In the third trimester, there are 5 feelings of pregnant women, indicating that the fetus has been successfully entered the basin, and the fetus is entered into the basin.

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After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are most concerned about "belly". In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus was small and had no fetal movement. I was more worried about fetal stop and abortion.Pay attention to the "danger of the fetus"; in the late pregnancy, the focus of attention becomes the "fetus into the basin", and the fetus is launched.

Pregnancy is indeed not a relaxed thing. From early pregnancy to late pregnancy, various "adverse reactions" are endless.Just like the "falling feeling" of the pregnant mother’s belly, it may appear at every stage of pregnancy, but the "status" at different stages is different, and it is necessary for pregnant mothers to understand.

Early pregnancy:

Due to the huge changes in hormone levels in the body, female and progesterone are significantly increased, which will stimulate the uterus and make the pregnant mother feel the feeling of "lower abdomen".

Jingma reminded: At this time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to "whether they are accompanied by other symptoms while falling."If the belly is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, you need to be alert to the occurrence of a pioneering abortion, and you need to seek medical treatment in time, especially when the fetus is still unstable in the first three months.

In the middle of pregnancy:

At this stage, the development of the fetus’s limbs has begun to take shape, and some pregnant mothers will feel like falling their stomachs, often appearing behind the fatigue and lifting of heavy objects.

Jingma reminded: As the fetus continues to develop, the uterus continues to increase, and the pressure on the pubic bone gradually increases. By five months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother can see the bulging belly, so pay special attention: avoid: avoid: avoidSitting and standing for a long time, especially for office workers, should pay attention to rest, not only pay attention to the health of the fetus, but also minimize their own discomfort.

Late pregnancy:

In the late stage, the fetus had developed and was "eager to try" to come to this world.However, before birth, the fetus will "enter the basin". Therefore, the pregnant mother pays more attention to the "fetus entering the basin" at this stage. In the next few weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother appears "falling", which may be the signal of the fetus into the pot.

Jingma reminds: Generally speaking, the fetus will enter the pelvis about 1-2 weeks before production, and the pressure on the pelvic cavity will increase sharply, so it will feel like a "belly falls".But not every pregnant mother, it is necessary to really judge whether the fetus is in the basin, but also a comprehensive consideration of various factors.

As mentioned earlier, judging the fetus "whether to enter the basin" requires a comprehensive multiple aspects. The B -ultrasound is the most intuitive way of judging, but in addition to the examination, the pregnant mother feels that the belly has a feeling of falling."Potting feel", it means that the fetus is not far away.

1. Tightened lower abdomen

The fetal exposure is continuously moved down to enter the pelvic cavity, and the pressure on the lower abdomen increases. This is a gradual process. Therefore, in the days when the fetus entered the pelvis, some pregnant mothers would feel that the lower abdomen was tightened.

2. The upper abdomen discomfort disappears

With the increase of the uterine body, the pressure on the abdominal organs increases. By the time of the middle and late pregnancy, when the uterine bottom reaches the sword debris, the pressure on the stomach increases, and the pregnant woman will have loss of appetite, fullness, or even disgusting.Vomiting.

However, these performances will gradually disappear as the fetus entering the pot. Therefore, for a period of time before delivery, the stomach will become comfortable and the appetite will become better.

3. Enhancement of urine and intention

As the fetus continues to decline, the pressure on the organs above the abdominal cavity is reduced, but the pressure and stimulation of the bladder and rectum below will be enhanced, and the pregnant mother will increase the number of urine times.

4. A clear contraction

Some pregnant mothers often feel "stiff stomach" when they are eight months pregnant. This is "pseudo -contractions", but this contraction is different from the latter contraction, which does not mean that the baby baby is born.Common phenomena in the third trimester.

This contraction is irregular, whether it is durable or interval; at this time, the pregnant mother must remember the time of the contraction, while monitoring the fetal heart and fetal movement, and avoid premature birth.

Especially when the fetus enters the basin, the false contractions will be more obvious, and the interval will become shorter and shorter. You must pay more attention to observation. If you have signs of giving birth, you must hurry to go to the hospital.

Because "fetus entering the basin" and "outbound start" often have a period of time, when the pregnant mother feels that the fetus enters the basin, you can go to the hospital to let the doctor determine it.Without special circumstances, pregnant mothers can go home and be at ease.But pay attention to the following points:

1. Psychologically

Many pregnant mothers will be emotional before giving birth, but they still need to adjust their emotions as much as possible. You can relax yourself through exercise and listening to music. You can also understand the process and precautions of childbirth in advance.Let’s avoid the discomfort caused by tension.

2. Items

Pregnant mothers should prepare hospitalization supplies during this time, and baby supplies, money, cards, mother and child health manuals, and production bags, etc., and check carefully to ensure that there are no omissions, and be fully prepared for the baby’s birth.

3. Waiting for the fetus to launch

After the fetus enters the basin, the pregnant mother must insist on counting the fetal movement and recorded contractions every day. At the same time, observe whether there is a situation of redness and water breaking.If there is a small amount of red, don’t be nervous first, you can continue to give birth to the doctor’s advice, because it is usually about three days to see the red distance.Avoid too much amniotic fluid and cause the fetus to disturb.If the irregular contraction becomes very regular, the interval between the contraction is getting shorter and shorter, and you must seek medical treatment in time to determine the condition of the fetus through fetal heart monitoring and internal examination.

In general, when the pregnant mother feels like a fall, it may not be that the fetus must enter the basin, and it is necessary to analyze it according to time.In the late pregnancy, pregnant mothers can also do some relaxed things to distract and avoid excessive tension. However, when consciously fetal heart or fetal movement abnormalities, seek medical treatment immediately and judge by the doctor.Welcome to the arrival of cute little angels.

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