the surface of the rice is a bit brilliant.This process takes about 8 minutes.

4. Then put the ginger in stir fry, stir -fry the water of the ginger, and the surface becomes wrinkled.As shown in the figure.

5. Installed in a sealed can.Dig a spoon with a spoon when you drink it, and let it drink with water for three or five minutes.You can also drink it when you have a cold.

Sanfu Tian uses ginger jujube cream to soak in water.Drive the cold and warm the stomach.The more you drink, the better.Sisters who are particularly suitable for all day in the air -conditioned room ~

Ingredients: 1 catties of ginger, half a catty of red crickets, half a catty of brown sugar,


1. First of all, we need to prepare 1 catties of ginger. The more spicy, the better. Cut them into small pieces.

2. Put the juice machine directly into the juice machine and squeeze the juice. If you do n’t have it, use the wall breaking machine to add water to the fine, and then filter out the ginger juice.

3. Next, prepare 250 grams of red crickets, remove the red cricket’s nucleus before weighing.Then clean it.

4. Pour the red cricket into the wall -breaking machine, add the squeezed ginger juice to stir delicate, then pour it into a non -stick pan, add 250 grams of brown sugar to stir -fry the brown sugar to melt.Open the medium and medium heat and cook slowly.

5. Just cook until a thick the picture shows.It takes about six or seven minutes in the middle.Please be patient.

6. After cooling, put it in the glass bottle, put it in the cover after cooling, and store it in the refrigerator.Drink a cup every day.The more you drink, the better.

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