Internet celebrities are controversial!Netizens quarrel: Can you raise cats and dogs when you are pregnant?

"Get away the cat, it’s not good for the child!"

Recently, the Papi sauce that has just been pregnant has been searched again!

Some netizens saw the cat on the bed in the bed she took

Let her quickly send the cat away!

A few days ago, PAPI sauce took a recent photo in his personal social account, and posted: "The gift from the old Hu, weird."

The Papi sauce in the photo is lying on the bed, and the abdomen can be seen.His husband’s new Christmas gift "giraffe mobile phone bracket" on his neck.

Last month, Papi sauce announced on Weibo that she became pregnant and became a expectant mother.The "incompetent face" that was exposed this time has attracted attention, and netizens commented "the real daily life of pregnant women" and "grounding".

But many netizens took a closer look in the photo and found in the photo: Why is there a cat on the bed in pregnant women?

Yes, fans know that Papi sauce has raised two cats "big mimetan" and "small mimether", and the orange cat squatting on the bed is just a small mimo.

During pregnancy, cats are still raised and cats are allowed to go to bed to make some netizens get used to it:

"How can you raise a cat!"

"Get away the cat, it’s not good for the child!"

"There is a Toxoplasma in the cat, if it is transmitted to the mother, it will be transmitted vertically to the fetus."


Of course, there are many netizens who support PAPI sauce. They think that she is also the correct demonstration for cats, dogs, dogs and animals:

"Xiao Mi is too cute"

"Three views are positive"

"Papi this picture can give those who think that cats and pregnant women cannot coexist a good example"

"Yes, my cats are accompanied by my cat during pregnancy, the child is healthy and healthy, and PAPI come on."


Netizens have also launched a vote of "whether pregnant women and cats can coexist".

This topic was pushed to the cusp again.

This time, there are as many as 77%who chose "pregnant women can be with cats".

The old man threatened, "I will throw it away if you don’t send it away", plus intimidation "It is too late to be affected by your child will be affected in the future";Try to find excuses for irresponsibility. "

I believe that many pregnant novice pregnant mothers will face such a dilemma: they are reluctant to be hairy, and at the same time, they are really worried about their baby, and they are not so hurting the elders’ hearts …

So: Can I raise cats and dogs in pregnancy?

The reporter interviewed Ma Zhijie, the dean of Nanjing Yunsheng and Pet Hospital, who has been engaged in the pet industry for more than 7 years.

He frankly said that people who encountered various reasons because of pregnancy, moving, going abroad, marriage, and replacement of pets were "too many" in 7 years.

"Especially in the past few years. After we have persisted in continuous popularization and rumors in recent years, many people can have gradually raised their pets."

"First of all, the pet -raising families who are pregnant or prepared can be assured: they can be kept during pregnancy, there is no problem."

Ma Zhijie told reporters that it is very unscientific and irresponsible to abandon animals when many people are pregnant, but there are indeed many details that they must pay attention. The most important thing is that many people are most worried about the problem of bow -shaped worms.

"In fact, this problem has been popularized many times. First of all, the pre -pregnancy examination is routine. Both the cats and dogs and the pregnancy of the family must do bow -shaped insects to go to a regular hospital. And even if the cat in the family infected the toxoplasma, then the shoveling officer must be shovel officer.I directly exposed to the cat’s feces and accidentally let it enter the food … "

Therefore, the chance of directly infection with cats and dogs is very small, but at the same time, everyone needs to note that the toxoplasma may be transmitted through unclean food or raw meat, so pets sometimes "back the pot."

"It is important to do regular insect repellent, vaccine and cleaning for pets. Try not to give animals for raw meat and physical examinations, and you can healthy cats and dogs during pregnancy."Regarding the "intimate behavior" of cats and dogs to go to bed and occasionally hugging pets, Dr. Ma said that as long as he was clean and hygienic, "there was no problem."

One picture understands ↓↓↓

In fact, in recent years, studies have continuously proved that pet -raising families are very good for children’s immunity and mental health, so as long as they are scientifically nourished, they can be a life winner who raises and pets while taking care of their pets.

Dr. Ma also reminded everyone: "Before raising pets, you must first try whether the family is allergic to pet hair, whether they can bear economic costs and companion costs, and whether they have effectively communicated with their families."

Source/Qianjiang Evening News (ID: qianjiangwanbao) Comprehensive Wen Wei Po Yangtze Evening News-Zi Niu News @papi sauce CCTV News

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