Interview | Koti Johg: Breastfeeding is not just a way to feed children

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Courtney Jung is a political scholar at the University of Toronto. During her first pregnancy at the age of 39, she was surprised to find that many people were keen on preaching breastfeeding to her, and some people emphasized that black women did notBreastfeeding your child.As a mother, Joqu chose to breastfeed her children. As a scholar, she began to study how breastfeeding changed from a personal choice to a moral obligation.This process shows this process and calls for returning the option to the feeding method to the mother.

Although Qiong’s research is mainly targeted at American society, in recent years, breastfeeding has been risen into moral requirements and even the trend of public health policies.In the interview with Qiong Ge’s "Surging News · Thought Market", she talked about the myth about breastfeeding, the dilemma faced by women when breastfeeding, the UN Foundation, the World Health Organization and other "dual dual doubles"Standards" also commented on the impact of social problems such as dispute between abortion rights and new crowns on breastfeeding.

Surging News: You mentioned in the book that the development of this study is related to your experience of becoming your mother and breastfeeding your child. What opportunity to promote you to write such a book designed to break the myths about breastfeeding?What role does mother and political scholar play in this study?

Qiong Ge: After being pregnant with children, many people began to preach the importance of breastfeeding and various benefits, which surprised me.In the early stages of pregnancy, a particularly firm breastfeeding believers told me that many black women did not breastfeed their children, so their children would get sick.As a political scholar, every time I hear white people say how black people do not breastfeed their children, they will doubt what they say.It was this conversation that made me feel that in the United States, breastfeeding is not only a way to feed children, but also plays such a large political and social role.Breastfeeding is equivalent to a logo of race and class, which is a weapon to fight black mother.As for in China, if breastfeeding is more common among middle -class women (they either do not work, have flexible working hours and superior maternity leave benefits), and it is not common among poor labor women from rural areas, thenIt may also be staged a similar situation- "not breastfeeding for children" has become a sign of a specific class and even regional identity, and the way to vent their dissatisfaction.(Editor’s Note: On February 25, 2021, the China Development Research Foundation released the "Survey Report on the Factors of Breastfeeding in China" showing that the baby’s pure breastfeeding rate in my country is only 29.2%within 6 months. Regional and small and medium cities.)

Surging News: One of the core points in the book is that breastfeeding is not significant for the actual benefits of baby health. Many medical research supports breastfeeding and promoted it to public health problems is outdated or unable to stand, but science but scienceEvidence is undoubtedly the main basis for women in modern society. Various commercial propaganda in consumer society will also subtly affect the mothers who want to ensure that their babies can ensure their health.How can women with breastfeeding dilemma resist the pressure from all aspects and even internalized?

Qiong Ge: If some women think that breastfeeding is easy and convenient, they can choose to breastfeed their children.But if some women want to work, or insufficient milk, or feel that breastfeeding makes them uncomfortable, then they don’t have to worry about it -breastfeeding will not have any great impact on the baby’s health and happiness.They can read this from my book, and they can also see those studies by themselves.No matter what choices, we must remember that the views of government and public health officials have different views on these data than their parents.Let me explain the truth.Breastfeeding may have an impact on the overall population, but basically it can determine that it will not have any impact on your own baby.Please note that I explained in the book that six women have to breastfeed for 5,400 hours to prevent one ear infection, and 1 case of breastfeeding can prevent 1 case of pneumonia.I think it can be clearly seen from this that the promotion of breastfeeding has a certain significance for the government, and it doesn’t make much sense for any mother.Mother’s cost -effective analysis is different from the government’s cost -effective analysis.

Surging News: The "Luo Jerery Case" has been overthrown.It is also related to women’s physical and rights and interests, and also involves issues in various fields such as religion, morality, culture, politics, and medicine. Why does it not develop a power to support women’s choices on breast milk issues?Will the backwardness of abortion rights make "breast milk" more thrust?

Qiong Ge: Since publishing in the United States in "Breast Dairy", I have felt that in recent years, I have advocated that my mother has the right to choose whether to breastfeed.Women have begun to oppose breastfeeding plans, and some institutions and doctors have a gentle wording when talking about breastfeeding, which clearly leaves room for women.In the argument about abortion, the backwardness of abortion right may also spread to the choice of baby feeding methods (the right to choose by women is all comprehensive, not only the right to choice of abortion, but also the options for infant feeding methods).Among those who opposed abortion, I did not find out how much it impacts about their stance on breastfeeding.

Surging News: The book said that breast milkism originated in the "International Breast milk Society" founded by the seven housewives of Catholicism in 1956. At that time, the scientific childcare represented by formula milk occupied the mainstream of society. Therefore, the original intention of the organization was hopeRetain the mother’s dominance in parenting from medical professionals like pediatricians.At that time, the International Breast milk Association and modern Western feminism were roughly in the same camp. What is the relationship between tissue and female movements in breast milk?What attitudes and views do different factions hold on breast milk issues today?

