Is "discontinued" the first signal of pregnancy?In fact, these three signals are earlier than discontinued

Many couples who want babies want to get pregnant as soon as possible.If long -term pregnancy is unsuccessful, some women even think that they have problems, or simply go to infertility.

For women, if you want to know if you are successful, it depends on some of his body’s symptoms.Many women delay their menstruation as a signal of pregnancy. So is the menopause the first signal of successful pregnancy?

Before explaining this issue, we must first know how long it takes for about how long from ovulation to pregnancy.

How long does it take for ovulation to pregnancy?

The fertilized egg bed is that the fertilized eggs are successful in the uterine wall, so that during the process of development, the fetus can draw nutrition and oxygen from the mother.

In the same room on ovulation day, sperm and eggs need to be combined into fertilized eggs, which takes about 1-2 days.Then fertilized eggs need to be transported from the fallopian tube to the uterine cavity, and then implantation on the uterine wall. This process takes about 6-7 days.

Therefore, it takes about 10 days from ovulation to pregnancy.

Is menstruation the first sign of pregnancy?

In fact, although this is not the first signal, it is the most obvious signal of pregnancy, because it takes about 7 days from ovulation to successful pregnancy, and the next menstruation will be affected.

During the interval between menstruation, a series of changes will occur in women’s bodies. If you are pregnant successfully, some signals should be more advanced than menopause, so don’t wait until menopause until he realizes the pregnancy.In fact, these three signals come earlier than discontinue menstruation:

(1) I feel that my body is tired;

After the fertilized eggs are successfully fertilized, the human body will secrete a large amount of lutein to ensure that the embryo is more stable and develop.With the increase of lutein secretion, women will feel tired, so about 10 days of ovulation, if you do not do any job, you always feel tired and tired.

If the menstruation is also postponed during this period, it is likely to be a successful pregnancy.

(2) Basic body temperature rises;

Basic body temperature can help us monitor ovulation and pregnancy.When women enter the ovulation period, their physical temperature will rise, and they will feel similar to low fever.

However, after the ovulation period, the basic body temperature will decline, but if the pregnancy is successful, the body temperature will also show a rise, so some more sensitive female friends may feel like a cold and fever.

If you have the same room before and after ovulation, and do not take any contraceptive measures, and there is an increase in body temperature. At this time, don’t worry about getting sick and medicine. This may be due to changes in hormones after pregnancy. Try to pass the test strip.Test whether you are pregnant.

(3) The breasts change significantly;

After the fertilized egg implantation is successful, in order to ensure that the fertilized eggs can develop more stablely, a large amount of hormones will be secreted in the body.However, as the secretion of hormones increases, it stimulates the secondary development of the breast, leading to changes in breasts, and starting to expand and pain.

This symptom occurs earlier, and it may happen around a week after successful pregnancy. If you find that your menstruation is also delayed at this time, it is likely that you are pregnant. At this time, you can understand whether you are really pregnant by testing.

In addition, after women are pregnant, the body will secrete the velvet membrane to promote hormone secretion. During the development of fertilized eggs, a large amount of HCG will be generated. HCG can circulate into urine through blood, so the frequency of women to the toilet will increase.

If you suddenly feel that you have frequent urination and you want to have urination when you drink a little water, then you can detect whether you are really pregnant by test strip.

For women who are preparing to get pregnant, we must understand the basic signals of pregnancy.Although menopause can remind us to succeed in pregnancy, the body signal may remind us earlier.

So once these signals appear after the same room appear, then test the test strip!

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