Internal adenomyosis in the uterus is not good, and surgery must

Uterine adenomyosis in the uterine adenomia is a treatment method that many patients are currently in use, but the internal adenomy ring in the upper palace requires the patient’s uterus to require patients to be too large (it is generally recommended that the uterus size is 5-6cm), and the uterus exceeds 8cm more than 8cm.It is not recommended to bring it, because the uterus is too large, it is easy to cause the internal birth ring to displace and fall off.

The internal aduction ring will have a better effect on patients with adenomy disease with large menstrual flow, and the menstrual flow will become smaller after bringing the post -menstrual flow, but it is not very good for pain relief and has certain side effects.Some adverse reactions appeared more or less after the birth ring in the palace, so many patients were puzzled: Do I continue to bring it? For this issue, we will use a few typical examples to explainThe

Patient A: It has been 3 months after bringing the in -palace. Two of them still hurt the menstrual stomach. What should I do?

Suggestion: Generally, it is recommended to observe for 3 months after bringing in the palace. There is a adaptation process.If this patient still hurts after three months, it means that this ring is not very effective to her. I don’t know how big her uterus is.It is easy to fall down and shift after the on -board.

If this situation occurs, the effect of the upper ring is not good.It is recommended to do a B -ultrasound to see if the ring is shifted. If there is no shift, you can observe another 3 months. If it is always the case, if there is no effect, I am afraid that it will be treated with surgery.You do not need to remove the ring before surgery, and you can take it out together in the operation.

Patient B: Gonadus is 4 years, and the health ring in the upper palace has been for 2 years, but it still hurts, but I still want a child, I don’t know what to do?

Suggestion: She suggested to take the ring quickly.Now there are many patients who want children to have such a wrong way of thinking: dare not want children, and think that it is abnormal to suffer from uterine adenomy muscles, and if you want to treat adenomy muscle disease, consider your child.

In fact, the greater the uterus of adenomia, the lower the chance of pregnancy.Professor Wang Bin has always emphasized for patients with fertility: "If you want to have a child, you will get pregnant quickly, the faster the better", because the adenomy disease is pushed over time, as you come with the number of menstruation.Increase, the lower the chance of your pregnancy, the lower.

Therefore, like the sister above, it is recommended to quickly take the in -palace for the birth of the palace and try to get pregnant.If you do n’t get pregnant for one year, you can consider doing test tubes.The test tube is unsuccessful, indicating that your current uterine is pregnant.At this time, you can consider performing a palace surgery, 2 years after surgery, and then evaluate the trial pregnancy of the uterus.

Professor Wang Bin said that for patients with adenomyotomia who have fertility, do not consider the size of the uterus, severity of adenomy disease, and try to try pregnancy. The sooner you get your child, the greater the chance of getting your child.

Patient C: 10 years of medical history, adenomyosis with adenomiasis. Last month, he brought the in -palace for birthplasia. It can be brought to the later menstruation or stomach pain. It is no different from the ring before going to the hospital.I always give some analgesic capsules, but there is no effect. I want to ask if I am not suitable for taking medicine with a ring.

Suggestion: Internal references can not only contraception, but some adenocular patients will reduce menstrual flow and reduce pain after wearing it.However, there are also some patients with adenomyotomia that have not been relieved after the pain is taken with a ring. It is the same as before, or it is more painful than before.

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that patients bring the in -palace to observe for a period of time, so how long does it need to be observed? It is generally recommended for 3 months.Some patients just brought it for a month that they would remove without the effect. It is recommended to observe another 2 months to see.Like this patient, it has been brought for more than 3 months, and there is still no effect, so it means that this ring has no effect on her and can be removed.

The in -palace can temporarily relieve the disease, but it cannot cure adenomy muscle disease. If you want to cure, you still need to dig out the lesion. Palace surgery is a good choice.

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