Qiong Ge: When I wrote "Breastrism", many female doctrines in the United States believe that breastfeeding can give women power and reflect the power of women’s body to maintain life.At that time, breastfeeding was a symbol that showed self -portrait photos on social media as a behavior of women who gave themselves power.Now, I think many people have adopted this view: women have the right to choose whether to breastfeed, how to feed the baby should be decided by the mother himself, and should support the mother’s choice -no matter what choices.In the past seven years, the situation has changed.

Surging News: In the book, you describe the dilemma facing women when breastfeeding and discrimination when using formula milk.What do you think men, including infant father, can provide for women’s feeding methods to choose?

Qiong Ge: Many men may be supported, but in fact, most women bear this burden alone.Men can support women’s choices -no matter what choices; they can stand up to speak for them when they face criticism; they can provide a safe space at home, so that women’s decisions, women’s bodies, and women’s choices are supported and supported.respect.But we also have to face reality: most women still have to face this alone.If women have confidence in their choices, they will be easier to deal with themselves.

Surging News: The popularity of the new crown epidemic has a significant impact on family and workplace.The United States does not have statutory maternity leave. You mentioned in the book that public health measures and policy makers intend to discuss the relationship between mothers’ employment and breastfeeding rate while encouraging breastfeeding.During the epidemic, is the remote office mode that is generally adopted provided a certain convenience for breastfeeding mothers?Is it possible to return maternity leave and the needs of mothers in the workplace to return to the political agenda?

Qiong Ge: The new crown has a great impact on baby feeding.During the epidemic, some mothers work at home, so they have the conditions for breastfeeding, and they are more interested in breastfeeding their children.For some other mothers, giving birth during the epidemic, and being trapped at home with new babies and older children, will bring tremendous pressure.Studies have shown that in the case of maintaining social distance and controlling control during the epidemic, breastfeeding mothers have almost no support: no lactation consultants on -site service; in order to limit the infection, the mother has to be discharged immediately after giving birth to a child; and basically it has to be basically got to get it.No social support for friends and family.A few studies have shown that the new crown has had a positive and negative aspects of breastfeeding rate; most of the early studies in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom seem to show that due to the lack of support for mothers, the breastfeeding rate has declined in the first year of the epidemic.Some countries have suggested that mothers who are infected with new crowns should not breastfeed their children, but most countries in Europe and North America still recommend that mothers should breastfeed no matter what circumstances, claiming that breastfeeding can help the baby to resist the new crown virus (there is not much evidence to support this statement)Essence

Surging News: "Breast milk" originated in the United States. It was a feeding method of preferences of privileges, but its influence expanded to the world in the 1970s and 1980s.In the 1970s, Formula Milk Company had increased the mortality rate of infant mortality in developing countries in order to occupy the market, but the resistance movement was mainly launched in developed countries. In the 1980s, AIDS began to be popular.Feeding and denying that AIDS may spread through breast milk, its impact has not yet been completely eliminated.How to understand this inequality?

Qiong Ge: Honestly, I find it difficult to understand.I think the United Nations Foundation, the World Health Organization and other institutions were "captured" by some radical breastfeeding believers at the time. They give priority to breastfeeding instead of providing accurate relevant information -they think this information will destroy their breastfeeding feedingsports.However, on the one hand, public health institutions told European and American HIV -positive women not to breastfeed, and on the other hand, it is recommended that Africa HIV -positive women breastfeeding their children. This is an obvious racial discrimination, no matter what force behind it is driving this discrimination.

Surging News: The establishment of breastfeeding as a public health problem does not seem to be a special case in the United States.For example, at the end of 2021, 15 ministries and commissions including the National Health and Health Commission of China jointly released the "Breastfeeding Promotion Action Plan (2021-2025)", of which the following requirements: "By 2025 …More than%… The configuration rate of maternal and child facilities in public places reaches more than 80%… The pure breastfeeding rate of pure breastfeeding in 6 months in the country has reached 50%. "What do you think of this plan?In the future, is the public health attribute of breastfeeding be weakened, so that parents have a greater option to choose?

Qiong Ge: I think this is part of a larger public movement, and the goals of such movements include increasing birth rates and so on.As I said before, the government has a certain significance to promote breastfeeding within the whole people.In 2022, there are 9.56 million new children in China. From this scale, breastfeeding will affect the number of cases of pneumonia and ear infection, but the impact on any child is equal to zero, or close to zero.I am not sure what you mean. Do you expect baby feeding? Will the government take priority to the choice of mothers one day?I don’t feel it.If the impact of this plan is that the mother who work at the factory can take a full salary maternity leave for 6 months in order to allow them to complete the 6 -month pure breast feeding, then this is a good result in all aspects -—I I am convinced that many mothers will be happy with this policy change.But if like the United States, the mother will use breast pumps to suck milk during the 6 months so that the family can feed their baby with a bottle when they go to work, then this is a bad result for women.

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